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  • Graduate Student Orientation Electrical & Computer Engineering Auburn University
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  • Orientation Overview Important People in the Life of an ECE Graduate Student Other important notes for ECE Graduate Students
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  • Your research advisor Identify an advisor as soon as possible Develop and submit a Plan of Study by end of 1st semester (Masters) by end of 2nd semester (Ph.D) Meet regularly and often to make good progress.
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  • Teaching supervisor (GTAs) Meet your supervisor immediately to get specific responsibilities. regularly and promptly thereafter. Laboratory grades are due before final exams. Course grades are due as indicated on the final exam schedule.
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  • Prof. Victor Nelson Graduate Coordinator Admission and academic issues e-mail: office: BR 305
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  • Prof. John Hung Laboratory Chairman GTA assignments Only on-line applications accepted Go to ECE department website e-mail: office: BR 213
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  • Ms. JoAnn Loden Course registration & guidance RA and TA appointment administration e-mail: office: BR 229
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  • Dr. William Flick International Students Test of Spoken English (TSE) ENGL 1820 Classroom Communication Skills e-mail: phone: 844-2122 Usually, phone interview comes first.
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  • Ms. Shelia Collis Paychecks Day-to-day needs Check your mailbox daily! Personal use of copiers requires access code. e-mail: office: BR 200
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  • Ms. Lavonne Howard Building keys Packing slips and invoices Sign, date, and submit promptly. Telephones and copiers are for professional activities only. e-mail: office: BR 202
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  • Ms. Linda Barresi Laboratory equipment issues Report problems promptly, especially in teaching laboratories Building issues e-mail: office: BR 257
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  • Notes for ECE Graduate Students Academic issues Appointments Tuition notes Course enrollment Fire and Safety Inventory Professionalism Resources Security
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  • Academic Issues Discuss policies with the responsible faculty member (research or teaching). Study the Tiger Cub student handbook Rules section Graduate School website
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  • The Plan of Study Develop with your academic advisor Submit as soon as possible! Plans are amended when you approach degree completion Students without approved Plans of Study can be denied GTA support
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  • Appointments (1) Teaching assistantships are reviewed every term. Students must apply EVERY term, ON-LINE, at the ECE department website. Research assistantships should be discussed periodically with the research advisor.
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  • Appointments (2) GTA application deadlines See the online application form March 15 (for summer and fall terms) October 15 (for spring term)
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  • Appointments (2) Teaching appointment duration Aug. 16 to Dec. 31 (fall semester) Jan. 1 to May 15 (spring semester) Research appointment duration should be discussed with the research advisor.
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  • Notes on Tuition GTAs with a minimum of 25% support receive a tuition waiver GRAs with a minimum of 25% support qualify for resident tuition rate A limited number of graduate tuition fellowships are available. See Dr. Nelson.
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  • For International Students Fees, forms, regulations Visit the Office of International Education website: onal_education/office/international/
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  • Some GTA Considerations Newer students favored U.S. citizens favored Ph.D. students favored Academic progress e.g. Has a Plan of Study been filed? Faculty support Language skills
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  • Course enrollment Pre-register. Course offerings are affected by pre-registration demand! Do NOT wait until the beginning of a term to register; two results may occur: full class (you cant get in)! no class (the class was dropped)!
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  • Fire Learn escape routes for office and laboratory. If you discover a fire activate fire alarm system AND dial 911 to report the fire! Alarm system does not dial 911 automatically If alarm sounds, evacuate building immediately.
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  • Public and Environmental Safety Visit BOTH of these websites:
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  • Inventory Obtain appropriate permissions before moving equipment or furniture from a room, e.g. research advisor. Never remove teaching laboratory equipment without consent of professor who supervises that facility!
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  • Professionalism You are NOT a mere student - you are a practicing professional! Be on time for classes and appointments. Prepare for classes, teaching, research: physically, mentally, and spiritually GTAs should check laboratories ahead of time Are you a member of IEEE? If not, visit
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  • Resources Check your mailbox daily. Boxes are shared by 2-3 studets If there are multiple copies of a sheet, take one. Copiers and telephones are for professional activity. Computer and network access is a privilege that carries responsibility.
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  • Security Do NOT loan keys! Do NOT share door codes! Do NOT prop open doors! Graduating? Return the keys.
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  • Return this sheet to Dr. Hung I have read and understand the ECE Graduate Orientation material. Signature: _____________________ Name (print): ___________________ Date: _________________________