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Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracI have been using Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tyres on my Nissan Patrol for quite some time. I have found them to be a fantastic all round tyre for both on road and off road applications. Goodyears Wrangler DuraTrac tyres have performed very well in a range of different track conditions; rock, mud, snow, and sand. They are a really well structured tyre with strength in the side walls enabling them to handle the low pressures so important with all forms of off road driving. Tyre pressures are really important when driving off road. Reduced pressures increase traction, reduce the chances of puncturing your tyres on sharp rocks and make for a more comfortable ride. I found the particular pressures which performed really well for Wrangler DuraTrac on my Patrol were 20psi in the front tyres and 25psi in the rear. I ran 25psi in the rear to allow for the extra weight I carry in the back of my four wheel drive. At these pressures, the DuraTracs bagged out nicely and performed really well in all track conditions. Once you have finished your day out on the tracks, it is vital that you pump up your tyres before driving on the black top.Apart from the blocky tread pattern, which make the Wrangler DuraTrac a great off road tyre for your four wheel drive, they have two other important features making me rate these tyres highly.Firstly, for an aggressive all terrain tyre they have a chunky side wall usually only seen on a full mud tyre. These side biters work really well in deep clay based ruts. It is the side biters which give you added traction as they grab hold of the walls of the ruts, and assist with forward momentum.Secondly, wheels can be damaged by hitting large rocks; bending or even cracking the wheel. The rim protector on the DuraTrac tyres allows the rim of the wheel to be set well back from the outer edge of the tyre and therefore there is far less chance of damaging the rim.Road noise is something many people ask about, when driving on the black top with an off road tyreDue to the nature of the blocky DuraTrac tread pattern they do make some noise when driving but for an off road tyre, I found them to be really quiet on the bitumen. I ran them at 36psi while driving on the black top.If your four wheel drive is your daily drive, and you are in the market for an excellent set of performance tyres, I highly recommend the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac for your next purchase.

Tim Bates