Green Ribbon Week and Earth Day Ideas

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Green Ribbon Week and Earth Day Ten Ideas for Schools1. Organize a school-wide Swap Meet to reuse items.2. Send home a Go Green Pledge then have a school-wide mural project for individual pledges such as I will turn off the lights when I leave a room.3. Have a waste free lunch day and encourage kids to pack their home lunches in reusable containers.4. Hold a "5 Minute Film Festival" related to Earth Day - Use Edutopia's list of 12 short videos: Or here are some others to try:- iMatter (1:30 minutes) - - We are all one (9:53 minutes) - - Landfill Harmonic (3:26 minutes) - 5. Have a walk to school or bike day.6. Adopt a no idle program to encourage parents to turn off their vehicles while waiting to pick up kids. See Utah clean cities no idle program: Have an aluminum can drive and make some money for your school to plant a tree or purchase a plant for the front hall.8. Focus on a different aspect of sustainability each day: Monday energy conservation, Tuesday water conservation, Wednesday reduce, Thursday reuse, Friday recycle. Have kids wear colors each day to represent the theme.9. Review the Things Schools Can Do Beyond Recycling flyer and the Green School Report Card for other ideas. (attached)10. Research other ideas and opportunities, apply for grants, see the links below: - topics education and outreach


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