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Group presentation GedeonHomos Laboratories Medical - Laboratories Vihcorp - Pharmaceutical Care Center ips - green lighting



2. WHO WE ARE We are a dynamic and efficient company which expertise is based on aknowledgeable and resourceful team that works locally as well asinternationally. Our companys mission is to bring to our market, new advances andtechnologies which represent evolution and new hopes for the community ofpatients and for the pharmaceutical market . 3. OUR GROUP OF ENTERPRISES HOMOS MEDICAL LABORATORY : Strategic partner in defence of the label. Representation and distribution of oncology, HIV and hematologic products. VHICORPLABORATORIES: Broker pharmacist. Strategic partner in support of your development and growth. Representation and distribution of critical care medicines and specialised products for hospitals. CAFI IPS: Pharmaceutical Basic Healthcare Centre where HIV patients receive primary aid. BIOCORP: Natural alternative to your health. Free medicine prescription (OTC) 4. COMPANY PROFILE GIDEON GROUP was founded as a result of the demand of our own set of costumers. It was created because of the need to consolidate a group of companies which goal is to provide special attention to our costumers and to the entire pharmaceutical market with high standards and quality products and services. GIDEON GROUP is a group of companies which has been in the market for over eight years. Today we have transformed our model of business within the group reflecting on the demand and the best target of potential costumers. The integration of these businesses pretends to aid and assist the different needs of our clients such as hemophilia, HIV, oncology, orphan drugs, metabolic diseases, among others. 5. OUR HOLDING Regulatory affairs Sales to institutions Attention and Importer and drugstores Market ResearchsupportIntegral treatment Supply drugs and Market Pharmacovigilance Patient Home Care medical devices to development Marketing Management Disease Owner ofmanagement HMOs patientssupported by the Supply and Licensing and Marketing research programBrands Projects distribute products Promotional CRM program to to patient in ICUactivities Supply products to follow up patients in: Medical Directionprivate patients Dosage Call reps force in Home delivery Frequencymain citiesprogram Refills 6. CORPORATE VALUESCONTINUEEFFICIENCYGROWINGQUALITY COMMUNITYSERVICECONFIDENCE/ TRUSTCREATIVITY INNOVATION 7. HOLDING TURN OVER (*)Established 2006 Capital100 % Colombian Turn Over$ Usd 1.000.000 Market Share 1,2 Values 2,3 % Units (I.M.S. ) Distribution Channels Sales Mix80 % Market & distribution Local products 20 % Own Operation Employees11 Administrative , 23 Sales and Line Force 8. HOLDING SALES EVOLUTION300000025000002000000 HOMOS MEDICAL1500000VIHCORP1000000CAFI IPS 500000 0 2006 2007 2008 2009US DOLLARS 9. OUR LINES OF THERAPIES PARENTERAL NUTRITION, NUTRITION ENTERALAND BIOLOGICAL LINECRITICAL CAREONCO- VIH LINE PRODUCTS TRANSPLANTS AND HORMONAL LINE 10. MARKET DISTRIBUTION CAPABILITYDistribution Main sales AccountsMarket coverage Number of Channel approach Numberannual invoicesservedDirect Sales Specialist 162100% Oncology - arv- 4,282IPSPharmacyblood. 74% distributors hospitalDistributors Purchase 19595% of dealers2,873 managerHospitalsTender18100% of high 446 complexity hospitals 10% of level 1-2Direct Sales Tender4 35% of patients with129EPSRecruitment catastrophic diseases 11. MARKETING & DIRECTION STAFFBOARD OFDIRECTORSB.DEVELOPMENTMEDICAL HOLDINGSALES NATIONALADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR DIRECTOR MANAGERMANAGERKEY ACCOUNTKEY ACCOUNT KEY ACCOUNT ONCO- ARV LINEHOSPITALCRITICAL CAREMARKETING TENDERS REP. COORDINATORK.A.REPS. TEAM REPS. TEAREPS. TEAHOMOS MEDICAL VHICORP LAB. VHICORP LAB.Bogota(2)Bogota(2) Bogota(2)Cali(1)Cali(2) Cali(1)Medellin(1)Medellin(2) Medellin(2)Costa (2)Costa (4) Costa (2) 12. STRATEGIC PARTNER IN DEFENCE OF THE LABEL.

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