group 2. netflix: making movie magic netflix is it coorporate who expand use emerging technologies,...

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NETFLIX “Making Movie Magic” Group 2

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NETFLIX“Making Movie Magic”

Group 2


Netflix: Making Movie Magic

Netflix is IT coorporate who expand use

emerging technologies, superior customer

service, and an ever-growing sub scriber

base to transform the traditional video

rental model into a 21st century on

demand concept.

The Open Secret of Success

Netflix to expand it business in various placess.

Netflix better customer satisfaction by providing

satisfactory service and promotions.

Give salaries to employee in accordance with its

performance capabilities.

Natflix has a vast networking connection.

The good relationship between top manager with


Netflix has good management for their cooperation.

Method for Netflix

Netflix use three majors

responsibilities of Human Resource


1. Attracting a quality workforce.

2. Developing a quality workforce.

3. Maintaining a quality workforce.

1. Attracting a Quality Workforce

Netflix get them employees by

recruitment and selection.

Netflix search the best employee who

have good performance, experience, and

best knowledge.

2. Developing a Quality Workforce

After Netflix was recruitment and selection

them employess, they developing talented


Netflix have to orientation, training,

development, and performance management

for them employee.

Strategic Netflix management mobilizes

human capital to implement organizational


3. Maintaining a Quality


Netflix keeping talented employees.

This cooperation try to keep skilled

workers in jobs and on career paths

satisfying to them and beneficial to

them employer.

Risks of hastings Human Resource Management practices

Strategic HRM Netflix

Promoting labor potential

If the person potentiality supperior placed on

the first line is not able solve and

troubleshoot the performance of the

company will decrease

Compensation with merit pay

Discrimination pay


When reality does not correspond to

the predictions of all the plans that

have been drawn up failed

Compensation policies encourage high performance

Merit Pay.

Provide appropriate salary employee


How is the firm doing right now?

• Correct errors that have been


• Preparing a new strategy.

How has it changed since the case information was prepared?

• Identify cases that arise to

determine the cause of a problem.

• Seek appropriate solutions to

overcome the problems that occur.

• Applying the solution.

Are the HRM practise described here still active at the firm?

• Yes, HRM still used because a

company must take into account all

aspectes related to human resources

in order to achievethe desired goal.

What else is Netflix doing the create human capital for sustained competitive advantage?

• Netflix gives wages according to the

employee. So, if the employee has a

high performance then netflix will

provide a very high wages for the


• Provide better training.

• More selective recruitment.