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<ul><li><p>Starked SF, Unforgiving News from the Bay Google, Catholic Church wage holy war against Yahoo, Microsoft by Paul on February 13th, 2007 </p><p>After finalizing merger negotiations with </p><p>management this morning, Pope Benedict XVI donned </p><p>a new hat: CRO, or Chief Religious Officer. </p><p>Larry Page and Sergei Brin will serve as co-Popes of </p><p>the newly formed corporation, Cathoogle. The </p><p>legendary browser will soon offer a salvation search </p><p>feature. Analysts in the realm of corporate religion </p><p>approved of the merger. Google has been having a </p><p>tough time sticking with its avowed goal of avoiding </p><p>evil. This should put them on the right track, </p><p>explained Merrill Lynch analyst Justin Post. Its just </p><p>not clear what kind of goodwill number the alliance </p><p>with God Almighty will put on the balance sheet. </p><p>Google issued 200 million new shares of stock, and </p><p>the merger was effected by a swap of the Google </p><p>shares for an undisclosed number of indulgences, </p><p>which are essentially non-standard options on a </p><p>favorable afterlife. The new management partners </p><p>are excited over the coming jihad against the Bill </p><p>Gates and Terry Semel duo. Let the infidels bring all the hosts of Microsoft and Yahoo </p><p>against us, commented the pope. Let us march on, Brin added, For God is our </p><p>operating now! </p><p>POSTED IN: News, TNT </p><p>Be the first to rate this </p><p>0 opinions for Google, Catholic Church wage holy war against </p><p>Yahoo, Microsoft </p><p> No one has left a comment yet. You know what this means, right? You could be first! </p><p>Have an opinion? Leave a comment: </p><p>Google</p><p>system</p><p>Page 1 of 1Google, Catholic Church wage holy war against Yahoo, Microsoft</p><p>8/29/2008</p></li></ul>