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<ul><li><p>GRADUSTALKSCAREERMYTHS &amp;REALITIES </p><p>Oct. 20th, 2015 | Terminal City Club</p></li><li><p>GRADUSTALKSThemed panel events that feature an array of</p><p>industry-specific experts to give an unparalleledand informative experience. </p><p>Technology | Non-Profit | Real Estate | Medicine | TourismPast GradusTalks:</p></li><li><p>High-School Students:12%</p><p>Post-SecondaryStudents:</p><p>44%</p><p>Working Professionals:25%</p><p>Recent Graduates:19%</p><p>Event Demographics</p></li><li><p>Career Myths&amp;</p><p>RealitiesPanellists</p></li><li><p>What is career?</p><p>"Instead of thinking it as a linear line, ask what is in your portfolio.If you are opening it up, do you have things you are proud ofshowing to ppl?" You need to discover your unique passions,loves, and interests. That will help you build confidence andcreate your most authentic self." - Lynn Oucharek</p><p>"Do what you enjoy, be open to experiences. Youwill meet some great ppl on the way."</p><p>- Dee Sharma </p><p>"Don't lock yourself up to something all your life. Gravitate andexplore what you love. If you have a good reasons for leaving acompany and are growing - it is good." - Rocky Ozaki</p><p>"Through my journey, I discovered what I really didn't want in acareer. I had to ask myself - Am I doing what is benefitting me?</p><p>Sometimes it is being open to opportunities available to you. Evennow I'm still discovering my career. So stay open and keep learning."</p><p>- Megan Rendell </p></li><li><p>E&amp;Y recently changed their recruitmentprocess. How do you stand out if it isn't grades</p><p>then?"We all have a competitive advantage that we will spend ourtime and energy for. What are you willing to be bad at? Figurethat out so you can focus on what you are good at." - LynnOucharek</p><p>"Academia provides a foundation. I'm passionate involunteerism. I'm learning something and making a differencefrom that experience. Networking is critical and being open to</p><p>doing the same things differently."- Dee Sharma</p><p>"There are other important traits like being a team player, goodcommunicator, and collaborative. But the number 1 skill to havewhen you get into the real world is humility." - Rocky Ozaki</p></li><li><p>What should you look for in a mentor?</p><p>"Have a virtual board room and fill it with people (fictionalor not) who inspire you and done things you look up to.</p><p>They are the people in your life where you ask what theywould do in your situation.</p><p>Success is just a point of time and the depth of yourexperiences is what shapes you." </p><p>- Mike Schauch</p><p>Core values and a voice that speaks to you. They dosomething that means something to you. It makes youwant to go down their path." - Megan Rendell</p></li><li><p>What risk do you believe everyone should takewhen searching for their career?</p><p>"Everyone has a different risk tolerance. You need to knowyours. What are the things I am going to regret the most? "</p><p>- Rocky Ozaki</p><p>"Risk taking and innovation are muscles you need toexercise. It is getting into the practice of stretchingthem. It becomes a continuum. The more you stretchout in areas you don't know anything about, chancesare they will connect you back or help you in timesyou least expect it." - Lynn Oucharek</p><p>"I was the shy guy, introverted and had my friends talk to thegirls. Now I'm the head of HR for a leading company. Surroundyourself with winners and leave those that drain you. No onedoes it on their own.Take chances and step into newexperiences." - Dee Sharma</p></li><li><p>What did you learn from your biggestfailure?</p><p>"You come with solutions. If you don't come with solutions,then you are also part of the problem."</p><p>- Rocky Ozaki</p><p>"I realized that the job wasn't for me and I quit. I was faced withthis big decision. It just didn't feel right. Afterwards, I shook mycobwebs and got focused again. I said to myself not to let thishappen again and kudos to me for sticking to my core values."- Dee Sharma</p></li></ul>