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  1. 1. Five major companies based out of Akron, Ohio Dominated the market from 1900s to 1970s Bias & Bias-belted tires were phased out by radial tires They lasted under 20,000 miles, by the early 1980s radials lasted over 40,000 miles leading to decrease in frequency of tire change. Foreign competition reduced market share per company Rising oil prices led to increase in production-cost A number of mergers/acquisitions modified the industry
  2. 2. Average life of a new tire rose from 28,600 miles in 1980 to 37,300 miles in 1991 Annual miles travelled per passenger rising slowly 9,100 miles in 1980 to 10,600 miles in 1990 The median retail price dropped by1991,the average retail price was $75.00 Tire-producing capacity outstripped demand U.S. tire-making capacity rose 12% between 1987 and 1990; capacity utilization fell from 87% to 76% during the same period. Led to a number of mergers/acquisitions modified the industry
  3. 3. Important attributes ( tread life ,traction) Infrequent purchase (every 2.5 years) Significant dollar purchase (around $ 75 per tire plus installation costs) High perceived risk (safety and security on long journeys) 1. In 1992, 53% of consumers did not know what tire they planned to buy next (against 36% in 1982) 2. 75% of all Goodyear tires are sold on promotion at an average discount of 25%, and 40% of replacement tires are private labels. 5
  4. 4. Distribution Channels Small independent dealers (40%) Garages / Service Stations (6%) Large Tire Chains (23%) Mass Merchandisers (12%) Manufacturer owned stores (9%) Warehouse Clubs (6%)
  5. 5. Independent dealers dominated the market
  6. 6. Value price and outlet Trusting Patrons and Bargain Hunters Loyal to outlet and brand Search for preferred brand at the best price Buy the best within the budget Little loyalty to brand
  7. 7. Performance vs broad-line Major brands, Minor brands, Private label Replacement & OEM tire
  8. 8. Consumers in the Replacement Passenger Tire Market Goodyear also regularly surveyed car owners concerning the criteria they used to select a tire retailer. 1. Price 2. Offers fast service 3. Can trust personnel 4. Store is attractive 5. Offers mileage warranty 6. Brand selection 7. Maintains convenient hours
  9. 9. 1 of the 5 to dominate the industry, only remaining US company Quick to convert to radial production Profits hurt by international competition & oil prices Strong track record of innovation Diversified in 1980s but earnings were sluggish Goodyear ranked third in worldwide sales of new tires 1991 Stanley G Gault Sold indirect investments Prioritized on new development.
  10. 10. Distribution Channels 4400 Small independent dealers (50% sales revenue) Franchised Dealers and Govt. Agencies (20%) Just Tires (under testing phase) 1047 Manufacturer owned stores (30% sales)
  11. 11. Reestablish Goodyears industry leadership and reputation for product innovation, especially vis a vis Michelin. less number of competitors in the high wet-traction, broad-line tires segment, being the first to enter the market with such products Refocus the dealers on product and away from the daily tactical problems of manufacturer-dealer relations Motivate Goodyears sales staff and dealers
  13. 13. Long buying cycles of auto manufacturers Goodyear has major share in US Replacement Tire Market (15%) Aquatred would come through the replacement market not as Original Equipment
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  20. 20. The Aquatred was developed after comparing 10 different designs on performance and consumer preference . Aquatreds traveling at 55 miles per hour stopped in two-car lengths-less distance Aquatred came with a 60,000-mile warranty and positioned tire at the top of the broad-line segment. Compared with buyers of the Invicta GS, Aquatred buyers were more likely to replace competitors tires. Consumers searched more extensively for information prior to purchase of Aquatreds.
  21. 21. Majority of drivers believed Aquatred has a good wet traction.
  22. 22. Quality Radials & durability Precision Handling Large Dealership Network Safety (lowest stopping distance) Durability (60,000 miles > Industry average) Best Wet Traction Appearance: New, Innovative, & Contemporary Design
  23. 23. 2
  24. 24. Distribution Channels 4400 Small independent dealers (50% sales revenue) Franchised Dealers and Govt. Agencies (20%) Just Tires (under testing phase) 1047 Manufacturer owned stores (30% sales)
  26. 26. Small and Large Independent dealers have the majority share in retail sales replacement passenger tires.
  27. 27. Independent dealers have always had the majority share in wholesale replacement tire market
  28. 28. 50% of Goodyears independent dealers sold only Goodyear tires, while the other 50% stocked at least one other brand. Among the latter, some merchandised other brands but Goodyear tires still generated 90% of the revenues Three-fourths of all Goodyear tires sold in independent or company- owned outlets were sold on promotion, at an average discount of 25%.
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  30. 30. Aquatred Invicta GS
  31. 31. Price, then brand Extensive Moderate ( s/to price) Very low Brand, then price Extensive High Very low Brand, outlet Outlet, brand Brief Brief Very high Mod. to low Mod. to high Very high Price Outlet Extensive Brief Low Low Low Very high
  32. 32. 18+23=41% of total customers (value-oriented +quality customers) prefer major brands over Minor or private labels
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  36. 36. Proposed Aquatred Advertisement TV AD focuses on advanced design and emphasizes on wet traction to appeal to the quality ,safety and value-oriented customers
  37. 37. Consumers showed more interest in Aquatred Invicta GSAquatred
  38. 38. Suggested retail price in Aquatred test market $90 Goodyears suggested retail prices for the Aquatred were $89.95 with a black sidewall, and $93.95 with a white sidewall.
  39. 39. Suggested retail price in Aquatred test market $90