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  • 1. Great inventions that changedor could change the world The presentation was madey the pupils of the 9-B form group We believe in future Kate Neumytykh, Lena RyabovaLisa Lysenko, Kate SinyukEducational Complex #5

2. Why we have chosen this problem Nowadays we hear from every where that it isonly one step to the end of the world, thateverything the mankind has done andinvented, leads to the destruction of humancivilization. 3. So we decided to examine the problem from different sides; to analyze and compare the mostfamous, greatest and unusual inventions. 4. Television (1920s)Computer (20th Century) The invention that swept the world The computer has been another life-and changed leisure habits fortransforming invention. Britishcountless millions was pioneered by mathematician Charles Babbage designeda form of computer in the mid-1830s.Scottish-born electrical engineer JohnNow, a whole generation has grown upLogie Baird. It had been realized for withsome time that light could be calculators, windows, icons, computerconverted into electrical games and word processors, and theimpulses, making it possible to Internet and e-mail have transformedtransmit such impulses over a communication and information.distance and then reconvert theminto light. 5. Motor Car (Late 19th Century)Airplane (Early 19thCentury) With television, the car is probably the The plane was the invention thatmost widely used and most useful of all helped shrink the world and broughtleisure-inspired inventions. German distant lands within easy reach ofengineer Karl Benz produced the first ordinary people. The invention of thepetrol driven car in 1885 and the British petrol engine made flight feasiblemotor industry started in 1896. Henry Fordand the American Wright brotherswas the first to use assembly linemade the first flightproduction for his Model car in 1903.Like them or hate them, cars have givenpeople great freedom of travel. 6. Photography Telephone (1876) (Early 19thCentury) Edinburgh-born scientist Alexander Leonardo da Vinci had described theGraham Bell patented his inventioncamera obscura photographicof the telephone in 1876. Theprinciple as early as 1515. But it was following year, the great Americannot until 1835 that Frenchman Louisinventor Thomas Edison producedDaguerre produced camera the first working telephone. Withphotography. The system wastelephones soon becoming rapidlygradually refined over the years, to available, the days of letter-writingthe joy of happy snappers and the became numbered.despair of those who had to wadethrough friends endless holidaypictures. 7. Electricity (19th Century) The name came from the Greek word foramber and was coined by Elizabeth Is physicianWilliam Gilbert who was among those whonoticed that amber had the power to attract lightobjects after being rubbed. In the 19th century such great names as MichaelFaraday, Humphrey Davy, Alessandro Voltaand Andre Marie Ampere all did vital work onelectricity. 8. Comparative characteristics of thebest and worst inventions of humanityThe best inventions:The worst inventions Bike(59%) Weapon (35%) transistor (8%) Cell phone (17%) Electromagnetic induction(8%) Nuclear energy(9%) PC (6%) TV (9%) radio(5%) Cigarettes(6%) Internet (4%) Fast food(3%) 9. The most ridiculous inventions of the 20th century 5. In 1954, spectacles for blind people were patented inBritain, but during the presentation of the invention severalpeople were injured. 4. In 1970 American physicist Robert Creek announced theestablishment of an apparatus capable of taking samples ofsoil from ...the Sun a sun walker. Creek spent about $ 1.5million for this invention . 3. In 1972, the Spanish cameraman Pinchot Jimenez tried tomake the instrument for blowing out a film. 10. 2. In 1985, in France, a device for wine tasting in thecup was patented. It is poured the wine, and after afew seconds light comes on the dashboard . 1. Four-legged tights. It is assumed that when astocking is torn, a woman will hide it in the specialpocket on the belt and get another stocking. 11. Conclusion During the existence of human civilization peopleinvented different things ; they were useful ,harmfulor ridiculous. Each invention has both positive and negativesides, so we cant claim that something is only usefulbut another one is not. The worst invention that can lead our world to theend is a weapon. 12. Sources