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<ul><li><p>Learn English With Les Grammar Essentials LessonLearn English With Les</p><p> CONTENTSNouns: Count and NoncountUsing A vs. AnUsing A/An vs. SomeMeasurements with Noncount NounsUsing Many, Much, A Few, a Little Using TheUsing (No Article) to Make GeneralizationsUsing Some and Any</p><p>NOUNS: COUNT AND NONCOUNT</p><p>*one bracelettwo braceletsthree braceletsNOUNS: COUNT AND NONCOUNT</p><p>*some jewelryone braceletthree braceletstwo braceletsNOUNS: COUNT AND NONCOUNT</p><p>* SINGULARPLURALa penone penCOUNT NOUNpensthree penssome pensa lot of pensSINGULAR:a + nounone + nounPLURAL:</p><p>noun + -sNOUNS: COUNT AND NONCOUNTA COUNT NOUN</p><p>* SINGULARPLURALjewelrysome jewelrya lot of jewelryNONCOUNTNOUN(no plural form)SINGULAR:No - aNo - one</p><p>NOUNS: COUNT AND NONCOUNTPLURAL:No plural form.A NONCOUNT NOUN</p><p>*We love to read books.countnoncountLets Practice??NOUN</p><p>*I am studying grammar.countnoncountLets Practice??NOUN</p><p>*Please pass the salt.countnoncountLets Practice??NOUN</p><p>*We need some chairs.countnoncountLets Practice??NOUN</p><p>*a braceletan earringUSING A vs. AN</p><p>*(a) A cow is an animal.USING A vs. AN Aansingular count nouns</p><p>*(b) I have an idea.(c) My friend has an old horse. USING A vs. AN anwords that begin with vowels</p><p>*(d) I have an ugly dog.</p><p>(e) I have a useful idea.</p><p> USING A vs. AN /uh/ vowel sound /yu/ sound</p><p>*(f) Give me an honest answer.</p><p>(g) Today is a hot day.</p><p> USING A vs. AN /h/ soundsilent /h/, vowel sound</p><p>*I lost ___earring.anLets Practicea an</p><p>*That is ___ ugly bug.anLets Practicea an</p><p>*He is __ happy child.aLets Practicea an</p><p>*Lets go in __ hour.anLets Practicea an</p><p>*a braceletsome braceletsUSING A/AN vs. SOME</p><p>* singular count nouns plural count nouns noncount nouns(a) I have a book. She has an umbrella. </p><p>(b) We have some apples. You have some soccer balls.</p><p>(c) I got some mail. He has some information. USING A/AN vs. SOME</p><p>*She has _____ hat on her head.aLets Practicesingular count nouna an some</p><p>*She has _____ nice hats.someLets Practiceplural count nouna an some</p><p>*I need _____ water to wash my hands.someLets Practicenoncount nouna an some</p><p>*a head of lettucea loaf of breadMEASUREMENT WITH NONCOUNT NOUNS</p><p>* an unspecified quantity a specified quantity(a) Id like some juice. (b) Id like a glass of juice.</p><p>(c) Id like a cup of tea.</p><p>(d) Id like a piece of fruit.</p><p> MEASUREMENTS WITH NONCOUNT NOUNS</p><p>*What would you like to drink?MEASUREMENTS WITH NONCOUNT NOUNSId like some water, please.</p><p>*We need to buy a head of _______.cabbageLets Practicebeans cabbagebreadcereal</p><p>*Please hand me a loaf of _______.breadLets Practicebeans cabbagebreadcereal</p><p>*I need to find a can of ______ for dinner.beansLets Practicebeans cabbagebreadcereal</p><p>*Do you have a box of ______?cerealLets Practicebeans cabbagebreadcereal</p><p>*I dont get many letters.USING MANY, MUCH, A FEW, A LITTLE</p><p>* PLURAL COUNT nounNONCOUNT nounPLURAL COUNT nounNONCOUNT noun(a) I dont have many bracelets. </p><p>(b) Id dont have much jewelry.</p><p>(c) Gina has a few earrings.</p><p>(d) Id like a little fruit.</p><p> USING MANY, MUCH, A FEW, A LITTLE</p><p>* She gives us some homework every day. She gives us a little homework every day.Lets PracticeA few or a little?</p><p>*a few or a littleKatie has a few friends. Katie has some friends.Lets Practice?</p><p>* We have a lot of dogs. We have many dogs.Lets Practicemany or much?</p><p>*I dont eat much cheese. I dont eat a lot of cheese.Lets Practicemany or much?</p><p>*The teacher is helping the student.USING THE</p><p>* specific studentsspecific pen/specific pencilone moon(a) Where are the students ? </p><p>(b) Do you want the pen or the pencil ?</p><p>(c) I love to look at the moon.</p><p> USING THE</p><p>*(d) Kazu has a dog and a cat. The dog is big, and the cat is little.</p><p>(e) Mia has some dogs and cats. The dogs are big, and the cats are little.</p><p> singular count nouns plural count nounsUSING THE</p><p>*The furniture is heavy. </p><p>The jewelry is light.</p><p>(f) Yung has some furniture and some jewelry. noncountUSING THE</p><p>*We have a car and a boat.____ car is new, but ____ boat is old. ThetheLets Practicethe a an</p><p>*I need to buy __ new car.____ car I like is very expensive. TheaLets Practicethe a an</p><p>*I wish I had ____ umbrella. anIt is raining.Lets Practicethe a an</p><p>*USING (NO ARTICLE) TO MAKE GENERALIZATIONSApples are good for you.</p><p>*(count noun)(count noun)(noncount noun)(noncount noun)(a) ___ Apples are good for you. (b) Ann uses ___ pens and ___ markers.</p><p>(c) Mary likes to eat ___ candy.</p><p>(d) ___ Spaghetti is easy to cook.</p><p> in generalUSING (NO ARTICLE) TO MAKE GENERALIZATIONS</p><p>* specific(e) Last night, we ate some pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie was very good, but the whipped cream was too sweet.</p><p> USING (NO ARTICLE) TO MAKE GENERALIZATIONS</p><p>* specific candy The candy you made is delicious. (f) They like candy. candy in generalUSING (NO ARTICLE) TO MAKE GENERALIZATIONS</p><p>*____ food I ate last night made me sick.TheLets Practicethe </p><p>*Plants need ____ sunshine to grow.Lets Practicethe </p><p>*Healthy people eat ___ vegetables.They dont eat ___ candy.Lets Practicethe </p><p>*___ fruit looked fresh, and ___ bakery smelled good. We went to a new grocery store.ThetheLets Practicethe </p><p>*Alice has some money.USING SOME AND ANY</p><p>*(a) Alice has some money.</p><p>(b) Alice doesnt have any money.</p><p>(c) Does Alice have any money? </p><p>(d) Does Alice have some money? STATEMENT</p><p>USING SOME AND ANY some in affirmative statementsNEGATIVE</p><p>any in negative statementsQUESTION</p><p>either some or any in questions</p><p>*(e) Graham doesnt have any money.</p><p>(f) Graham doesnt have any coins.</p><p> USING SOME AND ANY noncount noun plural count noun any + noncount nounsany + plural count nouns</p><p>*I need _____ time to study.someLets Practicesome any</p><p>*We dont have _____ cheese.anyLets Practicesome any</p><p>*All children should have _____ books.someLets Practicesome any</p><p>*There arent _____ horses in the field.anyLets Practicesome any</p><p>*The EndEnd of the Lesson</p><p>************************************************************</p></li></ul>