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  1. 1. Spring 2015 Interns
  2. 2. Intern Wall #400KbyMAY
  3. 3. Goals #400KbyMAY Jumping in and being fearless Contacting customers from contact us Taking phone calls Upselling and handling chats Opps Goal = $400,000 Total Opps Generated = $492,288 Total Opps Closed = $122,296
  4. 4. Opps, Sales, and Touches Recording Opps Noted Opps in CLM with amount and close date Emailed DJ with customer name, number, and amount on opp She kept an Excel sheet for each member and sent out weekly updates Recording Sales Sent Customer number and amount to DJ with closed opp caption Let DJ know if we passed an opp onto a sales rep Recording Touches Emailed customers like normal Forward or blind ccd DJ on emails sent She kept track of the total interactions we had with customers and sent weekly updates
  5. 5. What did we learn while at GTM Sportswear?
  6. 6. Shadowing experiences Andrew Cook Dakota Foos and Melissa Soldan Ariel Engelland Amanda Kerwin Brian Junge Adam Glendening Chris Daschke Dave Darling Kaden Littrell Joel Versch Mike Relic Mitch Harris Natalie Gonzales Ellen Miller and Jessica Thomas Schyler Slaven Daniela Butler and Bailey Redick
  7. 7. Special Projects Organized product rack Sent out Flex Form Swatches Updated Business Areas Set up Teamstores and Coachs Assistants Helped in Mail Room Sent out Win Back Blankets Updated Extension List Renamed Ultrafuse Sheets Sport to Spirit Conversion Prospecting
  8. 8. Intern Bonding
  9. 9. Top 2 Interns Total Opps Ariel $165,371 Chris $87,978 Total Sales Ariel $46,931 Natalie $23,409 Total Touches Ariel 453 Kaden 449
  10. 10. Promotions Greek Greek Give Back Create philanthropy shirts for philanthropy events Shirts are usually required and offered to other houses as well 5% of their shirt order goes to their philanthropy in check form Must apply for this program through your Greek house; detail event and philanthropy Available only for philanthropy event shirts, but a good way to get in the door Good marketing tool for houses to encourage t-shirt sales
  11. 11. Promotions Showroom Go Summer, Go GTM $25 package deal Includes active tank, active short, and headband Mix and Match Geared toward females 15-25 Ultrafuse The GTM Ultrastart Offer 15% off first Ultrafuse team order Price is often a turn off for first time team orders
  12. 12. Some of our biggest takeaways Customer Experience Relating Attitude Sales Trust building Product knowledge Upselling Problem Solving Listening Taking Action Time Management Balance Hard work Preparation + Attitude + Opportunity + Action = SUCCESS
  13. 13. Thank you DJ for being an awesome mentor and coach!