groom's all-out 'uptown funk' dance routine goes viral

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  • Groom's All-Out 'Uptown Funk' Dance Routine Goes Viral

    When your vows just arent quite enough to profess your love, why not choreograph an entire 8-minute dance?

    Thats exactly what this groom did for his bride at their July 25 wedding, kicking off the ceremony inserious Uptown Funk style.

    The newlyweds, Kirk and Valerie Henning,are both professional dancers with theRichmond Ballet in Virginia. Theyveactually shared this very same stageperforming together before, but unlikethose times, this routine was a completesurprise for Valerie.

    We had it at CenterStage, which was afun, different venue, Kirk, 34, told ABCNews. We had dinner on the stage andthen we did the father-daughter danceand mother-son dance and everyone was eating and visiting. We all moved out to the lobby for cakecutting and toasts, and once we came back out the band was set up and thats when the surprisehappened.

    Of the eight groomsmen, four were also professional dancers and easily able to keep up with thespeedy dance steps, but the other four definitely had no dance experience and really surprised Kirkwith their willingness to play along.

    My two brothers work construction, my brother-in-law is a Second Officer navigation on a cruiseship line and one is a Secret Service agent, so theyve never danced before, the groom explained.They were all actually on board from the jump.

    Apparently, Valerie had dropped hints that shed love the men to do a dance at the wedding, but Kirkplayed it off acting like that would never happen.

    When we first got engaged, she was like, You could do agroomsmen dance for me, and I didnt even know whatthat was, he explained. She showed me a few online and Iwas like, No way, Im too busy.

    Little did she know that he had taken that idea to heartand began emailing his groomsmen in March with Vimeovideos outlining the steps.

    I was just hoping they were actually checking their emails, said Kirk, who only had one in-person

  • practice with all the men before the wedding.

    But it was a happily ever after when all the men perfectly pulled off their routine to Bruno Mars,Britney Spears and Brad Paisley, just to name a few. The YouTube video posted by their weddingvideographer, Ginger Topham, has nearly 360,000 views since Aug. 11.

    Judging by this grand gesture, its safe to say this bride will have a fairytale romance with her fancy-footed fella.


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