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  • Gradle by exampleDesert Code Camp 2016.1

    Eric Wendelin

  • Eric Wendelin@eriwen

  • About Gradle

    Live Coding

    Next Steps

    Q & A


  • About Gradle

  • Build Automation Tool

  • Build Automation ToolCompiles code

    Runs tests

    Assembles docs

    Packages and runs applications

    Performs Deployments

    ... among other things

  • Fast, flexible build automation tool

    Build scripts are code

    Convention-based Projects and Tasks

    Gradle In Brief

  • How Gradle is familiar

  • How Gradle is familiar

    Build Scripts are code

    Task based

    Project based

    Convention over configuration


  • How Gradle is unique

  • How Gradle is unique

    Flexible conventions

    Gradle Daemon

    Gradle Wrapper

    Composite Builds

    Build Scans

  • Gradle Daemon

  • Live Coding

  • But wait! There's more!

  • Bundled Plugins

    Platforms Java, Groovy, Scala, Play!, Native

    Analysis Checkstyle, JaCoCo, PMD, FindBugs

    and more...

  • Community Plugins

    Languages Python, JS, Go, Clojure, ...

    Tools Bintray, Docker, Git, ...

    and more...

  • Next Steps

  • Next Steps

  • Q & A

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