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<ul><li> 1. THE SECRETOOUURR RREEAALL IIDDEENNTTIITTYYFacilitated by Rohini Priya Das</li></ul> <p> 2. BBrreeaakk iinnttoo ppaaiirrss What will make you happy? Why do you think it will make youhappy? Complete the sentence happinessto me is 3. Point to your 4. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 5. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 6. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 7. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 8. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 9. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 10. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 11. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 12. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 13. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 14. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 15. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 16. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 17. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 18. GGuueessss wwhhoo?? 19. IInnssuurreedd ffoorr $$7700 mmiilllliioonn 20. Sold for $40,000 21. Sold for $3000 22. How much are you worth? 23. Total 0.95 65% Oxygen 1% Phosphorous18% Carbon 0.35% Potassium10% Hydrogen 0.25% Sulfur3% Nitrogen 0.15% Sodium1.5% Calcium 0.15% Chlorine0.05% Magnesium 0.0004% Iron0.00004% Iodine 24. PPeerrssoonnaall eexxeerrcciissee1. What is your favourite animal?(3 words)2. What is you second favouriteanimal? (3 words)3. What us your favourite colour?(3 words)4. What is you favourite body ofwater? (3 words)5. 3 words to describe an emptywhite room. 25. IImmaaggiinnee...... Youre on a road. What kind of roadis it? What is on either side? On that road you come across acup. What kind of cup is it? What doyou do with it? You come across a key. Describethe key. What do you do with it? 26. Who are you?WWhhaatt ddeeffiinneess yyoouu?? 27. WWhhoo aarree yyoouu??BODYMINDSOUL? 28. What are wemade up of? 29. TThhee CCoommppoonneennttss ooff HHaappppiinneessss 30. WWhhaatt ddoo tthhee ssttuuddiieess sshhooww...... People who attended a spiritualprogram at least once a weeklived on average seven yearslonger than those who didnt. Spiritual youth (practicing)showed significantly lower levelsof drug and alcohol abuse,problems from stress, pressure,suicide. People who meditate, chant andlive a balanced lifestyle were lessaffected by pressure, stress andproblems.Handbook of Religion &amp; Health published byOxford University Press 31. IIQQ,, EEQQ aanndd SSQQ??A high SQ faithfulness to Godappears to benefit people of allmeans, educational levels and ages.Handbook ofReligion &amp; Health(Oxford University Press) 32. How tonourishthe soul? 33. TThhaannkk YYoouuAny comments or questions? 34. Gary Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D.AssociateProfessor of Clinical Neurology, University School of MedicineThis brain wave coherence hasbeen correlated withimprovements in memory,problem-solving and decision-makingabilities. 35. Kulreet Chaudry, M.D., neurologist medical director of WellspringNeurology, San Diego Nothing we know of is aseffective for promoting goodhealth and reducing health-careutilization and medicalexpenses. 36. Russell Simmons, co-founder of thepioneering hip-hop label Def Jam, afounder of Russell Simmons MusicGroup, and thecreator of the clothingfashionline Phat Farm Meditation promotes stillnessand when you are still is theonly time you can think, theonly time you can focus. Whenyou have distractions and noisein your mind, you cantcomprehend properly and youcant do your job. 37. David Lynch, award-winning filmmaker,photographer, painter, and author ofCatching the Big Fish: Meditation,Consciousness and Creativity I have never missed ameditation in 34 years. Imeditate once in the morningand once in the afternoon forabout 20 minutes each time.Then I go about the business ofmy day. I find the joy of thedoing increases. Creativityincreases. Intuition increases.The pleasure of life grows. Andnegativity recedes. 38. Ramani Ayer, chairman and chiefexecutive officer of The Hartford,whichis one of the nations largest financialservices andinsurance companies It has helped me toconsistently raise myperformance levels. It hashelped me cope with thestresses and strains of life. 39. Mindy Weisels art hangs inmuseums andinstitutions around the world, includingNational Museum ofAmerican Art, U.S. Capitol, and BaltimoreMuseum of Art. I just wish I had started tomeditate years ago, but I neverrealized it was something thatyou can be taught! What a joyit has been to learn its such abeautifully easy and naturaltechnique. 40. Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D.,a Johns Hopkins-trainedspecialistin womens health The result is greaterappreciation of others, moreharmony, kindness and love.Mothers tell me their childrenremind them to meditateIthink that says it all. 41. Jerry Yellin was in combat in the PacificTheater in World War II and was awardedthe Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf cluster and the Air Medal withfour Oak Leaf clusters. If there is really going to bepeace in the world, then it hasto start with the individual. Apeaceful world is made up ofpeaceful individuals who areusing their full potential. </p>