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Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 1 Issue 2 Term 1 - Week 8 Friday, 22nd March 2019 GREAT LAKES COLLEGE The Dolphin One College Three Campuses Unlimited Opportunies A proud member of the Great Lakes Learning Community DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 21 March Graffi Buster Training Tuncurry Campus 26 March Merit Assembly Tuncurry Campus NSW Touch Year 9/10 Forster & Tuncurry Campus 27 March College Cross Country 28 March Yr 10 Taronga Zoo Excursion Meet the KeeperForster & Tuncurry Campus 2 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Forster Campus (A– L) Girls League Tag (14s/16s/18s) Forster & Tuncurry Campus 4 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Tuncurry Campus (A-K) Netball Schools Cup Forster & Tuncurry Campus 9 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Forster Campus (M-Z) 11 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Tuncurry Campus (L-Z) Zone Cross Country ANZAC Assembly 2 May Science and Engineering Challenge Forster & Tuncurry Campus 3 May College Athlecs Carnival Apprenceship Day Senior Campus 7 May Celebraon Assembly Tuncurry Campus 1424 May NAPLAN Online Term 1 Term 2

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Issue 2 Term 1 - Week 8 Friday, 22nd March 2019
One College Three Campuses
21 March Graffiti Buster Training Tuncurry Campus 26 March Merit Assembly Tuncurry Campus NSW Touch Year 9/10 Forster & Tuncurry Campus 27 March College Cross Country 28 March Yr 10 Taronga Zoo Excursion “Meet the Keeper” Forster & Tuncurry Campus 2 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Forster Campus (A– L) Girls League Tag (14s/16s/18s) Forster & Tuncurry Campus 4 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Tuncurry Campus (A-K) Netball Schools Cup Forster & Tuncurry Campus 9 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Forster Campus (M-Z) 11 April Parent Teacher Interviews @ Tuncurry Campus (L-Z) Zone Cross Country
ANZAC Assembly
2 May Science and Engineering Challenge Forster & Tuncurry Campus 3 May College Athletics Carnival Apprenticeship Day Senior Campus 7 May Celebration Assembly Tuncurry Campus
14—24 May NAPLAN Online
Term 1
Term 2
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 2
We would like to acknowledge the Worimi people, the Traditional Custodians of this land. We would also like to pay respects to the elders, both past, present and future, of the Worimi nation and extend
respect to other Aboriginal people.
Compulsory School Attendance Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their
educational best and increase their career and life options.
Great Lakes College wants to work in partnership with parents to encourage and support regular attendance of
your child. When your child attends school every day, learning becomes easier and your child will build and
maintain friendships with others.
It is important that students arrive on time to school to ensure they don’t miss out on learning opportunities, it
helps them learn the importance of punctuality and routine and reduces classroom disruption of their peers.
If you have any concerns about your child not attending school or know they will be absent for a period of time,
please contact your child’s Deputy to discuss what the school may be able to do to support you and your child.
Lorna Cambrell
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 3
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 4
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 5
Mental Health is being able to bounce back from the normal challenges of life, being
confident enough to try new things, Learning to be happy with the person you are, even though
(like everyone else) you’re not perfect and you make mistakes.
Remember, just like your physical health, the sooner you get help the sooner you’ll feel better!
BASICS for great Mental Health include –
Nutrition : Fuel for your body and brain. Choose brain smart food like lean meat, fruit, veg and milk,
whole grains, nuts. Remember to keep hydrated – drink lots of water
Sleep: You need 8-10 hours each night. Good sleep is vital for your mood and energy and for
clear thinking and learning each day. Avoid caffeine and sugar after 4pm. Turn screens off
well before bed (at least 60 minutes) and leave the phone outside.
Exercise : Loads up your brain with “feel good” chemicals like dopamine. Soaks up stress chemicals
like cortisol and adrenaline. Sparks up the brain and your mood during the day and
promotes good sleep at night.
Connection :With positive people who bring out the best in you – laughter, sunshine, green outdoor
places. With school, work and purposeful activity. Things that bring you joy, meaning and
hope. Culture and acts of kindness – being a supportive friend.
Positive Self Talk – Learn to challenge negative thinking - Your thoughts are not always facts. So ask
yourself: is it true? Is there a better way to think about this?
We all need support sometimes. These people can help:
Your school counsellor/school psychologist
Your local doctor – GP
A trusted adult in your life: this could be a parent/carer, relative, teacher, sports coach or youth
group leader
A trusted friend (and if you have a friend who needs support remember to help them as well)
Check out online support at reliable sites like eheadspace, Bite Back, ReachOut, Youth Beyond Blue
and Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
NSW Mental Health Line 1800 011 511
Know that everyone needs support – that hard times will pass and better days will come ….
Brought to you by your Great Lakes College counselling service.
Jane Stevenson (Senior Psychologist Education)
Fern Champion, Vanessa Thompson, Kym Earle (school counsellors across your Colleges)
(Thankyou to NSW School-Link – Health and Education working together)
A Two Minute Guide to great Mental Health for Adolescents and everyone else
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 6
Tuncurry Campus SRC Report
As 2019 SRC representatives we have many good ideas for this year and have been busy planning in
our SRC roll call time. We are working towards improving Tuncurry Campus surrounds for the
benefit of students. The money we make throughout the year will be going to purchase items for the
students. In addition, there are plans for charity fundraising which we will decide on when we have
a planning day later this term.
To kick start the year we held a Valentine’s Day card stall which raised $30.40 with each card selling
for just 20 cents so that was a good effort. The students responded really positively to this and lots of
love was shared at roll call on Valentine’s Day.
We are also planning an Easter raffle this term to help Year 10 raise funds for their end of year gift
and an SRC BBQ / fun day at the end of term.
If you have any suggestions of what we could purchase to improve the school please see one of your
SRC representatives who were introduced at our first Celebration Assembly.
Ms Pinnock and the SRC representatives
Ruby Hopkins & Lilli Bultitude
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 7
A World Class Local Education
Year 12 2018 –Year 13
From a double degree in International Business and International Relations to Medicine, to a Bachelor
of Science majoring in Bio Engineering at Australia’s highest ranked university, our ex-students are
certainly choosing amazing things to study at university. We had a Melbourne University Access
Scholarship recipient this year valued at $15000 plus a student who was offered and accepted the
Deans Scholar program at Wollongong university. This opportunity is offered to high achieving
students as part of the Bachelor of Commerce single degree.
Other courses our students are studying are in the areas of creative arts, health, education, business,
engineering, social work, criminology and they are studying in universities across both the state and
There are also a number of students who are doing a ‘gap year’ either working or travelling or doing
both. One of our students is currently seeing Australia by travelling and working with our local carnival
that comes to Tuncurry at Christmas time each year.
Our students taking up apprenticeships are also doing well with both local and further afield employers.
Its great to see an increase in girls taking up apprenticeships with one of our female students being
successful in gaining an apprenticeship with Lendlease in Sydney.
We also have students studying at TAFE in everything from beauty, childcare, aged care and health
assistants to digital technology and more.
A percentage have also gone off to make all us proud and joined the Australian Defence Force.
Pauline Webber Careers Adviser Senior Campus
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 8
Year 12 2019
Here is what we know so far for university entry for 2020.
UAC (Universities Admission Centre) Please see the UAC “Key dates” picture in this issue of The Dolphin
UMAT has been replaced by University Clinical Aptitude Test. This is the exam you must sit if you are
applying for medicine or dentistry at university next year. Registrations opened for this on the 1 March
and will close 17 May 2019.
Charles Sturt University is hosting a parent information evening on 20 March at their Port Macquarie
Campus from 5.30pm. Topics to be covered will be how to apply, adjustment to ATAR factors, uni life
and more.
UNE University of New England early entry is now open.
Both the Australian National University and the Australian Catholic University have avenues of entry
from this year that does not solely rely on ATAR entry. They are interested in students who have
demonstrated that they are involved in community or volunteer work. Successful students will know
they have early entry before they sit their HSC exams.
I will keep students updated by email, as more information comes to hand.
Pauline Webber Careers Adviser Senior Campus
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 9
Maths Online is back again this year at both Forster Campus and Tuncurry Campus. The Maths Online
school price is $20.00 per student for one full year. It is an excellent resource for all students for regular
revision as well as those who are absent from class due to illness, extra-curricular activities or sporting
commitments. This enables students who are absent from class to keep up to date with course work.
Each lesson offered on Maths Online is around five minutes duration and addresses a specific skill or
process. The program provides examples as well as the opportunity for students to practise the skills
involved and then provides feedback based on their responses. The Maths Online school price is $20.00
per student for one full year.
Forster Campus students wishing to subscribe for 2019 should have paid $20.00 to the front office by
Friday 1 March. Students then must show their receipt to Mr Mani, so their account can be set up for
Dani Mani Jane Priestley HT Mathematics, HT Mathematics Forster Campus Tuncurry Campus
Maths Online
The Conservatorium High School would like to inform your talented music
students that:
Application to AUDITION for Con High entering 2020 are now open.
Go to
Closing date for registration is 7th June 2019.
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 10
Congratulations also to Isabella Ragno and Kyler Johnston, who have been selected as part of
the Hunter Wind Ensemble. They will be touring central Australia during the upcoming school
holidays. They will be travelling to various places including Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy,
Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap, Devils Marbles, Mt Isa, Crocodile Dundee’s
Creek Hotel and Goondiwindi.
One College – Unlimited Opportunities
Byron Panos, Year 10 Tuncurry Campus, has been selected as
a recipient of the Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship.
Byron will travel to Belgium, Germany and France in
September 2019 to learn about the First and Second World
Wars and the experiences of the Australians who served in
these conflicts. Byron had to submit an application
demonstrating his strong interest in Australian History and
the ANZAC tradition. Congratulations Byron on an
outstanding achievement.
2019 Swimming Carnival
GLC swimming carnival was packed with swimmers eagerly contesting both competitive and
novelty events. Novelty events; mat race, wheel barrow race and kick board relay enabled all
students to cool down and compete with or against their friends. Races were hotly contested
with the most exciting finish coming in the 13 years boys 200 individual medley – a dead heat
between Connor Anderson and Izaac Boag. It was incredible to watch.
The fastest boys and fastest girls competed in a Champion of Champions race. Students are to
be commended for their behaviour and effort on the day. A special congratulations goes to the
age champions and those swimmers who qualified for zone swimming in Taree.
The age champions were:
Age Boy Girl
16 - -
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 12
Zone and Regional Swimming
Once again we have had great success in swimming across the college. We had many students
represent the college at zone swimming with 10 relay teams successful to represent Great
Lakes College at regional level. Of this 5 of the relay teams will now be travelling to Sydney
Olympic Park for NSWCHSSA Championships in April
We had 16 students represent at regional level for individual events of which 7 students have
qualified to compete at State.
Misty Cornish Dyarna Crupi Joel Flemming
Dane Jeffery Zennon Lawson Brayden Lee
Geoffrey Grindley
We had a great day with lots of fun and a great BIG THANK YOU to the many parents who
travelled for the event.
I am looking forward to more competition and fun at NSWCHSSA Championship which will be
held on 8-10 April.
Ceccato, Zennon Lawson
Aldridge, Dyarna Crupi
Under 13 and 15s Country Cup
On the 5 March, Great Lakes College competed in the under 13 and 15s Country Cup Rugby League
competitions at Taree Rec Grounds. The college teams competed against multiple Manning schools
over the gala style competition.
The huge squad in the 13s made their presence felt very quickly with early tries against Chatham
High School, finishing convincing winners. The 13s then followed with another solid victory over
Wingham High School, which ended the day for GLC as undefeated champions in the Manning
region. These boys will compete later in the year in the second stage of the competition.
The under 15s, with a large contingent of under 14s to bolster the side, had the formidable Taree
High School in the first round. Whilst there were strong performances across the park, we were no
match for the eventual winners of the day with Taree going through undefeated. To the boys credit,
GLC completed their next two games with victories over Wingham and St Clares to be awarded
second place in the Manning region.
Congratulations Jesse.
division receiving a CRL gift pack.
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 14
Manning Zone Rugby League
During the Country Cup competition at Taree Rec Grounds on the 5 March, players from the
Manning region were selected to represent team Manning at the upcoming Hunter trials on the 20
March at Lakeside Oval Raymond Terrace.
The team will be strong contenders in 2019 with a very competitive team selected. There were a lot
of students that were very unlucky not to make the squad, going to show the strong field that the
Manning Region has to offer in the under 15s age group.
Great Lakes College will be represented by 6 young men selected in the squad and we wish them
well on the 20 March
A huge congratulations to those students and also a big congratulations to Tavis Felsch who as a 14
year old playing up was also selected as a shadow player from GLC.
Thomas Freeman Year 7 Adviser and PDHPE Teacher (Forster Campus)
11 Connor Latham Taree
13 Hunter Longhurst Wingham
14 Bastian Short GLC
15 Fraser Holland GLC
16 John Kapelli GLC
This year GLC entered four teams in the Go Kindy
High Schools team challenge. Students came from
Forster and the Senior Campuses. Surfest is a two
day event with a tag team format. Each team
consists of three surfers, whose wave scores are
added together.
waves with off shore winds to small 1ft wind chop
waves. All surfers were patient with the conditions
and supported each other as each team surfed.
The Forster Campus team consisting of Oscar Salt,
Zeb Watts and Jay Pink lead the competition with the
highest accumulated point score at the end of the
two rounds. This qualified them for the semi finals.
Huey was not kind to the team during the semis and
the boys missed the final by placing third.
The Senior Campus teams surfed consistently during
both rounds and only missed out on the semi finals
by a few points.
competition by being awarded the highest wave
score of the competition with a score of 9.5.
A very big thankyou to the parents who supported
this event by taking the teams to Newcastle.
Annette Sanders
PDHPE Teacher
Zeb Watts and Oscar Salt doing a tag
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 16
Elevate Education
In week 6 we welcomed Australia’s number one study skills provider Elevate Education to
Forster campus for the day. We began our partnership with Elevate Education in 2018 when they
came in to present a seminar to our then Year 9 students. This was followed up by a host of
seminars/ workshops that took place on 7 March for students in Years 7, 8 and 10. The day began
with a large group seminar with tips on time management for our Year 10 students which was
followed by several smaller group study skills workshops for Years 7 and 8 with a particular focus on
reading. Student feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive and many students
commented on the usefulness of the sessions. In addition to the student workshops, Elevate
Education also put on a Parent Seminar in the evening which demonstrated ways in which students
could best be supported at home with their studies. Elevate Education will be returning to the
school on two other occasions this year (Year 9 students will not miss out) and we look forward to
our partnership continuing into the future.
Scott Keough Rel. Careers Adviser (Forster Campus)
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 17
Upcoming opportunities
Safework NSW White Card course Tuesday 26 March from 8.15am to 3.00pm - Forster Campus Wednesday 27 March 8.15am to 3.00pm - Tuncurry Campus
A ‘White Card’ is needed by all types of construction workers including labourers and tradespeople.
If your child is interested in working in any trade related occupation (including during school work
experience or as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship), they will need to be in possession of a
valid White Card.
The cost of the course is $79 which is a subsidised amount for a face to face course. Please note that
if students wish to carry out construction related work as work experience in Year 9 or 10 or as part
of a school based apprenticeship/traineeship, they must complete a face to face White Card course.
White Card courses completed online will not be accepted for these purposes.
Please visit for more
information about White Cards.
Students must be at least 14 years of age to complete the White Card course.
Taronga Zoo ‘Meet a Keeper’ Excursion (Day trip)
Thursday 28 March
Students who are interested in working in the animal industry have the opportunity to visit Taronga
Zoo in Sydney to hear from current zoo keepers about the qualifications, requirements and
commitments of working in this field. A 90 minute seminar will be given in the new Taronga Zoo
lecture theatre by current employees and then students will see some behind the scenes work from
the zoo keepers. Students will have some time to themselves to explore the zoo before returning
home on the bus. There are a limited number of spots remaining for this excursion which will be
allocated on a first come first served basis.
The cost of this excursion is $75
Both of the above opportunities have already been advertised to students at school and many have
secured their places already but if your child would like any more information or if they need a
permission letter, they are to see their Career Adviser.
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 18
Health Forum 2019 Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 were invited to attend a Health Forum in Taree on Tuesday 12 March, 2019. We had 12 students attend from the Senior Campus, 16 from Tuncurry and 16 from Forster Campuses. The event was hosted by University of Newcastle (UON) and was extremely well organised and informative. The initial lecture was an introduction by a professional in their specific field. They covered a vast selection of health professions including Speech Pathology, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition & Dietetics and Occupational Therapy. Students were able to understand what sort of work these health professionals do day to day, as well as the study path to work towards that profession.
Following the introduction, students had the option to choose three workshops of the career path they were most interested in. Here they were shown hands on how aspects of each job were performed, and observed a simulation of many elements of the jobs, including the birthing of a baby to learning how to plaster cast an arm in groups of two. After the workshops students had the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters. They also had the opportunity to take home a course guide and enquire directly to UON staff about study pathways, university living and accommodation. I think this was a really valuable forum to plant the seed for students to consider working as a health professional and would recommend future students attend in years to come. There will be an information evening for Medicine in May, date yet to be confirmed, but don't hesitate to contact your relevant careers adviser for more information. Ashley Evans Rel. Careers Adviser (Tuncurry Campus)
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 19 Caramel filled hearts
Professional Teachers Who Engage and Inspire
Tuncurry Campus welcome Support Teacher Mrs Margie Beange and Miss Emily Wilde to our campus.
Mrs Beange transferred from Quakers Hill High School, while for Miss Wilde this is her first
appointment. She had been working at as Support Teacher at Forster Public in a temporary capacity.
Mrs Beange and Miss Wilde have been tremendous additions to our Campus, bringing new ideas and
strategies to best meet the needs of our students. We also welcome Rueben. Rueben is owned by Mrs
Beange and is an Accredited Faculty Therapy dog. Rueben has shown to be a calming influence for our
students who suffer anxiety and has become very popular amongst the students and staff.
Mrs Margie Beange and Rueben
Greetings everyone! Ruben and I are delighted to have
joined Great Lakes College this year and are looking
forward to exploring this wonderful coastal community.
We are based in the Support Unit at Tuncurry Campus
but are always happy to reach out to students across the
school and people in the wider community. Ruben has
been specially trained to be a school facility dog and to
provide extra support for students as needed. His skills
include identifying students’ needs, lowering anxiety,
providing emotional support, adding behavior
self-regulation and increasing attendance at school.
Ruben interacts with students in the classroom and
playground, and has a NSW Travel Permit which enables
him to accompany students to sport, excursions, work
experience and community access activities. Ruben
enjoys travelling on buses, trains and ferries and does a
great job helping students feel at ease in new or
unfamiliar environments.
Year 7 barbecue!
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 20
Miss Emily Wilde
At the end of last year a job was advertised for a teacher in the Support Unit. I saw the ad,
applied, got an interview and was lucky enough to be the successful applicant for the job. I am
so excited to be back with Great Lakes College for my first permanent application.
It’s been a great start to the year, working with the amazing staff and students.
The two classrooms within the support unit building have seen our lessons with the doors in
between the two rooms open. Having an open learning space allows the students to flow
between rooms and lessons to best suit their needs. I look forward to what the rest of the year
will bring.
Emily Wilde
New Support Unit Teacher Emily Wilde
I first came to Great Lakes College in 2009 when I was
in Year 11. I was going to school at St Clare’s High
School in Taree and heard about a university Teaching
course being offered to students. I went to the
information evening and later enrolled in the
Newcastle University Introduction to Teaching Course
held at Great Lakes College Senior Campus. I drove out
to Tuncurry after school, once a week for three terms
and completed my first university unit.
In 2014 I came back to Great Lakes College Tuncurry
Campus as a peacemaker student in the support unit. I
completed the first part of my internship in the
support unit with the amazing staff and later that year
did a few weeks casual teaching after I finished my
Chelsea Catling working in the twin classroom. Miss Emily Wilde working with Tyson Herbert on the
right and Chelsea Catling on the left.
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 21
Friday Feast
Last year the Support Unit introduced the Friday Feast program to the College on a weekly basis. It is
a simple concept that builds students skills to help create different burgers ranging from steak, beef
patties, chicken schnitzels to gourmet hot dogs. This initiative connects students through life skills
aimed at engaging and exposing them to real-life experiences through a whole school catering
program, offered each week to all school staff. This student-centred teaching program incorporates
a unanimous class decision of menu choice, utilisation of mathematical technology to establish
on-line costing, field-trip to a local supermarket to source ingredients (aligning with sale items and
‘best pricing’ as per online costing) while using a food technology approach including all students to
prepare and cook ingredients for customers. The students love it!
Not only do the students enjoy the benefits of Friday Feast, the program has been successful in
bringing colleagues together on a weekly basis. It gives staff an opportunity to sit back, relax and
simply have a chat with colleagues who they might not otherwise find an opportunity to connect
with. Friday Feast is served in the support unit kitchen at lunchtime every Friday and staff from a
variety of faculties, including executive members, look forward to the weekly event. Many even say
that it is something they look forward to all week, not having to think about packing lunches on a
Friday Feast has proved to be a successful whole school program motivating inclusivity for all
students, allowing them the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers and outside
agencies to ensure success.
Catherine Ieroianni Support Unit Teacher (Tuncurry Campus)
Professional Teachers Who Engage and Inspire Professional Teachers Who Engage and Inspire Professional Teachers Who Engage and Inspire A Dynamic and Focused Learning Environment.
Students assisting with Friday Feast preparations:
Tallulah Peacock (Yr 9), Chenaliya Wilton (Yr 10) and
Loren Milne (Yr 11).
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 22
(any combo can be made if pre-ordered) Plain 600ml $2.00 Salad $4.00 1 ltr. $2.90 Chicken Salad/Ham Salad $5.00 2 ltr. $3.90 Chicken, Lettuce & Mayonnaise $4.50 Lite White 1 ltr. $3.20 Cheese $3.00 Egg $3.50 Flavoured Milk Small $2.60 Egg & Lettuce $4.00 Large $3.60 Ham Cheese & Tomato $4.20 Yoghurt $2.60 Juice 250ml $2.30 375ml $3.00
1/2 WRAPS Water $2.00 (any combo can be made if pre-ordered) Kyneton Mineral Water $2.50 Salad $3.00 Up’n’Go $2.50 Chicken Lettuce & Mayo $3.50 Milo $1.60 Ham/Chicken Salad $3.80 Chicken Caesar wrap $4.00 700ml Flavoured Water $3.80 Toasted Sandwich or wrap – extra $1.20 HOT FOOD
Spinach & Fetta Roll $4.50
SALAD BOXES Sausage Roll $3.20 (any combo can be made if pre-ordered) Chicken/ Beef & Gravy Rolls (2nd & 3rd Terms) $4.20 Salad $5.20 Cheese Roll - orders only $2.70 Chicken Salad $7.20 Spinach & Ricotta Roll $4.50 Ham $7.20 Garlic Bread $1.80 Salmon Salad $7.20 Pizza Roundas $3.00 Egg Salad $6.20 Pizza Singles $3.70 Caesar Salad $7.20 Chicken Burger $4.50 EXTRA IN SALAD BOX Chicken Burger with lettuce $5.00 If adding meat or chicken to any of the above $1.20 Chicken Chilli Tender $2.20 If adding egg to any of the above $0.70 Chicken & Corn Rolls $2.20
Chilli Tender Wrap (2 tenders) MUST ORDER $5.00 Chilli Tender Wrap (1 tender) MUST ORDER $4.00 Nuggets pkt 3 $1.50 FRUIT SALAD PIES Mixed Fruit Salad Tub $3.20 Plain Pie $4.50 Fruit Pieces (seasonal) from… $1.00 Cheese & Bacon Pie $4.80 Yoghurt muesli & fruit tub $2.50 Cheese, Bacon & Potato Pie $4.80 SUNDRIES Potato Pie $4.80 Chicken & Vegetable Pie $4.80 Muffins $2.20 Vegie Pastie $4.50 Chips $1.60 Sauce – tomato sauce $0.40 Plain Bread Roll $1.00 Mayo & pc sauces $0.40 Eucalyptus Drops $0.90 HAMBURGERS Plastic Fork & spoons $0.10 (must be ordered) With Salad $5.70 SPECIALS OF THE DAY / WEEK Extras – egg and/or pineapple each $0.70 Prices vary – see adverts
GLUTEN FREE – ORDERS ONLY Cup a Noodles $2.50 Sandwiches on Gluten free bread Icy Pole/Icecreams from… $1.00
Sausage Roll $3.30 Juice Cups Frozen $1.20 Plain Pie $4.60 Chicken Tender $2.30 Icy Poles $1.20 Chicken Burger $4.50 Chicken Nuggets pkt 3 $1.50 Prices are subject to change without notice
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 23
If you are able to assist in either canteen, please contact the phone numbers above.
Help is always appreciated.
If you are unable to attend, please try to swap with someone else. If not, please telephone the contact person at the top of your roster. Thank you for supporting the canteen as we could not function without your help and support. If possible, please be at the canteen by 9.00am.
FORSTER CAMPUS CANTEEN ROSTER Ph: 6554 6062 or 6554 4259
Term 1
Debbie Debbie
01/04/2019 02/04/2019 03/04/2019 04/04/2019 05/04/2019
Sharon Deacon
Daph Stockey
Debbie Debbie
Term 2
Pam Crawley, Rachel Wicks
Debbie Debbie Cathy Harris Pam Crawley Daph Stockey
13/05/2019 14/05/2019 15/05/2019 16/05/2019 17/05/2019
Debbie Cathy Harris Pam Crawley Daph Stockey
TUNCURRY CAMPUS CANTEEN ROSTER Ph: 6555 0500 OR Belinda 6555 0575
Term 1
Bevan Hill Sharon Sommerville
Uniting Church Bevan Hill Sharon Sommerville
08/04/2019 09/04/2019 10/04/2019 11/04/2019 12/04/2019
Uniting Church Bevan Hill Sharon Sommerville
Issue 2—Term 1—Week 8 Page 25
Great Lakes College Principal: Mr Graeme Jennings
Phone: 6555 0555
FORSTER 2428 Ph.6555 3870
JUNGLE SURF Manning Street
[email protected]
When making a payment using our website’s “Make a Payment” link for
Forster Campus please go to:
[email protected]
Hours: 8am—3:30pm
When making a payment using our website’s “Make a Payment” link for Tuncurry 7-10 Campus please go to:
[email protected]
Hours: 8am—3:30pm
When making a payment using our website’s “Make a Payment” link for
Senior Campus please go to: