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Green Cities, Growing Cities and Just CitiesUrban Planning and the Contradictions of Sustainable Development


<ul><li> 1. Green Cities?Growing Cities? Just Cities?<br />Urban Planning <br />and <br />the Contradictions of Sustainable Development<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. protecting the green city?<br />SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT<br />promotingthe economically growing city?<br />romantic<br />SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT<br />idealistic<br />limited modern <br />applicability<br />advocating social justice?<br /> 3. The Planner's Triangle<br />Three Priorities<br /> Three Conflicts<br /> 4. Theproperty<br />conflict<br />The development <br />conflict<br />The resource<br />conflict<br /> 5. Perspective 1<br /> 6. consumption<br />production<br />distribution<br />innovation<br /> 7. Perspective 2<br /> 8. consumer of resources <br />a producer of wastes<br /> 9. Perspective 3<br /> 10. DISTRIBUTION of <br />resources<br />services<br />opportunities<br /> 11. Triangle axis 1:The property conflict<br />arises from:<br />competing claims on <br />&amp; <br />uses of property<br />Tension is between :<br />private sector <br />&amp; <br />social intervention<br /> 12. Triangle axis 1:The property conflict<br />private interest <br /> the public good<br /> 13. Triangle axis 2: The resource conflict<br />arises from:<br />exploitation of nature <br />&amp;<br />conserve resources <br />for present and future demands<br />Tension is between :<br />economic utility <br />in industrial society <br />&amp; <br />ecological utility <br />in the natural environment<br /> 14. ecological utility <br />in the natural environment<br />economic utility <br />in industrial society <br />VS<br /> 15. Triangle axis 2:The property conflict<br />developedcity<br />undevelopedwilderness<br /> 16. Triangle axis 3: The development conflict<br />arises from:<br />social equity <br />&amp; <br />environmental preservation<br />Tension is between :<br />Inequitable development &amp;<br /> protect the environment<br /> 17. Triangle axis 3: The development conflict<br />How to <br />increase social equity<br /> and protect the environment simultaneously, whether in a steady-state economy or not ?<br />haves<br /> have-nots<br />How could <br />those at the bottom of society <br />find greater economic opportunity <br />if environmental protection <br />mandates diminished economic growth?<br /> 18. Theproperty<br />conflict<br />The development <br />conflict<br />Green, Profitable and Fair<br />(Sustainable Development)<br />The resource<br />conflict<br /> 19. The Path Towards Sustainable Development<br /></p> <ul><li>How are you going to get there?</li></ul> <p> 20. What are the negative consequences?</p>


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