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Presentation used at OU Region 3 staff development event held at the University of Exeter on 27th November, 2010


  • 1. Nigel Gibson November 2010

2. Who are we?

  • Quick intros

3. Objective

  • To look at the tools being made available to us
  • To exchange some ideas about how they might be used
    • Well try to make something!
  • To point out some useful resources that you can check out later

4. Constraints

  • I dont know how specific modules might use them
  • I dont know how they might be developed
  • If I list everything I dont know well be here forever......

5. Process

  • Ill show some slides explaining the background
    • (Death by PowerPoint you know it makes sense!)
  • Then well play with some online stuff
  • Well create a resource for reference
  • Or, if the connection falls over, Ill try to explain things using the medium of interpretive dance

6. The online stuff

  • Will be on my Google account as I dont have access through TutorHome yet


  • This is the graveyard shift and its 90 minutes (Ive had relationships which didnt last as long!)

8. So.............

  • Ill try to keep things moving but if you do fall asleep please dont snore

9. Context

  • As part of the VLE development the OU has joined with Google to provide some applications
  • Google will also be providing student email accounts

10. What will I get?

  • Calendar
  • Talk (IM Chat)
  • Documents
    • Word processor
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations
    • Drawings
  • Sites!via/resourcepage/65902761/4450/moddata/resourcepage/2010-09-22-GoogleAppsToolset.pdf 11. When will I get it?!via/resourcepage/64568819/4450/moddata/resourcepage/GAppsAdoption-simplified.pdf 12. Overarching principles

  • Available wherever an internet connection can be made
  • Can be accessed on some mobile devices

13. Lets look at the tools - Calendar

  • Can be synchronised with other calendars (Outlook and others) and import/export CSV files
  • Integrate with other online tools such as Remember the milk and weather forecast

14. Calendar 15. Lets look at the tools - Talk 16. Lets look at the tools - Documents

  • Can be written online from scratch
  • Can be uploaded from local application
  • Can be downloaded in the appropriate formats
  • Share with individuals with read-only or full edit rights
  • Coming soon.... Can be automatically synchronised with changes to local documents, i.e. Press Save in Word and the version on Google is updated too ( Cloud Connect )

17. File formats 18. Document types

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation
  • Form
  • Drawing

19. Lets look at the tools - Sites

  • Create your own web sites very quickly
  • Useful for supporting specific events, i.e. Tutorials
  • Can be used as a way of aggregating resources

20. Summary

  • Lots of new toys
  • Some might be of use
  • Any questions so far?