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  • growing 20 years of Stop Hunger

    2016 impact report

  • Dear Friends,

    2016 wasn’t just another year in our fight to end hunger; it marked the twentieth anniversary of the Stop Hunger movement.

    In addition to celebrating what we’ve accomplished in 2016, we took time to reflect on how far we’ve come in the last two decades. As an organization, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. In 1996, when we first asked Sodexo employees to join our Stop Hunger efforts, we had 2,000 volunteers. By 2016, that number had swelled to nearly 58,000.

    Moreover, we’ve been able to increase our impact on the fight to end hunger in America. In two decades, we’ve granted over $29 million toward the cause. And our twentieth year was one of our most impactful yet. Through our Stop Hunger efforts, we distributed 4.7 million meals and granted over $2.2 million to alleviate hunger in the United States.

    We continue to make strides against hunger. Yet, we still have a lot of work to do. Forty-two million Americans are at risk of hunger, including 13 million children.

    Hunger is a solvable problem and the solution is within our reach. But the solution isn’t simple. The fight takes sustained effort. That’s why we’re not just serving meals—we’re changing the way the food system works. By supporting programs that reduce food waste and promoting innovative ways to grow healthy produce, we’re targeting the issue of hunger from every angle—in small ways and large.

    We couldn’t do any of this work without the help and support of friends and partners, including many young leaders. Passionate young people like 2010 Brady Scholar Katie Stagliano and the 50 Brady Scholars who have taken up the cause and inspire us.

    In addition to thousands of volunteers, we work with hundreds of partner organizations, including Alliance to End Hunger, The Campus Kitchens Project, Congressional Hunger Center, Food Recovery Network, Share Our Strength, and Youth Service America. These organizations share our vision for eradicating hunger. Together we make one another stronger, and we’re growing a movement. With them on our side, we are closer to a hunger-free future.

    Thank you,

    Shondra B. Jenkins Executive Director Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation

    Robert A. Stern Chair, Board of Directors Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation

    87,792 hours served

    4,695,047 meals distributed (or equivalent)

    57,879 volunteers engaged

    852 NGO partnerships

    Growing a Movement

    44 countries

    5,700,000 meals distributed (or equivalent)

    113,000 volunteers engaged

  • Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Buffalo, NY; Camden, NJ; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Ft. Worth, TX; Honolulu, HI;

    Indianapolis, IN; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; New York, NY; Norfolk, VA; Oklahoma City, OK; Orlando, FL;

    Phoenix, AZ; San Jose, CA; Spokane, WA; St. Louis, MO; Syracuse, NY; Terre Haute, IN; Washington, DC

    406,185 free meals to kids

    23 cities

    During the school year, 22 million children receive free and reduced-priced breakfasts and lunches through their schools. For these children, summer can bring food insecurity and hunger.

    Sodexo’s Feeding Our Future program fills this gap by serving free, healthy meals during the summer to children who need them. In 2016, Feeding Our Future provided 406,185 free meals to kids in 23 cities. Since its inception, the program has provided five million meals to children nationwide.

    Feeding Our Future® Growing Communities

  • Heroes of Everyday Life® We are proud to honor Sodexo employees who volunteer their time and talent to help end hunger, often going to extraordinary lengths to offer solutions. Heroes of Everyday Life each receive a $5,000 grant for their hunger charities of choice.

    In 2016, we honored five new Heroes. To date, the Foundation has recognized 123 Heroes and 41 honorable mentions with grants totaling $384,000 for their hunger- related charities.

    Tim MacTurk District Manager, Universities, Albany, NY

    In 2010, Tim started a program to enable the Sodexo food operations he oversees to rescue surplus food. Since then, they have donated more than 50,000 pounds of food to local food banks. He also organized two annual charity races, which raised $11,000 to help thousands of food-insecure New Yorkers. Tim volunteers at a food bank with his daughter every Sunday and even rounded up 40 of his swim club members to volunteer as part of a “Swimming and Giving” program.

    Debbie Petitpain Wellness Dietitian, The Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

    As a dietitian, Debbie contributes to the fight against hunger in a unique way—through education. Debbie taught a cultural-based healthy cooking series for community members, which also included health screenings. She also established Kids Eat Free, a USDA summer feeding program at The Medical University of South Carolina. In its first summer, the program provided 2,385 summer meals to kids in need. She also developed a toolkit to help the USDA bring the program to healthcare institutions across the country.

    Bernard Wood Area General Manager, Venable LLP, Washington, DC

    Over the last 12 years, Bernard has donated 22,000 pounds of surplus food to DC Central Kitchen, which provides 5,000 meals per day to DC-area shelters. Once, Bernard heard that an entire delivery truck’s worth of food was about to be thrown away. He successfully rerouted the truck to DC Central Kitchen, which happily accepted the $23,000 worth of food. Bernard has helped DC Central Kitchen prepare more than 20,000 balanced meals and also serves on the Board of Directors.

    Lagrina Denise Simmons Food Service Worker, Georgia Tech Retail, Atlanta, GA

    For more than two decades, Lagrina has been preparing food, boxing it up and personally distributing 50 meals each week to help feed the homeless in her community. In total, Lagrina has prepared more than 52,000 meals, helped more than 30,000 homeless individuals and spent more than 9,360 hours volunteering. Her efforts inspire those around her, and she regularly recruits fellow Sodexo employees to help her. Over 25 volunteers have become a regular part of her efforts.

    Jennifer Lovejoy Custodian, Monroe Public Schools, Monroe, OH

    One winter day in 2000, a girl came to Jennifer’s church without a coat, so Jennifer gave the girl hers. Realizing that some children in her church didn’t have enough food or clothing, Jennifer created a food pantry. She raised the $5,000 to open it by singing, holding yard sales and washing cars. Sixteen years after its founding, the church’s pantry feeds and clothes hundreds of families throughout the year. Jennifer also spends every Thanksgiving preparing and serving food for 150 families.

  • 57,540 hours served

    346,047 meals donated

    37,400 volunteers engaged

    357,868 meals donated to food banks

    4,600 hours volunteered

    3,200 Sodexo volunteers,

    students and community members engaged

    38 states

    2.6 million meals provided

    364 Sodexo volunteers

    650,000 backpacks distributed

    Every April, Sodexo employees around the world participate in Servathon to fight hunger in their communities, engaging family, friends, youth, clients, customers and vendors. They collect surplus food, raise money, volunteer at local food banks and use their skills and expertise to improve quality of life of those around them.

    Stop Hunger Food Drive

    Backpack Food Program

    Sodexo supports Backpack Food Programs through a network of local food banks that provide backpacks filled with nutritious, non-perishable food to students when school meals are not available.

    1 school year

    Stop Hunger Servathon

    Held in the Fall, the Stop Hunger Food Drive has helped feed countless communities across America since 2007.

    $68,991 raised

  • Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholars Each year, the Foundation recognizes five national scholars and up to 20 regional honorees (between the ages of 5 and 25) that are helping to fight hunger in their communities. The national Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholars each receive a $5,000 scholarship for their education as well as a $5,000 grant for the hunger charity of their choice. In 2016, the scholars were affectionately branded as members of the “Hunger Squad.” As members of the Hunger Squad, they leverage their remarkable and unique “powers” to combat hunger and positively impact their communities across America. Since 2007, the Foundation has recognized 220 national & regional honorees and granted $629,000 to their charities and education.

    Olivia Hodge the

    Snack Packer

    Brianna LaFran Moore the

    General Jackson Silverman

    mr. Big


    Hannah E. Steinberg the

    Couponer Ian McKenna Goncalo

    the Giving

    Gardener Age: 11

    Location: Austin, TX

    Super power: Founder of The Giving Garden, an organization that helps

    kids start community gardens

    Age: 17

    Location: Blacksburg, VA

    Super power: Created the Bruin Snack Closet so children can discreetly get

    free snacks during school

    70,000 meals delivered in 2015 through Micah’s Backpack program

    40 kids fed by her expansion of summer feeding sites

    250,000 total meals kids accessed


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