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  • 1. Googles Tridente
    Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Website Optimizer

2. RidhoPutradi
Inbound Marketing Indonesia
3. Why do we care about
Website Analytics?
4. "If you can't measureit, you can't manageit."
5. It is cheaperto convert visitors than it is to buy more traffic.
6. Better management through measurement
7. Google Analytics
Standard Reports
Tag Inbound Links
Goal Tracking
Event Tracking
8. Visit and Usage
How do visitors use my site?
9. Visitor Geography
Where are my visitors?
10. Referring Sources
How do visitors get to my site?
11. Content Performance
Which pages are my visitors viewing?
12. Metrics and KPIs should be tied to your objectives
Bounce Rates
Page views
13. Tagging Links
Are my online advertising campaigns effectively and efficiently accomplishing my objectives?
Which traffic sources generate the highest quality traffic?
Where should I invest more money? Less MOney?
14. Tagging Links
5 variables can be added to inbound links (banner ads, sponsored search, tweeted links, product lfeeds, etc.)
Source - website, email, partner, etc
Medium - cpc, banner, email, tweet, etc
Term - keyword or phrase searched
Content - differentiate ads and creative testing
Name - campaign name (i.e. Popmaya New Layout)
15. Tagging Links
URL Paramenters
Source - utm_source
Medium - utm_medium
Term - utm_term
Content - utm_content
Name - utm_campaign
16. Tagging Links
Sample Links
= ?utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=dailytweets
17. Goal Tracking
Where do visitors abandon the sales funnel?
Which steps seem to cause friction?
Can the funnel be shortned?
What happens if we change something?
18. Goal Tracking
Set up
Analytics Settings > Profile Setting > Conversion Goals and Funnel
19. Goal Funnel
20. Goal Tracking
21. Event Tracking
Track visitor interaction separately from pageviews
Examples: Audio plays, file downloads, widget clicks, blog comments, etc.
AJAX and Flash interactions
Extremely flecible, can be used to track any event
22. Event Tracking
Events have 3 required components
- Onclick JavaScript function
- Event Category ("Documents", "Audio", "Video")
- Event Action ("Download", "Play")
2 components are optional
- Event Label ("White Paper", "Product Demo")
- Event Value (integer)
23. Event Tracking
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33. Sitemaps
Also for Videos
34. Robots.TXT
Telling search engine what not to index
- Private information
- "Under construction" sections
35. Accessibility
Effective crawling by Googlebot
Browsing and interacting on a mobile devices
Understanding of content by the sight-impaired
36. Googlebot
Googlebot is good at crawling text:
- PDFs, Docs, Txts, etc
More Challenging for Googlebot
- Images and movies
- Rich content
37. Images
Google Search > Images
Make it more accessible by
Descriptive file names
Alt text
38. Rich Content
Does Google index Flash?
Yes. Using Adobes searchable SWF
Only SWF with text, html and xml
Googlebot does not execute some type of JavaScript. If web page loads a Flash file via JavaScript. Google may not be aware of that Flash file.
39. Fetch as Googlebot
Look at your website in the way of search engines.
40. HTML Suggestion
Be more searchable
41. Thank you