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<ul><li> 1. GREENSBORO CUSTOMER CARE CENTER Our People: Recognition &amp; Celebration </li> <li> 2. EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION &amp; CELEBRATION Honoring and rewarding top employees for their achievement in performance excellence! Star Trak Program Contest Committee 100% Call Quality Program Team Performance Recognition Quarterly Luncheon Quarterly Recognition: Top Performers Knowledge Check: Team Champion Customer Compliments National Customer Service Week Summer Picnic Holiday Luncheon Employee Tenure (Milestones) Healthy Employer Award Top Work Place Award </li> <li> 3. Star Trak Recognition Program Program focuses on site reward and recognition program based on positive demonstration of the Deluxe Way Shared Values. *Openness, Trust and Integrity *Customer Focus *Recognition and Celebration *Partnering for the Common Goal *Respect and Dignity for All *Innovation </li> <li> 4. GREENSBORO REVENUE CONTESTS- FOCUS IS ON REWARDING EMPLOYEES FOR ACHIEVING GOAL IN VARIOUS SITE REVENUE GENERATING CONTESTS. FINALE GAMES PROVIDED FOR EMPLOYEES WHO REACHED CONTEST STRETCH GOAL! </li> <li> 5. 100% CALL QUALITY PROGRAM Program is designed to reward employees for consistently achieving the customer experience with 100% calls in Quality. Decals are presented to employees on a monthly basis. </li> <li> 6. EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: QUARTERLY LUNCHEON Quarterly luncheon provided to employees for an outstanding job in Perfect Attendance and Call Quality by receiving the A.C.E. award (Achieving the Customer Experience). Deluxer milestones are also recognized during these tasty fun-themed celebrations! </li> <li> 7. EMPLOYEE TOP PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION Recognition of top Greensboro employees in Revenue, Call Quality and Time Management </li> <li> 8. EMPLOYEE TOP PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION Honoring and rewarding achievement for continued progress and performance excellence! </li> <li> 9. TOP TEAM PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION Top teams are recognized quarterly for their achievement in the REVENUE area of focus for that quarter! </li> <li> 10. CUSTOMER COMPLIMENTS: WALL OF FAME Partnering for the Common GoalPartnering for the Common Goal Openness, Trust and Integrity Openness, Trust and Integrity Respect, and Dignity for AllRespect, and Dignity for All </li> <li> 11. SITE RECOGNITION Greensboro Customer Care Center </li> </ul>