“Google/Yelp Proof” Your Automotive Reputation Management Business “Supersize” Your Opportunity

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<ul><li> Slide 1 </li> <li> Google/Yelp Proof Your Automotive Reputation Management Business Supersize Your Opportunity </li> <li> Slide 2 </li> <li> Dont Blink </li> <li> Slide 3 </li> <li> Reputation is Critical to your Clients Success. 95% of internet users do not search past the 1st page of search engine results. 80% of the U.S. population researches a product on the internet before purchasing. 55% of Internet users look at other people's reviews. 72% of those that research will not buy if theres a negative comment. 82% of Internet users trust customer reviews over expert reviews. 50% of ALL internet users over the age of 18 have left a review online. 78% of Internet users believe reviews are the most credible form of advertising 67% of customers will are actually willing to pay more for companies who have excellent reviews Why Reputation Marketing? What Good is Visibility Without a Competitive Reputation? </li> <li> Slide 4 </li> <li> Reputation Good News Not Impacted by Googles Search Algorithms </li> <li> Slide 5 </li> <li> Reputation Bad News Like SEOBig OpportunityBig Risks </li> <li> Slide 6 </li> <li> How to Google/Yelp Proof Your Reputation Business &amp; Make More Money! My Promise </li> <li> Slide 7 </li> <li> This is For You If You Answer Yes I want auto dealers and other business leads desperate for my help I want to Google/Yelp Proof my Reputation Business. I want an easier local marketing business model. Ive bought (too) many shiny objects I need to focus. Trying to keep up with changes is exhausting. Im worried about appearing credible. I dont know who the best target/niche is. I dont know what to sell or charge. I spend all my time trying to do the work. I want to outsource - but dont know who to. I need a Step by Step system to follow. You Want to Make Your Dream Happen Faster! </li> <li> Slide 8 </li> <li> What Youll Learn Preparation My Six Figure Model Who to Target What They Want Services to Offer What to Charge How Measure Success How Outsource Your Work Execution: Automated Prospecting Automated Rep Analysis Simplified Marketing 3 Step Sales Process 2 Step Sales Process Perfect Upsell Funnel How to do it in 90 days Bonus: How to Use Comprehensive Reputation Analysis to Close More Prospects for More $$$ </li> <li> Slide 9 </li> <li> My Story </li> <li> Slide 10 </li> <li> My Lifestyle </li> <li> Slide 11 </li> <li> My Background Georgia Tech &amp; Georgia State Cable TV: Cox Communications, Time Warner DBS: PrimeStar (DirecTv) Telecom: BellSouth (AT&amp;T) Internet: FaceCake, CacheStream, MyTVinfo Finance: Dunwoody Mortgage Offline: Local Mobile Social, LLC Medical Marketing Mastery System, MyRepMgr, Lead Outcome, Local Leads CRM, etc. 16+ Successful Start-ups = Systems </li> <li> Slide 12 </li> <li> I am an expert at building six figure (even $1B+) businesses without being an expert when I start. What This Means to You Would You Like a System to Build a Six Figure Business WITHOUT Being an Expert TOO? </li> <li> Slide 13 </li> <li> How to Google/Yelp Proof Your Automotive Reputation Business and Your Life too! </li> <li> Slide 14 </li> <li> Real Situation Automobile Dealer Paying $4500/mo for Reputation Marketing/Management Local Marketing Agency trains Staff to collect reviews Reviews get posted Reviews disappear Client dissatisfied How Do I Salvage This Situation? </li> <li> Slide 15 </li> <li> Supersize to a Comprehensive Solution Reviews Only ModelComprehensive Model More Impact, Less Risk, Perfect Upsell Funnel Competition </li> <li> Slide 16 </li> <li> Visibility Services: Local Search (Google+ Local, Yahoo, Bing Local) Citations (Directories) Review Sites (general + market-focused) Review Marketing Services Review Facilitation Review Management Review Marketing A Comprehensive Solution </li> <li> Slide 17 </li> <li> Mentions News (Press Releases) Image shares (Pinterest) Video Shares (YouTube) Discussions Facebook Twitter Foursquare LinkedIn A Comprehensive Solution </li> <li> Slide 18 </li> <li> Competition Analysis in 3 Key Markets Keyword Driven Markets </li> <li> Slide 19 </li> <li> Google/Yelp Proof Your Business = Less Risk Less Risk = More Comprehensive Solution More Comprehensive Solution = Better Results Better Results = More Revenue Opportunities More Revenue = Faster Business Success Summary Get It? </li> <li> Slide 20 </li> <li> Finding Ideal Prospects </li> <li> Slide 21 </li> <li> Has some negative reviews now, but not too many In an industry where negative reviews are harmful In an industry where they have money to pay you Currently advertising online as well is a + Clear negative impact from bad reputation Competitors are clearly better positioned Consider current prospects or clients too! Your Ideal Reputation Prospect The Automotive Industry! </li> <li> Slide 22 </li> <li> 1.Manual: Search Yelp, Google Plus, Insider Pages, etc. 2.Aggregated: Use Custom Search Engines 3.Automation: Brand Reveal, Lead Kahuna, PLPX, Places Scout How to Find Prospects Order of Priority: Easiest First </li> <li> Slide 23 </li> <li> The Best Six Figure Business Model </li> <li> Slide 24 </li> <li> Hard vs Easy? Low Value Clients Need many Low revenue/client Many headaches Lesser value positioning Lower credibility Can be undercut Many competitors Hard Six Figure Business High Value Clients Need Fewer High revenue/client Fewer headaches Higher value positioning Higher credibility More difficult to undercut Fewer Competitors EZ Six Figure Business </li> <li> Slide 25 </li> <li> EZ 90 Day Six Figure Business Model 1.Get Prospects to Call You 2.Get 3 Clients (Doctors, Lawyers, Roofers, etc.) 3.$3000 Avg per Month Each 4.Outsource 100% of work! 5.Within 3 monthsSix Figure Business </li> <li> Slide 26 </li> <li> $1,000,000 Business Model 17 clients paying $5000/mo 28 clients paying $3000/mo </li> <li> Slide 27 </li> <li> How to Make $3000+ / month </li> <li> Slide 28 </li> <li> Comprehensive Reputation Services Reviews Setup: $1000- $5000 Monthly: $1000 - $5000 Monitoring $199/mo - $1500 (or include in package) Visibility: $300-$500/mo + 1 mo Setup Social Media: $599 - $1999/mo + 1 mo Setup Video Marketing: $250/mo/video + Video Image Marketing: $250+/mo Press Releases: $150 per release + copywriting Price to Ideal Customer Value: Goal = $3000+ per month Package Options </li> <li> Slide 29 </li> <li> What is the exit strategy for the business owner? How will his company be valued on exit? Average transaction value of ideal customer? Average customer lifetime value (CLTV)? How Price to Ideal Customer Value? Price to Perceived Value, Not Cost </li> <li> Slide 30 </li> <li> SEO + Local Mobile Social Visibility (Citations) Websites Customer Re-marketing Customer Acquisition Marketing Upsell Opportunities Price to Ideal Customer Value: Goal = $3000+ per month </li> <li> Slide 31 </li> <li> Reputation Marketing Strategies to Get Prospects to Want You </li> <li> Slide 32 </li> <li> 4 Step Marketing Process 1.Find Best Prospects for You 2.Call/Email about Negative Review(s) 3.Direct Mail about Negative review(s) 4.Warm Call to Setup Reputation Audit </li> <li> Slide 33 </li> <li> Who Can I Talk to About Your Negative Review on ________? Call </li> <li> Slide 34 </li> <li> Direct Mail </li> <li> Slide 35 </li> <li> Losing to Competition Email </li> <li> Slide 36 </li> <li> Bad Review Email </li> <li> Slide 37 </li> <li> SolveDont Sell The Secret Key to Sales </li> <li> Slide 38 </li> <li> 3 Step Close Step 1: Find their Pain Step 2: Illustrate/Educate and Agitate their Pain Step 3: Solve their Pain 2 Step Close Step 1: Find their Pain + Agitate their Pain Solve their Pain 2 Strategies </li> <li> Slide 39 </li> <li> The Most Comprehensive Reputation Marketing Business System Available And at an Incredible Price! </li> <li> Slide 40 </li> <li> The Comprehensive Reputation Marketing and Management System Add it to Your Reviews Marketing Solution </li> <li> Slide 41 </li> <li> Review Monitoring Sources Local Google Plus Local Yahoo! Canada Local Yahoo! Local General Citysearch E-Dan Joaquin E-Southern Oregon Find i online Hudson Valley Local Edge MySask411 Sea Coast Online Superpages The Poconos Yellow Book YellowPages YellowPages.ca Ziplocal Insider Pages N49 Manta Niche Rate MD's TripAdvisor UrbanSpoon Yelp Apartment Ratings Apartment Reviews AVVO Cars.com DealerRater Edmunds Healthgrades Judy's Book Kudzu Vitals 32 Sources and Counting! </li> <li> Slide 42 </li> <li> Directory &amp; Social Monitoring Sources Directories Bing Service Alley 411.ca 411.com Apartment Guide Apartments.com BestLocalSearch Business Directories of Texas Canpages.ca DexKnows Georgia Local Search IEYellow.com Local.com Local Solution.com MakeitLocal.com MerchantCircle.com Metromix Sunshine Media Surewest Weblocal.ca ypsouth.com Social Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Foursquare The Most Comprehensive Monitoring Available </li> <li> Slide 43 </li> <li> Bad Reviews Prospecting MyRepMgr Custom Search Engines </li> <li> Slide 44 </li> <li> Reseller Sales Dashboard </li> <li> Slide 45 </li> <li> Reputation Analysis Report </li> <li> Slide 46 </li> <li> Monitoring Dashboard </li> <li> Slide 47 </li> <li> Visibility </li> <li> Slide 48 </li> <li> Reviews </li> <li> Slide 49 </li> <li> Mentions </li> <li> Slide 50 </li> <li> Social </li> <li> Slide 51 </li> <li> Competition </li> <li> Slide 52 </li> <li> Brand View - Visibility </li> <li> Slide 53 </li> <li> Brand View: Reviews </li> <li> Slide 54 </li> <li> New Competition: Social </li> <li> Slide 55 </li> <li> New Competition: Market Share 3 Key Services Markets3 Competitors </li> <li> Slide 56 </li> <li> New Competition Setup </li> <li> Slide 57 </li> <li> 100% Outsourcing Solutions </li> <li> Slide 58 </li> <li> Online Outsourcing Solutions </li> <li> Slide 59 </li> <li> Prospecting Tools Automated Reputation Analysis Report Reviews Marketing Tools Access (Optional) Product Training Marketing Training Sales Training Marketing Templates Outsourcing Sales Dashboard Monitoring Dashboard, Reports and Alerts MyRepMgr Summary </li> <li> Slide 60 </li> <li> Feedback </li> <li> Slide 61 </li> <li> Testimonial </li> <li> Slide 62 </li> <li> Standard Price $297 for training + 90 Days Coaching Includes 1 st 30 days of Reseller Access $67/mo thereafter Standard Pricing </li> <li> Slide 63 </li> <li> Reseller Platform Offer: $1 - 30 day Trial - then $47/mo Price guaranteed through Monday, June 2 nd Excludes 90 Day Coaching System Program No Refunds Limited Time Offer </li> <li> Slide 64 </li> <li> 90 Day Success Coaching + Training Step by Step Email Coaching for 90 Days How to Set Up and Grow a Successful Comprehensive Reputation Business with MyRepMgr Daily emails from me covering every part of business Advice, Instructions, Links Training Webinars $297 Value Free if You Take Fast Action! Fast Action Bonus </li> <li> Slide 65 </li> <li> Step 1: Purchase $1, 30 day Trial Step 2: Register as Reseller Step 3: Support will manually set up your account within 24 hours Step 4: You will receive Welcome email with Login and Instructions Step 5: Opt into BONUS 90 Day Success Training Step 6: Begin building a Comprehensive Six Figure Reputation Business Reseller Start-up Process </li> <li> Slide 66 </li> <li> Reputation Analysis report (prospects): $1.97 ea Active Monthly Monitoring Reports: $24.99/ mo Multi-location Monthly Monitoring: $34.99/ mo Third Parties Outsourcing Solutions: per package Reviews Management: per solution Lead Gen Software: per solution Per Use Pricing </li> <li> Slide 67 </li> <li> Questions? http://bit.ly/syd30trial </li> </ul>