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  • Accela-Cell Data Planning Benefits and Advantages

  • Accela SolutionMobile network operators usually use internal macros and excel sheets to create new cell data. Our goal is to automate the CDD creation procedure. With Accela Cell Data Planning Module, it is very easy, fast and accurate to create new cell data.

    Why to use Accela ?

    To reduce time To minimize errors To eliminate inhouse scripts and

    excel sheets/macros To create accurate Cell Data To apply changes easily To control CDD output files To eliminate manual work 2G-3G-4G support

    Question : Why to use Accela-Cell Data Planning Module ?

  • Why to use Accela ?

    Planning tools help finding frequencies, PSC and PCI

    Map tools help finding neighbours

    Excel macros help creating CDD files

    Accela provides all of them in one platform

    *** There is no other tool in the market managing all of these tasks

  • How it works ?


    Accela uses operators network data


    Provides user to control and modify

    cell data


    Finds neighbours, frequencies, PSC and



    Shows on map


    Creates output file

  • Data Planning

    Advanced GIS support Support to find data

    Easy to use and maintain CDD outputs ready to import

  • Accela Cell Data Planning Capabilities

    2G-3G-4G support

    Finding BCCH-TCH frequencies, PSC and PCI

    Exporting CDD in excel format or xml format

    Finding neighbours

    4500 new sites

    prepared by Accela since 2013


    1200 new sites

    prepared by Accela since 2014


  • Analysis Page

  • Node Data

  • Map

  • Export

  • Output file content

    Output file contains all the required cell data for OSSExcel example

  • Output file content

    xml example

  • How an RF planner prepares new cell data ? How long time ?

    RF Planner Cell Data Creation Steps

    1. Creates new cells in planning tool or database

    2. Enters all required data

    (azimuth, coordinates, MSC, RNC, LAC, RAC, antenna type, city, region, etc..)

    3. Uses internal macros or excel scripts to find neighbours or checks neighbours visually from a map tool

    4. Gathers all the data together, adds extra parameters needed

    (such as RCU, TMA, feeder loss, etc..)

    5. Prepares an excel sheet and sends it to OSS


  • Solution



    Current Situation Automation

    Manual Process

    Time Consumption

    No Standardization

    Automatic System

    Pin point Solution

    Centralized Control

    Effectiveness of time

    Unpredictable Cost

    Solution ?



    OPEX Saving

    CAPEX Saving

    What ? Why ? How ?

    Open for Development

  • Timelines, Constraints and Target Improvements

    Technology and System Variety

    Multi TechnologyMulti VendorLimited ResourceManual Data CollectionManual Data CorrelationMany Excel Jobs

    Limited TimelineErrors with Manual OperationExperience for each vendor and

    technolgyOperational ExcellencePerformance ImprovementCost Saving

    Todays Challenges

  • IMPROVE Performance and GAIN from the Costs via

    Management & Automation of many jobs for different vendors and technologies through a transparent WEB interface.

    Continuous Development with Agile Methodology

    Automatic CDD

    Fast and Accurate Data Preparation

    No Excel / No Macro

    Data Planning

  • 2G FunctionManual

    Process Time (hour/man)

    AccelaProcess Time(hour / man)


    Number of Times /


    Cost TL(hour / man)

    Yearly Profit(dollars)

    Yearly Time Consuming


    2G Site Data Preparation 1.2 0.2 %83 250 52 $ 13,000 $ 250 hrs

    Sector Addition/Deletion 0.6 0.2 %66 200 52 $ 4,160 $ 80 hrs

    3G Function

    3G Site Data Preparation 1.2 0.2 %83 200 52 $ 10,400 $ 200 hrs

    Sector Addition/Deletion and 2nd carrier addition 0.6 0.2 %66 250 52 $ 5,200 $ 100 hrs

    TOTAL 30,060 $ 27 days

    Annual Profit Example (Time & Costs)

    Approximately 1 month time saving for an RF engineer per year

  • Benefits Added Values / Over Engineering


    r En



    ng Work interactively with all departments

    (TX, RF, OMC etc)

    Remove All Excel Works and Macros, consequently increase accuracy and operational excellency

    Directly produce executable file (mml, script) from network dump No vendor dependancy

    Web based, simple, easy to use and supports all vendors/technologies

    Continuous Development with AGILE Methodolgy

  • Benefits Added Values / Cost Reduction


    st R



    n More than 50% Cost reduction in terms of Man/hourVery fast ROI: Eliminate maintenance costs of inhouse tool

    Very fast ROI: Dramatic decrease of manualwork, consequently time and resource efficiency

    Very fast ROI: Low Total Cost of Ownership Low development costs

  • Conclusion

    Accela automates cell data preparation procedure

    Reduces preparation time from 60 minutes to 10 minutes

    Eliminates human-depended errors

    Saves time, gains cost

    Manages coordination between RF Planning and OMC departments

    Reduces work load of engineers

    Keeps logs of users (how many CDDs created, who created, when ?)

    < Accela accelerates your network >

  • Thank you for your attention

    Innovile Sales and Support Team