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These are some of my recent work samples. Do leave a comment.


<ul><li><p>thisismyworkDec 2010</p><p>GraphicsI llustrat ion</p></li><li><p>I AM RICHA SAXENA,24 YEAR OLD GRAPHIC DESIGNER.I GRADUATED FROM SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF DESIGN,PUNE, WHERE I STUDIED B.DES IN COMMUNICATION DESIGN.I AM IN LOVE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS AND WISH I COULD PAINT THE WORLD :)</p><p>PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY WORK SAMPLES.</p><p>hello</p><p> 9960497917</p></li><li><p>Identity designPrint</p><p>AdvertisingT-shirt &amp; Shoe graphics</p><p>IllustrationFree hand sketching</p><p>my work: )</p></li><li><p>thedebateCambria regularColors Graphic Development Type</p><p>C 94M 45</p><p>K 60</p><p>+ =Cambria bold</p></li><li><p>thedebate</p><p>11 East street ; M.G Road ; Pune ; 410101+91</p><p>thedebate11 East street ; M.G Road ; Pune ; 410101</p><p>+91 9960607610tamanapathak@gmail.comMs. Tamana PathakEditor</p></li><li><p>C 100M 100</p><p>Hand developed letters converted in digital in a type design assingment. Later letters from these were modied according to the requirement. Below are the digital form of the hand developed letters:</p><p>The Sub-line in :</p><p>Colors Type Development</p><p>w a t c h e s</p><p>Myriad Pro - Semibold</p></li><li><p>ABC KapoorManaging Director</p><p>CP :13Corporate Office</p><p>Sion TrombayChemburMumbai400071</p><p></p><p>w a t c h e s</p><p>ABC KapoorManaging Director</p><p>CP :13Corporate Office</p><p>Sion TrombayChemburMumbai400071</p><p></p><p>w a t c h e s</p><p>w a t c h e s</p><p>CPU :13 : CORPORATE PARK : SION TROMBAY ROAD : CHEMBUR : MUMBAI : 4OO 071</p><p>DATE : 14th August 2008</p><p>SUB :Thanking sir for the special guidance and assistance</p><p>Dear Sir</p><p>Claustrophobic pages Always provide sufficient white space (breathing room) aroundcolumns of text. Claustrophobic pages result when columns of text crowd each otherand the edges of a page. Solutions include increasing the size of the margins on thepage and adding more white space around individual elements.</p><p>Whispering headlines Headlines should be significantly larger, and often bolder, thatthe text they introduce. Gray pages result when there's not sufficient contrast betweenheadlines and text.Whispering headlines fail to attract attention to the text they introduce.Similar typefaces Strive for maximum contrast when using more than one typeface on apage or within a publication.When using different typefaces for headlines and text, gofor contrast.Avoid typefaces that are similar in appearance (style, size, and weight).</p><p>I would like to thank Mr. Mahendra Patel for giving us individual attention andprofessional guidance for the assignment</p><p>RegardsAshish Mathur</p><p>Mr. MAHENDERA CHAUHANManaging Dir ector - SKI WatchesConnaught PlaceNew DelhiPH. 09820281341</p><p>w a t c h e s</p></li><li><p>pumple A C C E S S O R I E S</p><p>Pumple fashion accessoriesChandigarh</p><p>ClientIdentity design for an accessory store. </p><p>Project Brief</p></li><li><p>The Leaf Design, Mumbai</p><p>Logo options</p><p>AgencyRajasthali Resort &amp; SpaJaipur</p><p>ClientIdentity design bringing the culture and frolic of jaipur. </p><p>Project Brief</p><p>the resort &amp; spa</p><p>Rajasthalithe resort &amp; spa Resort &amp; Spa</p></li><li><p>PRint</p></li><li><p>Client : Rajasthali Resort &amp; Spa, Jaipur</p><p>Agency : The Leaf Design, Mumbai Project Breif : To design an invitation card for the launch of their resort.</p></li><li><p>Client : Furi Fashion Inc., Mumbai(Freelance)</p><p>Project Breif : For their inhouse brandGLABROUS, packaging tags and tshirtlabels were designed with an authentic vintage and classic english feel.</p></li><li><p>The Leaf Design, Mumbai</p><p>AgencyCapital Market, Mumbai</p><p>ClientTo design magazine covers for the biweekly magazine.</p><p>Project Brief</p></li><li><p>yogachara</p><p>Yogachara resource book that focuses on developing an identity of yogaas an internal expression of mind and soul through body.It focuses on bringing the expression out of the body through expressive photography. </p><p>Self initiated(Degree Project)</p><p>Prof. Mahendra C Patel</p><p>Project guide</p><p>Project Brief</p></li><li><p>Also known as balancing stick pose, tulandasana helps in straightening and strengthening every </p><p>also be caused as a stress buster as it helps create an emotional balance too while performing this pose.</p><p> yogachara 13</p><p>the stick pose 12 yogachara </p><p>TULANDASANA</p><p>THE </p><p>ULT</p><p>IMAT</p><p>E EX</p><p>PRES</p><p>SIO</p><p>N </p><p> I d</p><p>o</p><p>18 yogachara </p><p>THE </p><p>ULT</p><p>IMAT</p><p>E EX</p><p>PRES</p><p>SIO</p><p>N </p><p> I d</p><p>o</p><p>This asana is an integral pose in most yoga tradi-tions, providing intense psoas stretches, quadricep strengthening, a wonderful backbend and strong shoulder opening. The Kripalu websites call this lunge ashwa sanchalanasana, which is Horse or Equesterian pose.</p><p> yogachara 19</p><p>the lunge pose</p><p>ANJANEYASANA</p></li><li><p>advert is ing</p></li><li><p>The Leaf Design, Mumbai</p><p>Agency</p><p>Kevin Enterprises Private Ltd.Mumbai</p><p>Client</p><p>To design an ad for the recall value depicting their companysstrongest feature.</p><p>Project Brief</p></li><li><p>The Leaf Design, Mumbai</p><p>Agency</p><p>Kevin Enterprises Private Ltd.Mumbai</p><p>Client</p></li><li><p>The Leaf Design, Mumbai</p><p>Agency</p><p>GanuchiShoe company, New delhi</p><p>Client</p><p>Project BriefWith a launch of Ganuchis new range of shoes, the client wanted ads with a direct relation to their characteristics. These characteristics were dened by the client itself.The only constraint was to use only shoe and no model.</p></li><li><p>Newspaper Ad (half spread)</p><p>Product - Nike (red) Sports BraTagline - Aggressively ComfortableTeam - Abhay Singh Hafsah Parker Gursimranjeet Gill Richa Saxena</p><p>Magazine Ad</p><p>Product - Nike (red) Shoes</p></li><li><p>t-shirt</p></li><li><p>Hand painted shoes Love Trap (right corner)Breathe Freedom (below)</p><p>shoe graphics</p></li><li><p>I l lustrat ion</p></li><li><p>PROJECT Hand made Pop Up book</p><p>(Illusrated songs of the movie JUNO using pop ups, complied in a booklet)</p></li><li><p>Illustration based Advertising</p></li><li><p>Illustration based AdvertisingPaper cut outs are used to add interest to illustrations.</p></li><li><p>free handsketching</p></li><li><p>The music-makers, dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers,And sitting by desolate streams; World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams</p></li><li><p>i would bedelighted to meet and showyou my workin person. get in </p><p>touch . </p><p></p><p>+91 9960497917</p></li></ul>