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Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce 125th anniversary


125 Anniversary Gala

History of the GHCCThe Holyoke Board of Trade was incorporated in 1890 to promote the business interests of Holyoke. In 1914, the name was changed to the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, According to the Chamber of Commerce Constitution and By-Laws, adopted in 1919, The object of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote the economic, civic, and social welfare of the people of Holyoke and vicinity. The same document states that All persons who sympathize with the object of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce shall be eligible for membership.

These objectives have been refined and extended over the years. The Holyoke Chamber of Commerce now aims to help members develop their markets; to make Holyoke more attractive to businesses and tourists; to help people from the area become more self-sufficient and productive; to actively support favorable legislation; and to maintain the Chambers financial strength.

The Chamber frequently partners with other organizations to achieve these ends. One such partnership developed with Greater Holyoke Inc., a non-profit started in 1984 which frequently appears in the press clippings and printed materials after that date. More recently, the Chamber has partnered with Grow Holyoke, a community network devoted to economic growth and job creation. The Greater Holyoke Centennial Foundation was founded on June 19, 1990 and supports programs for the betterment of Holyoke.

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