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Grade 7 Week without Walls 2011 September Trip Coordinator: Bruce North

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2011  -­‐  September   Trip  Coordinator:  Bruce  North                 An  Introduction   The  Team   The  Location   Accommodation   Travel  Arrangements   The  Itinerary   The  costs     Spending  Money   What  to  bring   Health  and  safety   I NDEX    


  • Grade 7 Week without Walls 2011 - September

    Trip Coordinator: Bruce North


    An Introduction

    The Team

    The Location


    Travel Arrangements

    The Itinerary

    The costs

    Spending Money

    What to bring

    Health and safety

    Important contacts

    Risk assessment

    Travel Insurance

    Student Conduct Form

  • Introduction Welcome to our Week without walls program. This program is developed to give students the opportunity to work together to build relationships and leadership skills. It also provides students with the opportunity to see how what they learn in the classroom relates to the world around them. Links to the taught and written curriculum are made and are an essential part of our Middle Years Program. We hope that the information provided in this booklet will give you valuable information as well as the essence of what the trip is all about. Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding this trip. The Team: Trip Coordinator Mr. Bruce North Ph number :082111178141 Team members: Mr. Melanie Alde Ms. Jenny Montague Mrs. Alison Armstrong Mrs. Luxia Yan

    Ms. Deb Towner

  • The Location: The Grade 7 trip will be based in Telunas Beach Resort Outdoor Education facility, near Batam Island. Here the students will have the chance to be involved in team building activities, confidence building, curriculum connections and working with people in the local community. This is a part of the Community and Service requirement of the MYP program. Students will have the chance to engage in activities which concentrate on them becoming caring compassionate people and also to help build leadership and team skills which will be needed in their life journey. Most activities will be in within walking distance of our accommodation whilst for two activities we will travel to nearby communities in the resorts boats.

  • Accommodation During our four nights away we will be staying in dormitory style accommodation built on stilts over the shallow waters of Sugi Island. The rooms are simple and have a rustic charm. Built over the shallows beside the shore provides natural cooling, although all rooms have fans. All meals and snacks are provided. We take our meals in the resort dining room, which is at the end of the long pier.

    Travel Arrangements We will be flying with Garuda to Batam. The details of this flight will be given at the parent meeting. Once there we will be met by our Telunas facilitators and escorted to the Telunas ferry which will take us to the resort. The boat is used exclusively by the resort. Life vests are compulsory for all passengers. Travel Insurance: We have organised travel insurance for all students. Insurance details will be given at the parent meeting held on Tuesday 21 September 2011.

  • The Itinerary September 26 (Mon): Developing Familiarity Time of flights to be advsied 11:00am SWA arrives in Batam 11:15am Bus pick-up & travel to Ferry Terminal 11:30am Boat trip to Telunas 1:15pm Welcome Briefing Settling in 1:30pm Lunch 2:30pm Johari Window and Familiarity Games 4:00pm - Curriculum connections (Music Madness) 6:00pm Dinner 7:30pm Telunas Olympics 10:00pm Lights Out September 27 (Tue): Building Cooperation and Learning to Trust 7:00am Breakfast 8:00am Team Initiatives on the beach (Focus on Team Honor) 10:00am Curriculum connections 12:00pm Lunch 1:30pm The Telunas Adventure Race 6:00pm Dinner 8:00pm Cultural Orientation for village 8:30pm Evening Activities (Team Games) 10:00pm Lights Out September 28 (Wed): Problem Solving Together 7:00am Breakfast 8:00am Depart for local village for CD project 12:00pm Lunch in local village traditional Melayu lunch 2:00pm Back at Telunas 4:00pm - Curriculum connections 6:00pm Dinner 7:00pm Debrief of island experience 8:15pm Evening Program (Game Night/Star Gazing/Hang Out) September 29 (Thurs): Overcoming a Challenge 7:00am Breakfast 8:15am Kayaking and Survivor Activity (Rotation) 10:30am Free time 11:30am Lunch 12:30pm Jungle Waterfall hike 6:00pm Dinner Pizza on the Beach 7:45pm Bonfire Ceremony/Final Reflections September 30 (Fri): 7:30am Breakfast 8:30am Low Ropes course/Beach & Mangrove Exploration 12:00pm Lunch and Clean up 2:30pm Depart Telunas for Batam 4:30pm Travel to Airport 6:55pm Flight home to Jakarta Pick up times will be explained at parent meeting

  • The Costs: The following is a breakdown of the costs, this includes all meals and snacks, accommodation, cost of chaperones, travel, incidentals and travel insurance. We have included a contingency fund for any emergency, which may occur.

    Item Total Cost (includes chaperones)

    Cost Per/student

    Telunas Program (including accommodation, local transport and food)

    per person

    109120000 3,637,000

    Airline Travel and airport tax

    (Garuda Citilink)



    Full Travel Insurance cover including emergency evacuation

    2,700,000 90,000

    Contingency fund

    (refundable if unused)

    100,000 100,000

    Total Cost


    Spending Money: Everything that students need including snacks will be covered within the budget provided so spending money will not be required. However if students wish to bring spending money we would kindly request that they bring no more than 200,000 Rupiahs. The school cannot take responsibility for any money, which is carried by the students. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  • What to bring Please try to pack as lightly as possible, using one backpack that the student can carry himself or herself.

    Clothes (For five days of outdoor activities)

    5 pairs of Underwear 5 T-Shirts (at least one old T-shirt for getting dirty) 2 or 3 pairs of Shorts (At least one old pair for getting dirty) 1 pair of Lightweight trousers (not jeans) 5 pairs of Socks Walking shoes (with good grip) Flip flops for the shower Running Shoes Sun Hat Sunglasses (optional) Swimming Suit and Towel Pajamas

    Medication Any medication required must be given to the Teacher in charge with instructions of how much and when it is to be taken. All medication should be in a sealed bag and will be collected by chaperones on the first day

    Toiletries Toothpaste and Toothbrush Soap and Shampoo Girls (Sanitary needs) Deodorant Insect repellant Sunscreen Towel

    Equipment Water bottle Small lightweight daypack for walking Torch Students must ensure that their baggage is within the allowable limit of 20kgs.

    Note: If you choose to bring Mobile phones, cameras or other electronic equipment the school cannot be held responsible for any damage or lose that may occur, you bring this equipment at your own risk.

  • Health and safety

    Telunas Resort provides first aid equipment, which is able to deal with minor events. Their staff all have first aid training which is valid and current.

    Important contacts


    Trip Coordinator Bruce North 082111178141

    Chaperone Deb Towner 08811684472

    Senior Leadership contact person

    Executive Principal Karen OConnell 08111084422

    Risk assessment

    Mr. Paul Sebastian will be visiting the site prior to our trip. On their return we will present a risk assessment to parents at the planned pre-trip meeting.

  • Behaviour on public occasions such as camps should be such that it reflects credit on the school. This includes behaving in a courteous and orderly manner and following instructions promptly. Each member of the school community has the right to be treated with courtesy and understanding. Every individual should be treated with respect. SAFETY All students must follow instructions from the teacher/staff member in charge. At all times, students must stay within the physical boundaries stated by the teacher/staff

    member in charge. All guidelines must be strictly observed. CONDUCT SWA Middle & High School Behavior Expectations apply at all times Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Environment, Practice Responsibility and Kindness. Behave in a way that respects yourself, others and your physical environment Respect other peoples rights, cultures, opinions, personal space, and property Respect the Natural Environment Respect relationships your own and other peoples Treat everybody (other students, staff, general public) with politeness and courtesy Always listen carefully and use appropriate language Work cooperatively and collaboratively Bullying, teasing and violence do not respect others and are not acceptable behaviors Dangerous and offensive items must not be brought to school or on a field trip Smoking and consuming alcohol/drugs is strictly forbidden as per SWA school policy. NOTE In the event of serious misconduct, it will be at the discretion of the Principal to decide if the student will be sent home. After contact has been made with parent/caregiver transport arrangements will be made. Transport costs and associated expenses will be charged to the parent/caregiver. Please sign the Agreement below:form on the reverse of this sheet.



    STUDENTS NAME: _____________________________________ HOMEROOM __________ STUDENTS SIGNATURE: _______________________________ DATE ________________ I have read the above Code of Conduct and accept responsibility for my son / daughter complying with these requirements. I give my son / daughter permission to attend this Camp, which has been approved by Sinarmas World Academy. PARENT/GUARDIANS SIGNATURE: __________________________ DATE: ____________


    This trip has been approved by the Sinarmas World Academy to be held at:


    The trip will take place from ________________to_________________.