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Google Apps for Education. WCPS Summer Institute 2011. We All Know Google…. As a search engine …. But Google Apps are so much more!!. Our Agenda This Afternoon …. We will briefly review: Our role as education professionals in teaching digital citizenship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for EducationWCPS Summer Institute 20111We All Know Google.As a search engine.

But Google Apps are so much more!!

Our Agenda This Afternoon.

We will briefly review:

Our role as education professionals in teaching digital citizenshipHow the learning environment has changedHow technology that supports learning has changed

We will look in depth at:

What is Google Apps?What can be done with this toolHow educators and students are using this toolWhere Wolf Creeks future use of Google Apps can apply to your classroom or subject area

We live in a globally connected society21st century learning is all about preparing young people to become caring, competent Canadians with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to be successful global citizensOur vision is to create Excellent Learning Environments that ensure we meet our mandate to prepare our students for adult life.Excellent Learning Environments1. Outcomes are clear to the student.

3. Where are students relative to the outcomea pre-assessment phase?10. Final evaluation based on authentic compilation of assessment devices.5. Revisit outcomes to think about Instructional design. (Learning styles, complexity of outcome, hidden skills, etc.)2. What evidence will show that students have met the outcomes?11. A plan to assist students when the outcome is not being met a new course of action.4. What does good learning look like? (Rubrics and exemplars)6. Selection of input structure for new knowledge.7. Giving students an opportunity to interact with new knowledge. 8. Giving students an opportunity to experiment or use new knowledge. 9. Constant assessment feedback so students can modify learning efforts.12. Classroom structure, peer relationships, culture of school and student strategies for their more independent or collaborative learning .

Citizen: a member of a societyCitizenship: The character of an individual in a society

Digital Citizenship: The character of an individual in a digitally-mediated society


raised in a media rich networked world 21st Century Studentsself-empowered tech savvy highly connected collaborative skilled communicatorsinnovativehave to realize that online choices have offline consequencesunderdeveloped sense of risk and responsibilitylack an adult perspective on safety, responsibility and general citizenshipThey Need to be Good Digital Citizens

7Todays digital world is considerably different than the world most of our teachers grew up and went to school inTechnology tools are the contemporary tools of literacy, yet for many of our teachers both the tools and the environments that they enable are foreign ChallengesYet these are essential tools and learning environments in the 21st Century

To help guide students wisely, we need to develop a deeper understanding of the digitally connected world and what it means to be good digital citizensYet many of our schools may not yet be ready8Intro to Google Apps

A Different Generation

Different Expectations & Work Habits

Technology & Cloud Computing Connects Us Everywhere

1950 Computing

The Original

Todays Google Servers

Yesterdays Portable Computer

Todays Computing Options

1950s Classroom

Todays ClassroomPic of LCHSGoogle Homepage in 1997

Google Home Page August 2011

The Pace of Innovation

Skills Needed in Todays WorldEmployers are looking for new skills from our student graduates today.

Essential 21st Century Skills for CanadiansEssential Skills are the fundamental skills that make it possible to learn all others. They are enabling skills that help people participate fully in the workplace and in the community. They are:Reading Text Document Use Numeracy Writing Oral Communication Working with Others Thinking Skills Computer Use Continuous Learning 1.0, Web 2.0 Huh???Web 1.0Web 2.0One-WayTwo-WayAuthoritarianDemocraticPassiveActiveStaticDynamicClosedCollaborativeWhats Next? Voice?

Computing Has Become Complex

Emerging Non-Complex Solutions

How Will We Use the Cloud?

We live in mobile times

Student Staff Device ZoneThe project initially involved ESLCHS having the potential to impact 800 students at our pilot school.The design approach addresses phased scaling these benefits to all Wolf Creek schools.Today the SSDZ is available in all Wolf Creek Schools the decision to (how/when) move forward rests with the school admin team

Google Mobile

32Google Products Work Together and Closely Integrated

Are You Using ?

Google Apps has a full suite of products accessed 24/7 from any internet connection

Why a Wolf Creek Google Domain?

Why Google Docs?

Google has powerful editing capabilities right inside the tool

Products like Google Translator provide instant translation from a variety of languages

Google Sites allows you to create a website quickly and easily

Lets Take A Quick Look..

Google Forms provides instant survey or quiz feedback

What is Google News?

Google Docs in Plain English

Google Apps in Edmonton Public

Google Docs

Tutorial on Google Apps from an Educator Perspective

Student & Educators Share HowThey Use Google Docs

Google Apps Online Training

Future Applications Abound

Remember to practice Digital Citizenship skills around privacy and security

When is this coming to my school?Currently in the early discovery stageSetting up accounts and access Creating our own Wolf Creek domain known as: WolfAppsSoon to pilot this in a select location, select committee groups, etc.Begin implementation throughout this year as schools are interested Google Apps for EducationQuestions or Comments?53