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GSR, Inc. presents the Village Solution to Global Environmental Problems.


<ul><li> 1. presents</li></ul> <p> 2. The Village Solutionto GlobalEnvironmentalProblems 3. Right now, a total greenzero carbon footprinttown is being built inAfrica 4. The food that each person eats isharvested the day before by hisneighbor 5. All waste isrecycled 6. There is no unemployment 7. no morning rush hour 8. The house that each person lives in isbuilt by his or her neighbors 9. from materials produced locally 10. Tools are made locally 11. Clothing will be produced locally 12. All energy requirements will beproduced locally 13. The town is full of gardens 14. and surrounded by permaculturefruit orchards 15. Over 100 different crops are cultivatedorganically (no pesticides or chemicalfertilizers!) 16. Using only heirloom seeds no GMO! 17. 2009 Green Self Reliance 17GSR has developed the perfectformula to transform 18. impoverishment2009 Green Self Reliance 18 19. into thriving self reliant economiesworth millions of dollars2009 Green Self Reliance 19 20. and is preparing to buildtens of thousands of suchtotally green communities allaround the world 21. Right now, you can help make the planet green!GSR helps our local partnerputs nutritious food on thetable without destroyingthe environment21 22. Such communities are economicallyself reliant and environmentallysustainable. This is a natural solutionto all social and environmentalproblems. As these networks of selfreliant totally green communitiesproliferate, the world will becomepeaceful and prosperous. 23. You can help GSR make this idealinto a realityJoin our crowdfundingcampaign. For moredetails, follow us on Twitter:@gsr_inc2009 Green Self Reliance 23 24. 24</p>