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  • 1. Project report on To increase the business through corporate connect for retail sector

2. Content Research Objective Company Products & Profile Research Methodology Analysis Major findings of project Recommendation 3. Research Objective Primary Secondary 4. Company Products & Profile TYRES PASSENGER SUV/4*4 PERFORMANCE 5. Product Range India Ducaro Hi Miler DuraPlus Assurance Excellence Wrangler HP/AW Eagle NCT5 GT3 Wrangler AT/SA Assurance FUEL MAX Eagle F1 GSD3 DP Series Eagle F1 Directional 5 6. Research Methodology RESEARCH DESIGN DATA COLLECTION SAMPLE SIZE RESEARCH TOOL 7. Goodyear in India Entered India in 1922. Goodyear India's own manufacturing facility was inaugurated in Ballabgarh, near New Delhi in1961 for manufacturing farm and commercial tires. Goodyear USA acquired another plant in Aurangabad in 1994 for manufacturing of passenger car tires. 8. Core Strengths 8 Tire Proving Grounds across 5 countries 12 Major pattern families - India 53 Manufacturing facilities in 22 countries across world 4 Technical Centers dedicated to innovation Goodyear USPs Cutting-edge of Technology, Innovation & Product Development Product Quality Multiple Production Facilities spread across world Product Availability Robust Customer Support & Complaint Resolution System 24x7 Service Support 9. Proving Grounds Mireval Test Circuit France San Angelo, Texas Americana, Brazil GIC*L Test Circuit Luxembourg 10. ANALYSIS BRAND PRIORITY 11. SOURCES 12. FASTEST CLAIM 13. PRIOR KNOWLEDGE 14. OFFERS 15. FEATURES 16. SERVICING PREFRENCES 17. Findings There is not positive approach of the sales persons about Goodyear. They dont try to push our product Pricing in terms of competitor dealer Customers dont get enough knowledge or information about Goodyear tyres from the retailers. Brand awareness is very less. Its very easy to convert the customers to different brands. 18. Recommendation Goodyear tyres should provide more offers or discount to the existing clients and they can introduce the add- on packages to existing packages We should try to increase the profitability of retailers by keeping good profit margin. We should focus on giving knowledge to the sale person more than the end user. We should revise/update price list according to the latest offers so that its easy to compare with different brands. We should start focusing on the ADs as well to capture the market 19. Continue We can start a membership type of a system for the retailer/dealers by giving to the customer who is buying 4 tyres at a time .so that on the next purchase he can avail 5% discount from the retailers/dealers We should have similar pricing policy for the entire dealer so that there is no problem for dealers/retailer to deal with the customers. 20. Conclusion The bulk of the business comes from repeat customers, around 70% being the repeat orders. Although, business comes from large customers, small customers are from where the maximum leads are generated. Once a new customer is acquired, he tends to buy again from Dealer, irrespective of the size. Retailer gives importance to those brands from which they is getting more profit. We have good opportunities open in front of us with the associate dealers if we start focusing on them. 21. Sales persons don't have complete knowledge about Goodyear tyres Goodyear has different pricing strategies for different dealers Customers don't have much knowledge about Goodyear tyres Customers easily get influenced.