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  1. 1. Our 10 Favourite Commemorative Books
  3. 3. VANITY FAIR: 100 YEARS VIEW HERE This book is a stunning collection of writing, photography and illustration. Covering a century of content, the book is a timeless record of culture and talent. Be sure to appreciate the beautiful illustrated endpapers.
  4. 4. PIONEERING SPIRIT: A HISTORY OF FISHER & PAYKEL VIEW HERE Fisher & Paykel make kitchen appliances. Sound dull? You wouldnt know it from this beautiful book. The mix of archival and contemporary photography have a nostalgic tone and identify the companys roots, while the design is courageous and sophisticated at times even avant-garde.
  5. 5. 10/100 VIEW HERE This is another example of history meeting contemporary design. Sports are not well-known for cutting edge design, but the nostalgia and vintage aesthetic still maintains a lot of artistic cache and this book makes good use of it. Check out the signatures stitched together exposed by the open spine and the red bubble wrap that the book is shipped in!
  6. 6. WHAT DO YOU LOVE? INTERNATIONAL DESIGN NETWORK 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BOOK VIEW HERE Featured here are images from Yuko Shimizu (featured recently on the cover of local Vancouver magazine Ricepaper). More of a catalogue than a commemorative history, this book features a broad range of creators and their stories and process.
  7. 7. MANIC: 10TH ANNIVERSARY BOOK VIEW HERE Notable for printing on uncoated stock, the effort to ensure quality reproduction is apparent. More tactile in feel, this stock can sit back and feel muted, but here the colours and contrasts are very well done. The minimal cover design and black linen binding lend to that tactile feel as well.
  8. 8. 50: A FIFTY-YEAR INSPECTION VIEW HERE This book represents a fantastic union of book design and content. Taking the appearance of a field note-book, this book is a beautifully done scrap-book style approach to 50 years of Korte Company construction work. Theres great use of contemporary design with archival imagery A new idea. And old idea side by side.
  9. 9. ONE DAY IN CABRAMATTA VIEW HERE This book commemorates a documentary series with a bold use of colour paired with hand written elements, archival images and artwork. A book like this can be an object for a community to rally around as well as an example of authentic storytelling.
  10. 10. AUDIO PURITY: MARK LEVINSON AT FORTY YEARS VIEW HERE Linen covers tend to date a book, but not here. The debossed title on black linen looks anything but old. This stands out for being a commemorative book by sticking to hyper-slick design and professional high- quality photography and modern typefaces. The book as a whole seems to stand for high-fidelity.
  11. 11. CONVERSE 100TH ANNIVERSARY BOOK BOX SET VIEW HERE Being a fan of Chucks myself, Id love to see a book on their 100 years of making shoes, but this ones not a book. Surprise! Its a shoebox meant to resemble many volumes of history. Rather cool example of thinking outside the box by making just that: a box.
  12. 12. CALIFORNIA CASUALTY: 100TH ANNIVERSARY BOOK VIEW HERE Another example of a company making courageous design and storytelling choices to tell their deep and compelling history. Check out the gorgeous illustrated chapter open pages and the innovative typography and imagery. This company shared its history unafraid of making a book that breaks the mould of what a corporate history can be.
  13. 13. ECHO IS A STORYTELLING AGENCY We make books, videos and digital stories for companies who need to engage customers and employees, and for individuals who want to leave a legacy. WWW.ECHOSTORIES.COM