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Goodyear India's digital marketing initiative with Shack Companis.


  • 1.Goodyear Joy Of Journey Services Offered: Concept Building, Research &Strategy, Information Architecture,Graphic Design, UI Design, UserExperience Design, Graphic Design,Template Development, ContentStrategy (Blog, Articles, Comics,Multimedia, Social Media) Duration: 4 Months@shackcompanis 1 |

2. Status Check- Goodyear has associated with Travel for the past two years- They conduct contests inviting user generated stories inpartnership with auto magazinesObjectives- Use New Media to spread brand awareness- Create a platform based on travel- Engage online users with the brand in a meaningfuldiscourse@shackcompanis 2 | 3. Challenges- Presence of well-entrenched travel platforms such asHoliday IQ, OKTataByeBye, Trip Advisor etc.- Brand perception of Goodyear is neutral in the eyes of theIndian audience. They cannot relate Goodyear with anyadjective or symbol- To create relevant and different content which catches theattention of users, resulting in them spending time on theGoodyear platform- Impact the brand in measurable terms while increasingbrand affinity@shackcompanis 3 | 4. MethodologyBrandORMInterrogationProductProfileAIOs User ProfileGeographyDemographyProduct Usage Media UsageSegmentation PatternPattern(based on attributes)@shackcompanis4 | 5. Methodology (contd.) StrategyContent TechnologyPlanPlatformsDesign &DevelopmentPre-Launch Phased Launch Launch Post-Launch@shackcompanis5 | 6. Step 1- Digital Audit4 broad areas whichaffect the Brand equityand perception-- Brand related- Product related- Campaign related- Competitor related@shackcompanis6 | 7. Insights- Brand messaging focuses on safety and innovation- Neutral sentiment of the brand implying that the brand isnot generating relevant conversations- Definite brand image for competitors- Association with Travel for the past two years with a scopeof improvement in communication- Most of the brand related discussions were happening ondedicated car forums and auto review sites@shackcompanis 7 | 8. Step 2- Product Profile - Value proposition: Safety and innovation - 19 products - Technological Innovations-- Active Corner Grip- Armor Grip- 3 Zone- Silent Armor- One Tread- Run on Flat@shackcompanis8 | 9. Step 3- User ProfileSource: Market Research Society of India New SEC System report 2011@shackcompanis9 | 10. Insights: Target Group- Age Group: 24-45- Socio-Economic Classification: SEC A1, A2- Education: Graduate and Post Graduate professionals- Gender: Skewed towards males- Cities: Tier I and Tier II cities@shackcompanis10 | 11. ActivitiesWhat do they do?Mapping the different kinds of journeys that people undertakebased on their interests and reason for travelling@shackcompanis11 | 12. InterestsWhat do they like?Mapping the various joys that simultaneously shape as well as emergeout of these journeys. 7 key themes emerged- Self- Bonding with RomanceRelaxationDiscovery FamilyBonding withDiscovering SpiritualityFriends new places@shackcompanis12 | 13. OpinionsWhat do they think?- They are ambitious- The duration of their journeys is limited by the availabletime- They believe that the reward is in the journey and not thedestination- Safety and durability of tyres is an important purchasingdecision especially for people who are frequent off-roaders@shackcompanis 13 | 14. Online Consumption- 25-35 years user segment is the single largest age grouponline- There are c. 47 million daily internet users- There are c. 15 million users who have mobile access to theinternet- There are 39 million internet users who are employed outof which c. 27 million are household heads- 8 million of internet users are car owners and about 23million are owners of two-wheelers@shackcompanis 14 | 15. Online Activities@shackcompanis15 | 16. Step 4- SegmentationIdentifying four key user segments that the brand canconnect with through the theme Joy of Journey@shackcompanis16 | 17. Step 5- Strategy3-pronged strategy- Inform: Disseminate information as well as crowd sourceinformation- Facilitate: Facilitate journeys by providing informationthrough experiences- Community: Create and moderate community oftravellers, travel enthusiasts and travel aspirants@shackcompanis17 | 18. Content StrategyJoy Of Journey as a story telling platform to immerse in anintimate and personalized description of the journeys ladenwith memories and experiences which one cherishes@shackcompanis18 | 19. Content Strategy (contd.)Travel Tales- Blog section wherein travel bloggers contribute theirstories about journeys that they have undertakenGallery- Photo blogs and photo essaysPodcasts- Audio/Video podcasts of journeys, interviews andtheme related documentariesComic Strip (Where is Rosh: The Tyre Diaries)- Presenting theessence of the platform through an illustrate comic stripTrip Planner Application- Helping travellers plan their journeys,this app provides them with directions, POIs like hospitals,workshops, ATMs etc. and blog posts and images relating to thejourney from our website.@shackcompanis 19 | 20. PlanPre-Launch phase-- Establish the brand on social networking sites & manage presence- Interact with & engage the users around the theme Joy Of JourneyLaunch phase-- Unveiling the website and familiarising users with the platform- Promoting the launch through owned as well as paid platformsPost-launch phase-- Provide quality content through the JOJ website and establish it asthe go-to platform for travel stories and travel writing- Building up the community around the brand- Plan contests to engage with and reward users- Measure takeaways for the brand and the user@shackcompanis20 | 21. Step 6- Design & DevelopmentWebsite Concept 1: Cluttered by the presence of too manyelements on the page which hampered the user experience@shackcompanis 21 | 22. Design & DevelopmentWebsite Concept 2: Minimalist design using the brand coloursprudently, cleaner & less cluttered interface, reduced scrollingand navigation time considerably@shackcompanis 22 | 23. Design & DevelopmentWebsite Concept Final: Defining the borders after interaction andfeedback from the client@shackcompanis 23 | 24. Thank You: |


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