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Graduate Student Orientation Fall 2007. William J. Rapaport (Outgoing) Director of Graduate Studies Department of Computer Science & Engineering Incoming Director of Graduate Studies. Prof. Jan Chomicki - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>grad-stdt-orientation.pptversion:20070821</p></li><li><p>Graduate Student OrientationFall 2007William J. Rapaport</p><p>(Outgoing) Director of Graduate StudiesDepartment of Computer Science &amp; Engineering</p><p>rapaport@cse.buffalo.edu</p></li><li><p>Incoming Director of Graduate StudiesProf. Jan Chomickicse-dgs@cse.buffalo.eduBell 213645-3180 x 103</p></li><li><p>Graduate SecretaryMs. Elizabeth (Liz) Lesnycse-gradsecy@cse.buffalo.eduBell 233 or 234645-3180 x 119 or 102</p></li><li><p>Important Things to DoRead the (new) Grad Handbookdated August 2007handed out today (?) Make an appointment with your academic advisorDiscuss your courseworkShould do this at least each semester, or more often!Can change advisorsAdvisor will automatically change when:you do a masters project or thesisyou choose a major professor for your Ph.D.</p></li><li><p>More Things to DoAttend CSE colloquia Be sure that you are on the grad ListservShould be automatic Read your emailand your emailor else be sure that email sent there is forwarded to where you really read email!</p></li><li><p>M.S. Requirements:31-33 creditsCSE 501 Intro to Grad Studies in CSE4 core courses:1 Theory/Algorithms core course1 AI core course1 Software core course1 Hardware core course3 other CSE courses:2 core area courses:1 CSE 500- or 600-level course from any core area1 CSE 600-level course from that core area1 CSE 500- or 600-level course (free elective)1 CSE seminar (1, 2, or 3 credits)2 free electivesCan be any UB grad course, if approved by your advisor &amp; Grad Studies Committee</p></li><li><p>M.S. Requirements (contd)Do a project or a thesisProject can be from a CSE 600-level course that offers this option(not all do; check with instructor) Maintain a 3.00 GPA There are certain other restrictionsGPA requirementscertain courses cant be usedsee the Grad Handbook</p></li><li><p>M.S. Requirements (contd)What are the core courses &amp; core areas?see the Grad Handbook</p><p>How to waive a requirement or transfer a course?see the Grad Handbook! Can apply to Ph.D. program from M.S. programfor details, see the Grad Handbook Other questions?see the Grad Handbook!! :-)</p></li><li><p>Ph.D. RequirementsPh.D. Qualifying Process (24 credits)3 required courses:CSE 501 Intro to Grad Studies in CSECSE 531 Analysis of AlgorithmsCSE 596 Intro to Theory of Computation4 core courses, at least 1 each from:AISoftwareHardware1 CSE 600-level course in your dissertation areaOther requirements:2nd CSE 600-level course (3 credits)1 CSE seminar (1,2, or 3 credits)total = 28-30 credits so far Dissertation proposal + dissertation + oral defensetypically 36 credits (Ph.D. is 72 credits total; 36 can be transferred in)can take other courses!</p></li><li><p>Ph.D. Requirements (contd)Maintain 3.00 GPA Restrictions, waiving, transferring credits, other questions?seetheGradHandbook!!!!!!!</p></li><li><p>Useful WebsitesCSE Studies on:current &amp; upcoming coursesCSE computing facilitiesUB Grad School links &amp; how to succeed in grad schoolacademic integrity (dont cheat, dont plagiarize!)research, teaching, writing hintsBuffalo &amp; WNYlanguage (oral presentation hints, ESL hints)cultural differencesbeyond grad schoolPHD comics!!How to Study</p></li><li><p>End of PresentationAny questions? Oh, yes; one more thing:Read the Grad Handbook</p></li></ul>


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