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  • Page 2 - Thf 0 lenvilie-MerC,(Jry -April ~ 1 ;,1992

    ~ss Glenville State College Candidates AnnQ~~£~

    Tammy Bailey

    Glenville State College and the Miss America organization are sponsoring the Miss Glenville State College Pageant on Thursday, April 2, at8 p.m. in the Art and Music Building Auditorium.

    Six young women will compete for a cash scholarship and prizes, and the opportunity to advance to the State pageant in Clarksburg from June 25-27.

    Contestants will be judged on talent, interview, evening gown, and swimsuit.

    Competing for the title of Miss Glenville State College arc: Tammy L. Bailey, Charlamayne Julie Blair, Amy Chandra Boggess, Amber Helen

    Julie Blair Holbert, Ellen Elizabeth Mullins, and Stephanie Jo Phillips.

    Tammy Bailey, 21, of Clear Creek is pursuing a degree in behavioral science and criminal justice. She has been involved in FBLA, SADD, Student Council, FHA, basketball, chorus, and band.

    She has special interest in tap, jazz, and ballet, and enjoys riding horses and white water rafting.

    Ellen Mullins pursuing a degree in medicine.

    She is interested in drawing, lifting weights, singing, and swimming.

    She is the daughter of John and Charlotte Byrd of Charleston.

    Amy Boggess, 21, of Ripley is pursuing a degree in elementary education. She has been involved in National Honor Society, Intramurals, and FHA.

    Her future ambition is to She has been named to the GSC work with disadvantaged children dean's list, and is the Tau Kappa and teens. Epsilon Sweetheart.

    She is the daughter of Boggess is interested in Sammey and Sharon Bailey of water skiing, bowling, and Clear Creek. exercising.

    Julie Blair, 18, of She is the daughter of Charleston,a freshman at GSC, is Mike and Carol Boggess of Ripley.

    Amber Holbert Amber Holbert, 20, of

    Macfarlan, is pursuinga degree in chemistry.

    Holbert was named to Who's Who in American High Schools, the National Honor Society, All-state softball, All-LKC softball, and A11-LKC volleyball.

    Holbert is a member of the Gilmer County Jaycees, and the American Chemical Society.

    She is the daughter of Pamela K. Holbert of Macfarlan.

    Ellen Mullins, 21, of Harrisville, is pursuing a degree in mathematics. She is interested in volleyball, bowling, sewing, reading, playing the piano, and singing.

    At GSC she has been

    GSC To Host Physical Plant Conference Glenville State College

    is hosting the semi-annual meeting of the West Virginia Physical Plant Administrators, April 5-7. The Convention Center at Aatwoods is the site of the conference which will see approximately 45 representatives from the State College and University systems,

    and nearly 100 total participants. According to Bruce

    Hathaway, director of the.Glenville State College physical plant, betwccn 20 and 30 different manufacturers will be represented at the meeting.

    The education portion of the conference will include

    Placement Office Announces International Students Seminar

    The West Virginia University Career Services Center and the Office of International Students are sponsoring a seminar for international students entitles "Laws of Employabilty" on Wednesday, April 8, 1992. The seminar will begin at 3:00 PM in the Mountainlair Ballrooms on the downtown campus.

    The purpose of the seminar is to educate international students and the higher education comm.l:I~~~ on legal aspects

    associated with employment rights and privileges afforded to international students. A reception will be held from 5:00- 5:30 PM to allow students the opportunity to meet individually with the guest speakers and seminar participants.

    If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact the Placement Office, Heflin Student Center, 462-4118, by April 3, 1992.

    seminars on radon, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and maintenance of athletic fields.

    Entertainment at the conference will include a tour of the Burnsville Dam, dinner at Glenville State College with an address by Dr. William K. Simmons, president, and a performance by the North Carolina Dance Theatre in the Auditorium of the Art and Music Building of Glenville State College.

    "There is one extremely important facet of the program and this is the experience exchange. Ifwe have a problem we can bring

    it upduringoneofthediscussions and see what other colleges and universities have done to solve a similar problem. This period of activity also helps us keep abreast changes in laws - - for instance EPAand OSHA,"said Hathaway.

    "I think that this is a good opportunity for Glenville State College to showcase its new Art and Music Building and the campus which we arc very proud of," said Hathaway.

    For more information on the conference, contact Bruce Hathaway at 462-4112.

    GIL-CO PHARMACY 32 E. Main Street

    462-8300 Health and Beauty Aids

    Clove Drug Member Film Developing

    Mon-Fri 8:30-6:30 Saturday 8:30-2:00

    Amy Boggess

    named to the dean's list four out of five semesters.

    She is the daughter of Noah and Marjo Mullins of Harrisville.

    Stephanie Jo Phillips, 22, of Fairmont, is pursuing a degree in business management. She is interested in aerobic exercise, swimming, reading, collecting spoons, cosmetology, and working with small children.

    Phillips is a member of the college yearbook and newspaper staffs.

    She is the daughtcr of, Larry and Velda Phillips of Fairmont.

    Classified Am ALASKA SUMMER EMPLOYMENT-fisheries. Earn $5ooo+/month. Free transportation! Room and board! Over 8000 opening~. No experience necessary. MALE or FEMALE. For employment program call Student Employment Services at 1-206-545-4155 ext. 284

    ARE YOU PREGNANT, ALONE. SCARED? Jusc co calk, or for free opcions counseling appointment, please call 1-8()().685-SAMS. ~ licensed WV Child-

    . ."Jaci~g . A~ency.

  • How do you feel "Focus 92," the fIrst fu H d W'th ~ ever rural procurement conference, will M;k~O";' UP,""!,"he m

  • afenvilleAPriState Student Fees Explain by TrKe)' Moets $80 per semester, includes Health $ 20 allows the 'college to meet Students pay $60 per

    Included in each student's fees at Glenville State College are subfees that are not clearly understood by many students and parents. The following may give a dearerviewofwhereeachstudcnt's fees go.

    yearbook, intramurals and cultural Intramurals $ 3 miscellaneous obligations which for this fee. affairs. Below is a list of items Music $ 8 may occur. Another fee lbat under the activity fee and the Speech $ 4 The athletic fee covers students inaJr is the Student amount of each: Mercury $ 10 such things as protective fee. This fee is S30 per Yearbook $ 9 Identification Card $ 1 equipment and uniforms, Itawers the bonds that are Cultural Affairs $ 6 The operations fee is an insurance, upkeep .of grounds, with the residence halls and Programming S 13 unrestricted resource fee. It costs coaches, and transportation.

    The activity fee, which is Student Congress $ 6 each student $30 per semester. It

    SAS Sponsors Student Accounting Conference

    Nominations Mr. and Mrs. GSC Week

    For the spring of 1992, the GSC Week Committee has decided to experiment with something a little new to the festivities. This year we would like to have a Mr. and Ms. GSC Week.

    and 1 p.m. This will oa:ur April 6 through April 1O~ The votes will be cast by pennies. If you are unable to vote during the before stated hours you may do so at any time through that week in the Office of Student Services.

    by Jonathan Criner When graduating from

    college, almost everyone is faced with the same proposition- gelling a job. This time can be an intimidating, frustrating, and somewhat frightening experience.

    To help make the transition from student to professional easier, the Student Accounting Society of Glenville State College is sponsoring the first West Virginia Student Aax>unting Conference on Friday, April 3.

    The conference, located on the GSCcampus, will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Clinics will be offered by speakers from all facets of the accounting profession, along with and exhibit area for firms, agencies, companies and suppliers. Topics to be addressed include: career opportunities in public, private, and government accounting; honing interviewing skills and resume preparation; accouning ethics; public service; and professional organization opportunities.

    Snowshoe Weekend Set The Second Annual with an unmatched panoramic

    Snowshoe Symphony Weekend is vista. sct for Saturday and Sunday, All ofthe summer events August 29-30, as the West Virginia are part ofthe resort's continuing Symphony will again perform effort to develop as a four-season under the Snowshoe music tent. destination resort. For more The 6O-piece orchestra will render information on any of the events, two distict repertoires, for an write to Showshoe, P.O. Box 10 expected crowd of over 2,000. Snowshoe, WV or call (304)-572- Enjoy the magical weekend atop 1000. Snowshoe's beautiful mountain,

    Take a chance on a GE portable AM/FM stereo with 16-track programmable CD player and casette player/recorder. Features include

    ~ CD-to-tape and radio-to-tape recording and rotary tone control.

    Chances $1 each

    All academic ranks from several different oolleges have been invited to att


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