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Helping people keep warm, stay well and save money.


  • GREEN DOCTORSHelping people keep warm, stay well and save money.Groundworks Green Doctors are working across the UK offering expert advice and guidance at road-shows, community events and in the home, often to those who are most vulnerable and at risk of fuel poverty.

    They can help your tenants to use energy and water more efficiently in their homes and safeguard against ill health by providing practical support that supports them to keep warm and stay well.

    Each Green Doctor service is designed as a tailored package of energy efficiency, money saving advice and support based on your priorities and our expertise in meeting the individual needs of residents.

    The high level of training our Green Doctors receive along with our unique multi-agency approach means you can feel assured that they can respond to a range of health and well-being issues

    during a home visit and make referrals to health or social care professionals when necessary.


    The best thing about being a Groundwork

    Green Doctor is making a difference to peoples lives, every single day

    Tahir Akar, Green Doctor

  • Groundworks Green Doctors make a real difference to peoples lives.

    As energy prices and the cost of living both continue to rise, fuel poverty will inevitably affect many more people, resulting in a rise in ill health among the most vulnerable in our society.

    Green Doctors help people take practical steps to increase the warmth and comfort of their home, from arranging home energy efficiency improvements to providing free stay warm packs. A Green Doctor visit can help reduce isolation, prevent accidents and keep people healthy in their home.

    Manor House Development Trust has worked closely with Groundwork to establish an award winning Green Doctor scheme as part of the Manor House PACT project. Our partnership with Groundwork has helped us develop a comprehensive service targeting hard to reach and vulnerable residents.


    I recently moved into a newly built flat and although it is generally energy efficient, I was getting a cold draught under my front door from the corridor, which made the flat chilly in the cold weather. I was also worried about the cost of my energy bills. During the Green Doctor visit, I was given energy saving advice

    Its been a positive and open working relationship that has enabled us to explore new ways to support residents through the home visits.

    The project has been well resourced and evidenced with comprehensive carbon reduction and behaviour change data, which demonstrates the value of the Green Doctor service. Marc Mckenna

    In addition to rising prices changes to the benefit system and uncertainty in the labour market means more people need support to effectively manage their household budgets.

    Green Doctors help people reduce their outgoings by introducing energy efficiency measures and helping people to switch energy tariffs. They also ensure people are getting all the financial support theyre entitled to, including energy saving grants, warm homes discounts and debt relief.

    After transport, domestic energy use is the second biggest contributor to carbon emissions in the UK*. Simple retrofitting measures and behaviour change interventions contribute to reducing our national CO2 emissions.

    Green Doctors help people identify practical, common sense steps to reduce the amount of energy and water they use. Each visit is likely to lead on average to half a tonne of carbon emissions being avoided annually. *Source DECC

    Safeguarding Health Saving Money Cutting CO2

    and they helped me to successfully apply for the warm homes discount, saving me 135 a year. They also suggested I register on the energy companys Priority Services Register, as my arthritis is affected by cold its important for me to know if there are going to be any changes to my energy supply.


    To find out more about working with Groundwork to help people keep warm, stay well and save money contact: