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<ul><li> 1. Grow Your Business AutomaticallyUsing Autoresponders!</li></ul> <p> 2. Joe is enjoying his holiday in Hawaii. Joe, who is used togetting tens of business emails every day, doesnt worryabout his absence from business. A small but handy program, called an Autoresponder, takes care of all ofJoes emails. Autoresponders are everywhere - from the casual "I am on a holiday" to the more serious "Out of Office" type responses. 3. What is an Autoresponder? 4. Autoresponders are preset emails that instantly respond to an incoming email, similar to an on-demand fax systemthat sends out an automatic fax message after dialing inthe given number. A simple autoresponder would be the "I am on a holiday" kind that most of us would have usedsometime or other. Autoresponders are small programs that are either part of an email program or run as a scripton a separate server. Almost all email services andprograms come with some form of autoresponder built into it, sometimes dubbed as "auto-reply" messages or "vacation emails". They represent the simplest form of autoresponder, used for very basic needs. However, thereare more advanced applications of autoresponders thatcan tremendously bring down marketing time and save many dollars for businesses. 5. Why Autoresponders? 6. Autoresponders are a key to any professionally managed business. Imagine how much time one would require tomanually respond to emails from millions of users who require some basic information about a product or a service. Autoresponders come handy in such a situation. Moreover, people feel better when their emails about an enquiry are instantly acknowledged. Here again,autoresponders are the best bet for the job. But theapplications of autoresponders are not just limited toanswering emails. A multitude of applications are possible through an autoresponder system, with the common being 7. Sending confirmation emails about a purchase or an enquiry 8. Sending welcome message to new customers 9. Providing company information such as brochures, presentation materials 10. Sending newsletters 11. Conduct online courses by sending out course materials at periodic time intervals 12. Types of Autoresponders 13. Autoresponders can be classified into any one of thefollowing 14. One-time autoresponders 15. Sequential autoresponders 16. One-time are the most common among the two and havebeen long since the evolution of email itself. In a one-time autoresponder system, the program immediately sendsout a pre-defined message, usually welcome emails ororder confirmation and acknowledgements. One-timeautoresponders are also easier to setup and manage. Thistype of autoresponder is usually integrated into the emailprogram that handles the incoming messages. 17. Sequential autoresponders are developed during recenttimes. Here, a set of email messages are placed in theautoresponder system which sends them from time to time, or at irregular intervals of time. The time intervals and the frequency of the emails that are sent can be customized. Sequential autoresponders are great forsending messages on a periodic basis that actually makesthe customer believe as though a real person is emailing them from the other end! Online courses, reminder services and regular content delivery like tip of the day, weekly newsletter, and seasonal promotions are typical usages of a sequential system. 18. Critical marketing tool 19. Autoresponders score highly with any serious internet marketer. A good quality autoresponder system saves thetrouble of responding to messages that least warrant apersonalized reply. It allows companies to automateportions of their marketing efforts. A good autorespondersystem helps in providing a good customer service therebycreate affinity to the business and retain customers. It also provides an opportunity to build a quality prospect list ofcustomers to whom information on future services andproducts can be emailed. Autoresponders are also finding their presence felt in some part of the sales process -sometimes, the entire sale can be completed through aseries of autoresponder messages. Think of the cost-savings that companies benefit through effective autoresponder systems! 20. Choosing a winning program 21. Okay, you have enough reasons now to get your ownautoresponder. There are hundreds of programs available for free on the internet that can also do the job. RobotReply, a highly popular autoresponder program, isthe best in the business when it comes to sheer power. Itboosts of great features that any marketer would want tohave in his kitty. What more, you also get high-quality leads along with the program supported by an excellenttechnical staff working round-the-clock! 22. The more time you invest in a good autoresponder system, the more value you give your customers. Autorespondershelps grow your prospects list faster and the sooner you shoot the responses, the more you will be able to benefit from the powerful autoresponder technology. 23. Please visit: more info </p>