Grammar-EXTRA Inspired 1 Unit 1 Simple Present Be

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    This page has been downloaded from Macmillan Publishers Limited 2012. This sheet may be photocopied and used within the class. 1

    1Grammar EXTRA!

    Simple present: be

    1 Complete the chart with am, are, and is.

    I Mexican.

    You Russian.

    He Jake.

    She Katya.

    We American.

    They Donna and Adam.

    Now make the sentences negative. Now make questions.

    Im not Mexican. Am I Mexican?

    2 Circle the correct words.1 What am / is your name?

    2 Hi! I am / is Jake.

    3 Is / Are you American?

    4 No, Im not / I isnt.

    5 What am / is her name?

    6 Her name am / is Marisa.

    7 Is / Are she Brazilian?

    8 Yes, she is / are.

    9 Is / Are they students?

    10 Yes, they is / are.

    3 Complete with the correct form of be. Then match the questions 15 with the answers ae.

    1 What your name? a Hes my friend. His name Adam.2 Where they from? b I fifteen years old.3 you a teacher? c They from Canada.4 How old you? d My name Katya.5 Who he? e No, I not. I a student.

    4 Write sentences about you.

    My name I from I years old. My friends name


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