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Gospel Portraits:. The Good News According to Matthew, Mark , Luke & John. Description:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Gospel Portraits:

Gospel Portraits:The Good News According toMatthew, Mark, Luke & John

Description:The Gospel was written by different people for different people with the ultimate goal of sharing with them the one Good News of Jesus. Your group will focus on one of these 4 portraits of Jesus and present it to the class as a way of gaining a better understanding of why the Gospels were written and what that good news is all about.Details:Each group of 4-5 students will create a 35 minute lesson on one of the Gospels (assigned by me), based on the Ignatian method of experience, review, reflection and action: 25 minutes of presentation/group process and a 10 minute quiz at the beginning of the next class. The purpose of this Ignatian method is not just to acquire information but to learn with your whole personthe only real learning. Ignatian Lesson: A SampleExperience(c.7 min.): eg., YouTube clip, song, warm-up activity, storyReview (c.10 min.): eg. PPt lecture, Q&A, review games, warm-up quizzes, group reviews, creative use of technologyReflection (c.10 min.): eg., Discussion w/ open questions, reflective writing time, group discussionAction(c. 3 min.): eg. Wrap-up that helps put into action what was learnedReview/Assessment (c. 5-10 min.): 15 questionQuiz (10 M/C, 5 T/F) given at beginning of following classReview should include:Biographical background on authorWhen this Gospel was writtenTo whom it was written and whyWhat image of Jesus this gospel portraysExplanation for the meaning of the symbolic image for this GospelImportant information that makes this Gospel unique/distinctSample passage/s from this Gospel as an example of its unique purpose or characterThe most important R Q material for that chapter

Be as creative and imaginative as you can be!About Quizzes:15 questions (10 M/C, 5 T/F)Format: Microsoft WordNumbering (so we can use 1 scantron):Mark: 1-15Matthew: 16-30Luke: 31-45John: 46-60Due: by Day 3 of group work

Homework(due Tues., 4/14) Complete all reading and RQs for your groups chapter(Tues., 4/14-Fri., 4/17) Work on Project Presentation according to following slides(due Tues., 4/21) Mark(due Weds., 4/22) Matthew(due Thurs., 4/23) Luke(due Fri., 4/24) John

GroupWork: Day 1Establish major themes of ChapterResearch checked info from slide 5, especially important RQs!!Brainstorm creative methods of presenting:ExperienceReviewReflectionActionWork on PowerPoint and QuizGroupWork: Day 2Finalize Lesson Plan, with timings of various parts (eg. Mini-lecture- 7 minutes, Group Review game- 5 minutes, etc.)Finish PowerPointFinish QuizGroupWork: Day 3Final check on all elements of Lesson Plan:Solid pieces for experience, review, reflection action?All elements prepared(PPt, YouTube, handouts, Quiz, any tech pieces, etc.)?Quiz checked and approved by me