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<p> 1. GRADUATION TRANSITIONSBy: Heidi, Joseph, Madie, Matt, and Chris 2. WHAT ARE GRADUATION TRANSITIONS? Hey there Did you know that four of the 80 credits you need come from graduation transitions for graduationThis means that.. 3. YOU NEED to plan out your future. work/volunteer experience. a healthy body. proof 4. PERSONAL HEALTH, SPORTS/EXERCISE: In order to graduate, you must record at least 150Football teaches you skills and strategies that minutes per week life strenuous physical activity. Not will surely come in handy later in of such as catching, maneuvering, charging, and only does working out improve your bodies appearance dodging.but it is beneficial in order to stay looking young, happy, Swimming is one of the best things you can do to and having great skin. Through exercisebody. body tone your your sweats and toxins are released from your pores; therefore, more exercise will reduce your chances of acne.Doing simple stretches everyday can help you be as flexible as these girls. 5. PERSONAL HEALTH, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND MIND: Your body requires nutrients in order to function properly. Without the nutrients you will age prematurely, you will not have enough energy, and you will just die faster. Everyone should develop a long term plan for nourishing your body for whatever long term goals you have. If you want to stay looking young for super long then you should eat gargantuan amounts of fruits and vegetables plus multivitamins. Your body also requires protein and several different minerals and vitamins. In order to nourish your body properly you should consume a member of every single food group. Personal health also refers to mental sanity. For example, if you do not get enough sleep your body will be terrible and you will feel tired and develop permanent lines under your eyes. In Rockridge we get a lot of homework so it is easy to become anxious as well as overwork yourself. 6. COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: In order to graduate you must participate in at least 30 hours of work experience and/or community service. This means that you should have proof of your actions and be able to describe the duties performed, the connections between the experience and employability and life skills, and the benefits to yourself and the community. Part of the criteria for graduation is the ability to exhibit the attributes of a model British Columbia graduate. 7. CAREER AND LIFE: You are expected to be able to display your future plans like how you will transition from secondary school to post-graduation. This should be presentable because you will surely be asked about it. They will not let you graduate if you are not prepared. For example, you could make journal entries to show how you are preparing for your future. 8. SURVEY ANSWERS 1. Is having 100 minutes of activity per week enough? [ANSWER:(FALSE)] 2. Do you have to volunteer 30 hours per term? [ANSWER:(FALSE)] 3. Do you have to present your after grad plan to the members of the school? [ANSWER:(TRUE)] 4. Do you have to create a plan for post secondary education [ANSWER:(TRUE)] 5. Are you going to try and get a scholarship [ANSWER:(TRUE OR FALSE)] 6. Are you a well rounded student? [ANSWER:(TRUE)]7. Are you planning on writing the SATs to see if you can go to school in the states? [ANSWER:(TRUE OR FALSE)] 8. Have you developed a healthy living lifestyle? [ANSWER:(TRUE)] 9. Are you going to go to school internationally? [ANSWER:(TRUE OR FALSE)] 10. Does having a job count as service hours? [ANSWER:(FALSE)]If you answered TRUE on any of the following questions then you should not graduate: 1, 2, 10If you answered FALSE on any of the following questions then you should not graduate: 3, 4, 6, 8</p>