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<ol><li> 1. 0- Thesustainable development of business Keep the loyalty of employees Show the strength of the business for the competitors Help customers identify the business </li><li> 2. CONTENT </li><li> 3. Larry Page and Sergey BrinGooglePlex Logo Slogan Google's mission: Organize the world's information and make this information becomes useful and can be accessed globally. </li><li> 4. Achievement of Google </li><li> 5. Google provides a complete Gourmet meal Chief Cultural Officer </li><li> 6. time A win-win situation </li><li> 7. Work with a team spirit </li><li> 8. SUMMARISE The foundation and achievement of Google The features of Googles Corporate culture </li><li> 9. Leaders always care about their employees and understand how to contribute the most convenient and comfortable environment to work. Like a Host always cares, loves and understands their members of family so they can work effectively and try to do their best for the company. </li></ol>