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  • Distributed and Renewable Energy Resource Strategy


    Despite cultural, economical and geographical differences, utility markets all over the world share

    similar energy-related challenges and needs


    This discussion will explore the successes and challenges that energy markets

    (United States, Brazil, Jordan) have experienced when implementing a

    distributed energy resource strategy and the technologies that power them

    Factors that led to moving to renewable and distributed energy Strategies for the implementation of a comprehensive distributed energy


    The importance of big data in distributed energy strategy and the types of questions big data analytics can answer




    By diversifying its resources and crafting data-driven strategies, Jordan is a cardinal example of energy

    innovation and its national-level impact

    image credit: Jamal N. Photography


    In 2011 Jordan was 97% reliant on foreign energy imports, consuming ~20% of national GDP. This near

    complete dependence on foreign energy sources, coupled with the debilitating Arab pipeline attacks and increasing energy demand, has fueled Jordans mission

    to become a self-sustaining energy efficient country.



    Solar Projects

    The sun belt is a particularly effective region for solar

    energy production. Jordan predicts solar energy will

    comprise 12-15% of energy in the next 5 years.


    To help mitigate risk, Jordan identified the need to diversify energy resources and to increase strategic energy production and storage capacity. In addition, the Jordanian ministry has initiated the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy efficiency program. Some immediate initiatives include:

    Wind Energy

    Jordans first wind farm, Tafila, is expected to

    generate electricity with a cost 25% lower than

    thermal energy, lowering CO2 emissions by 40K tons

    per year.

    Local Energy Storage

    Jordan realizes the need to lower exposure to external shocks in terms of supply;

    Jordan is creating local energy storage, including

    running pilot projects with Bloom Energy.

    Big Data Analytics

    Equipped with insights provided by SAAS analytics

    provider GridCure, the Jordanian ministry is

    empowered to make both strategic and operational


    Electric Vehicles

    In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and

    displace fuel consumption, the Jordanian ministry has pledged to move its entire fleet of government vehicles

    to the mid-model Tesla.



    Brazil has experienced firsthand the impact of climate change on energy production and the related


    image credit:



    Global warming, stringent government regulations and the national financial crisis have already had major

    implications on Brazils energy sector




    Climate Change - The recent drought has not only affected water consumption but also hydro plant generating capacity, which sometimes generates as much as 80% of Brazils total electricity; the long-term repercussions of climate change on hydropower generation is still unknown.


    Sharing 13% of Brazils national distribution market, CPFL services 7.4 million consumers across 569 municipalities. CPFL understands its responsibility to the consumer - and the future of our planet - and has made it a corporate mission to implement conservation and awareness programs, invest in its smart grid, and develop sustainable technologies.

    To date, CPFL leads the renewable energy segment in Brazil with more than 70 sustainability projects in operation. These projects include large and small hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, thermal fuel oil, and So Paolos first solar power plant.

    Similar to utilities everywhere, CPFL must balance cost savings, operational efficiency, and energy efficiency. Although CPFL has implemented one of the most advanced smart grid systems in Brazil, with an entire department dedicated to technology, the company has identified the need for further insight into the network.



    The US energy market is highly fragmented - from municipalities to co-ops to investor-owned utilities, electric power economics is localized, sometimes

    down to the city level

    image credit: Jamal N. Photography


    Without a comprehensive long-term national energy strategy and with widely varied state-specific energy

    initiatives, some analysts believe that US energy generation practices and consumption habits could

    pose major environmental risks.




    The International Energy Agency cites examples of

    how low oil prices could make renewables seem less

    attractive and how cheap natural gas prices could

    dissuade electric providers from pursuing lower-

    carbon options, such as solar or wind. As a real world

    example, there seems to be a correlation between

    the absence of solar farms in Rhode Island, which

    does not have any government-provided solar

    incentives, compared to its pro-solar neighbors.




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