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<ul><li><p>The new drainage system will also mean fewer frustrating ground closures than before...</p></li><li><p>uNumber of sportsgrounds in the Gosford Local Government Area. </p><p>34</p><p> COMING UP AT LAYCOCKGolden: Greats of the Man in Black is the songs of Johnny Cash in concert, and its coming to Laycock Street Theatre on Friday 29 August. This brand-new two hour show spans his entire career and includes favourites from The Highwaymen and The Australian Songbook According to Cash. Award-winning singer Daniel Thompson and Golden Guitar-winning Stuie French will focus on the finest moments of Cashs stellar career. Visit laycockstreettheatre.com</p><p>For those who dig gardening...</p><p>Entries Close Wednesday 27 August Judging Monday 1 - Friday 5 September Schools Judging: Tuesday 26 - Thursday 28 August Presentation Thursday 18 September Open Gardens Sunday 28 September </p><p>Name:</p><p>Business:</p><p>Address:</p><p>Telephone:</p><p>Mobile:</p><p>Email:</p><p>Category / Categories </p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p>Number: Class:</p><p> Declaration by Entrant (Please tick) ( ) I / we agree to abide by the conditions of entry (gosford.nsw.gov.au) and understand that the judges decision is final. ( ) I / we are willing to permit visitors to view my/our gardens on Sunday 28 September 2014. ( ) I / we are a member of a registered garden club which includes insurance for visitors to my/our garden on 28 September 2014. Garden Club name: ( ) I / we are prepared to become temporary members of a council nominated Garden Club which will allow my/our garden to take part in the Open Gardens on Sunday 28 September 2014, should it be selected. ( ) I / we are willing to have names, photographs and/or a description of our garden featured in media releases and/or promotion of the Gosford City Garden Competition. ( ) I / we will be attending the presentation evening on Thursday 18 September 2014 from 6.30pm at The Erina Room, The Hive, Erina Fair (next to Erina Library). Number attending: </p><p> Signature: </p></li><li><p>Suburb DA No. Proposed Development</p><p>Booker Bay 45905/2014 Permit Use of Existing Secondary Dwelling, No 41 Webb Rd, Applicant - L P Dunn.</p><p>Davistown 45952/2014 Secondary Dwelling, No 21 Ilumba Ave, Applicant - A J Westrip.</p><p>East Gosford 45966/2014 Boarding House &amp; Office, No 65A Webb St, Applicant - Anne Wand Architectural Design &amp; Drafting.</p><p>Erina 45991/2014 Installation of 320 Solar Roof Panels, No 19 Chetwynd Rd, Applicant - Elect Solar.</p><p>Saratoga 45963/2014 Establishment of a Medical Centre in existing Saratoga Village Shopping Centre, No 1/10 Village Rd, Applicant - Saratoga Medical Centre.</p><p>Umina Beach 45892/2014 Residential Flat Building (2 Units) to Attached Dual Occupancy, No 141 Bourke Rd, Applicant - Knight Mapleton Design Partners.</p><p>Umina Beach 45975/2014 Conversion of Existing Garage to Secondary Dwelling, No 202 Trafalgar Ave, Applicant - S M Syddall.</p><p>Wamberal 45955/2014 Secondary Dwelling, No 105 Ocean View Dr, Applicant - A J Kamper.</p><p>Woy Woy 45969/2014 Alterations and Additions Including Construction of Six Restaurant Tenancies, No 186 Brick Wharf Rd, Applicant - Woy Woy Holdings Pty Ltd.</p><p>Suburb DA No. Consent Date Description</p><p>Avoca Beach 45564/2014 11/07/2014 Dwelling Addition and Swimming Pool In-ground No 28 Townsend Ave</p><p>Avoca Beach 45678/2014 10/07/2014 Rear Timber Deck &amp; Privacy Screen No 185 Hillside Rd</p><p>Avoca Beach 45827/2014 14/07/2014 Shade Structure Over Alfresco Area No 85 Avoca Dr</p><p>Blackwall 45648/2014 10/07/2014 Demolish Existing Garage and Replace with New Garage &amp; Ensuite No 17 Warwick St</p><p>East Gosford 45897/2014 11/07/2014 Four (4) Lot Strata Subdivision No 62 Althorp St</p><p>Forresters Beach 18674/2002 10/07/2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved SEPP 5 - Stages 12 &amp; 13 Single storey retirement villas - Amendment Involving the Adoption of Amended Plans for Revised Dwelling Designs and Alternate Internal Access Arrangements No 1,001 The Entrance Rd</p><p>Forresters Beach 41457/2011 11/07/2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Dwelling Addition - Reduction in Size of Building No 50 Noorong Ave</p><p>Green Point 44495/2013 10/07/2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Dwelling Addition - Alteration to Building Footprint to Clear Exclusion Zone Around Sewer Structure No 309 Avoca Dr</p><p>Green Point 45263/2014 10.7.2014 Two (2) Lot Residential Subdivision No 257 Avoca Dr</p><p>Kariong 45532/2014 14.7.2014 Dwelling Addition No 63 Langford Dr </p><p>Kincumber 44373/2013 15.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Demolition of Motel, Subdivision, Development of Residential Flat Building and Construction of Hotel Car Parking - Staging Development T1 - T8 to Stage 2 No 6 Carrak Rd</p><p>Kincumber 45553/2014 11.7.2014 Secondary Dwelling No 14 Algona Ave</p><p>Koolewong 41779/2012 15.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Dwelling-house (New), Swimming Pool and Demolition of Existing Dwelling - Condition 5.8 (Remove the word Any from condition) No 20 Brisbane Water Dr</p><p>Koolewong 45610/2014 10.7.2014 Dwelling-house (New) and Demolition of Existing Dwelling No 76 Brisbane Water Dr</p><p>Lisarow 45499/2014 11.7.2014 Dwelling House (New) No 35 Awaba St </p><p>Lisarow 45687/2014 11.7.2014 Attached Gable Enclosure No 16 Pineridge Cl </p><p>Little Wobby 45759/2014 15.7.2014 Alter Existing Jetty - Construct Stairs, Landing, Deck, Jetty, Ramp, Pontoon &amp; Berthing Areas Hawkesbury Riv</p><p>MacMasters Beach 45182/2014 15.7.2014 Secondary Dwelling No 93 Marine Pde </p><p>North Avoca 45708/2014 15.7.2014 Lower &amp; Upper Decks with Roof over &amp; Replace Roof Tiles with Colorbond No 96 Bradleys Rd</p><p>North Avoca 45818/2014 16.7.2014 Alterations to Dwelling and Roof over Existing Deck No 2 Beachcomber Pde </p><p>Point Clare 45455/2014 10.7.2014 Partial Demolition of Existing Buildings &amp; Alterations &amp; Additions to Existing Seniors Housing (Residential Care Facility) No 193 Brisbane Water Dr</p><p>Point Clare 45576/2014 11.7.2014 Convert Existing Carport to Bedroom &amp; Ensuite No 24 Scott St </p><p>Somersby 44324/2013 10.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Rural Tourist Unit - Deletion of Condition 2.3 No 90 Howes Rd</p><p>Spencer 43318/2013 11.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Dwelling Addition, Addition of 3 Bedrooms to Existing Dwelling - Modifications to Extensions of Existing Dwelling No 5,501 Wisemans Ferry Rd</p><p>Springfield 45765/2014 16.7.2014 Dwelling Additions and Alterations No 35 Dolly Ave</p><p>Terrigal 42862/2012 10.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Demolition of Existing Dwelling and Construction of Cluster Housing Multi Unit Residential Comprising 13 Units - Lift for Unit 12 &amp; External Stairs Units 1-4 &amp; Side Entry Door Units 5 &amp; 10 &amp; Toilet Lower Level Units 7 &amp; 9 No 284, 284A Terrigal Dr</p><p>Terrigal 45626/2014 9.7.2014 Alterations &amp; Additions to Existing Dwelling &amp; New Swimming Pool No 10 Barnhill Rd </p><p>Terrigal 45694/2014 14.7.2014 Dwelling Additions, Garages, Balcony, Driveway and Demolish Existing Garages No 33 Painters Ln</p><p>Umina Beach 45681/2014 14.7.2014 Dwelling Addition Two (2) Bedrooms &amp; Sunroom No 65 Carpenter St</p><p>Umina Beach 45836/2014 9.7.2014 Demolition of Existing Structures No 107 Brisbane Ave</p><p>Wamberal 45572/2014 14.7.2014 Dwelling Alterations and Additions No 17 Braemar Dr</p><p>West Gosford 44930/2013 11.7.2014 Section 96 amendment to the approved Industry Building - Increase Height of Building from 4.5 to 5.2m No 14 Faunce St </p><p>Woy Woy 45885/2014 10.7.2014 Three Lot Strata Subdivision No 213 Burge Rd </p><p>Wyoming 45382/2014 10.7.2014 Demolition of Existing Motel &amp; Erection of New Vehicle Sales Premises (Motor Showroom) and Vehicle Service Centre &amp; Nine (9) Signs No 303 Henry Parry Dr</p><p>Suburb Ref No. Date Description</p><p>Ettalong Beach 45854/2014 14.7.2014 Residential Demolition of Two Bedroom House &amp; Out Side Laundry &amp; No 193 Memorial Ave</p><p>North Gosford 45889/2014 15.7.2014 Proposed Deck and Awning No 419 Mann St</p><p>Umina Beach 45861/2014 14.7.2014 Awning to Exising Dwelling No 9 Paraka Cl</p><p>Umina Beach 45863/2014 14.7.2014 Demolition of all Structures No 78 Cambridge St</p><p>Woy Woy Bay 45693/2014 14.7.2014 Demolition of Existing Dwelling No 2B Taylor St</p><p>Suburb Ref No. Date Description</p><p>Gosford 45998/2014 10.7.2014 Fitout to Existing Office No 72-82 Mann St</p><p>Green Point 45992/2014 7.7.2014 Removal of Pool &amp; Dwelling Alteration to Provide Secondary Dwelling No 30 Dalgety Cr</p><p>Umina Beach 45871/2014 8.7.2014 Modification Additions to Dwelling No 13 Stella Rd</p><p>Woy Woy 45981/2014 9.7.2014 Secondary Dwelling No 35 Watkin Ave</p></li><li><p>Public Notices</p><p>Dog of the WeekBuddy is a gorgeous looking Staffy who he loves affection, attention and a daily walk. Buddy can sit, shake, talk and come, he is housetrained and is great with children - Buddy has lived with a cat and gets along well with other dogs, too. Buddy is $350 to adopt which includes; vet check, desexing, microchipping, registration with council, vaccination, flea control, heartworm and worming treatment. The Gosford City Animal Shelter is at Pateman Road, Erina and is managed and operated by Gosford Dog Paws.</p><p>gosforddogpaws.com</p></li></ul>