Grooming the next generation of digital media players Oct 08.

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  • Grooming the next generation of digital media players Oct 08
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  • confidential A National Strategic Programme : To Build a Sustainable Vibrant IDM Industry that is fueled by World Class R&D and Entrepreneurship
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  • confidential Fuel a Vibrant Media Sector Establish Singapore as Preferred location for IDM R&D Pioneers of Next Generation Media Goals.... by 2015
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  • confidential World Class Talent & Institutions Institutes of Higher Learning (i.ROCK)
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  • confidential Industry (FutureScape) Market Leader in Niche Sectors
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  • confidential Startups (i.JAM) Grass Roots Innovation Culture
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  • confidential IDM in Education Innovators of the New Media World
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  • confidential i.MATCH 11 Demand Drivers Match-making companies with over 60 investors i.MATCH (Platform) Joint call for proposals Global distribution platforms i.MATCH (Funding) i.MATCH (Demand) i.MATCH (Events) Industry Startups IHLs i.JAMMING Over 400 participants
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  • confidential Achieving High Growth Attracting World Class R&D IMI NTU Games Experiential Media Sys CALIT2, US Rendering Fraunhofer Germany Pervasive Media CUTE Language Mediation Keio, Japan CAS, PRC Collaborative Media UCI, US Xtreme Search Lab Tsinghua, Georgia Tech Zhejiang, PRC Visualisation & graphics Games and Animation Virtual, Mixed, Simulated Realities Learning and Publishing Online Rich Media Mobile and Pervasive Media Building Ecology of Ecologies Quantum Leap in Grass Roots Innovation
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  • confidential Building the Games Industry Ecosystem DevelopmentPublishingDistributionOperations Singapore Games Industry: est. 550 emp
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  • confidential MNCs Local companies Building the Virtual World Industry Ecosystem
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  • Sports Education Defence Design Planning Exhibition / Experience Entertainment Telco/ITHealthcare Co Creation
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  • confidential Hiperware i.JAM Budding Success 90.7 million page impressions per month. up to 125 times more page views per user than other Facebook applications Tyler Projects Finalist at Global Security Challenge #1 Game App on Friendster, Over 400K installs over May-October 2008 First Meta First Virtual World Credit Card. Asia Red Herring Top 100 Global Red Herring Top 200 Fresbo
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  • confidential Sam Ge: Social Robotics Gan Woon Seng: Next Generation Sound Beam Long Wyse: Music & Network Assemble Jon Quah: Smart Proximity Based Mobile Agents Seah Hock Soon: CACANI 2.0 Lawrence Wong: Life Spaces Alex Nareyek: Automated Storytelling Tai Zue Cheng: Surface Technologi es Kay OHalloran : Multimodal Discourse Analysis Roberto Dillon: Music emotion driven game Zhou SuiPing: Interactive Distributed Environment Environment Chua Tat Seng: Interactive Media Search GG Game GAMB IT KEIO CSID M ecPrese nce Persona l e- Motion MXRCube G Element XiD PGK GoMobil e MediaCorps TQ Global SyStem @ Works SPH Ufinity First Meta LocAsia Mobile World User X Events Core Hibernat or TechSail or HyperW are Tyler Projects PatSnap Virtual Worlds Genome tri ZopIM ComiAsi a ALIFE Widgeo. US Home Space iHipo Versonic Cammer ay Shared Copy Motion Element s Elasticit y Wallwis her DaVinci Sketchp ad Comiqs DigiHoo d InCamp us Homesly ce Fresbo Co- Flash Foldable vWorlds Recee Teliwav e Qweki Documa zing Attracting World Class R&D Achieving High Growth Big Leaps in Grass Roots Innovation Towards a Vibrant IDM Sector IHLs INDUSTRY Crustal Graphic s Sydus Mobile muvee Real U Boonty INDIVIDUALS
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  • confidential Thank You
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  • confidential Building National Capacity for IDM R&D New R&D Centres & Labs Supporting company R&D IMI NTU CUTE >2,000 Researchers, Scientists, Engineers
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  • confidential Rich Video Services Rich Video Services Digital Advertising Vibrant Media Sector in Video & Advertising
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  • confidential Vibrant Media Sector: Local Successes.. More than 8M users First Facebook MMORPG First Singapore Xbox Game Leading Game App in Friendster Serving 216 countries Sold to 80 local schools Our Top 5 projects now reaches some 200 countries with more than 10 million registered users.


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