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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 GOOD_READ_WorstWords to Say at Work</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Search:</p><p>Home National World Business Sports Technology Science Entertainment Lifestyle Most Popular</p><p>General US Europe Asia Middle East International Photos</p><p>All News Search</p><p>Worst Words To Say At Work</p><p>Linnda Durre,</p><p>Let's look at some specific words and phrases that are used bysome people to buy time, avoid giving answers and escapecommitment. If you use these words and phrases yourself, takea scalpel and cut them out of your thinking, speaking andwriting. Words like these only weaken you and make yousound noncommittal, undependable and untrustworthy.</p><p>"Try" Try is a weasel word. "Well, I'll try," some people say. It'sa cop-out. They're just giving you lip service when theyprobably have no real intention of doing what you ask.</p><p>Remember what Yoda says to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars:"Do or do not--there is no try." Take Yoda's advice. Give it yourall when you attempt something. And if it doesn't work, startover.</p><p>In Pictures: How To Have That Impossible Conversation AtWork</p><p>In Pictures: Secrets Of Nonverbal Communication</p><p>In Pictures: Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job</p><p>Eight Management Mistakes To Avoid At All CostsIn Pictures: The Right Way To Sell Yourself At Work</p><p>Put passion into your work and give it your best effort, so youcan know that you did all you could to make it happen. So if theoutcome you were expecting didn't come to fruition, it's notbecause you didn't do everything you could to make it happen.It just wasn't the right time for it or it wasn't meant to be.</p><p>"Whatever" This word is a trusted favorite of people who want</p><p>Thu, Apr 29 02:36 PM</p><p>YOUR JOB IN 2020</p><p>To keep pace with growing populationand prevent the unemployment ratefrom rising, the global economyneeds to consistently create 1 mn - 2</p><p>mn new jobs per year.</p><p>MOST VIEWED WORLD NEWS</p><p>INSIDE NEWS</p><p>Lowest Airfares Starting @ Rs 1*</p><p>Route From</p><p>Delhi-Mumbai Rs.1</p><p>Mumbai - Kolkata Rs.1</p><p>Delhi - Bangalore Rs.1</p><p>Delhi - Goa Rs.1</p><p>Delhi - Hyderabad Rs.1</p><p>Mumbai - Chennai Rs.1</p><p>Chennai - Delhi Rs.1</p><p>*conditions applyBook 30 Days in Advance*</p><p> More</p><p>Buzz Up Share</p><p>Pakistan shifts 100,000 troops from India borderto Afghan frontier: PentagonIANS</p><p>India placed on US 'watch list' on religiousfreedomIANS</p><p>Wikipedia blasts co-founder's accusations ofchild porn on websiteANI</p><p>US flight cleared after possible terror threatReuters</p><p>Indian diplomat spy case is serious matter:KrishnaIANS</p><p>Yahoo! My Yahoo Mail Movies Finance Cricket More New User? Sign Up Sign In Help</p><p>Search: Web Search</p><p>Page 1 of 4Worst Words To Say At Work - Yahoo! India News</p><p>4/30/2010</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 GOOD_READ_WorstWords to Say at Work</p><p> 2/4</p><p>to dismiss you, diminish what you say or get rid of you quickly."Whatever," they will say as an all-purpose response to yourearnest request. It's an insult and a verbal slap in the face. It'sa way to respond to a person without actually responding.When you say whatever after another person has said his orher piece, you have essentially put up a wall between the twoof you and halted any progress in communicating. It's a word toavoid.</p><p>"Maybe" and "I don't know" People will sometimes avoidmaking a decision and hide behind words and phrases like"maybe" and "I don't know." There's a difference betweenlegitimately not knowing something and using words like theseas excuses. Sometimes during a confrontation people will claimnot to know something or offer the noncommittal response"maybe," just to avoid being put on the spot. If that seems to bethe case, ask, "When do you think you will know?" or "How canyou find out?" Don't let the person off the hook so easily.</p><p>"I'll get back to you" When people need to buy time or avoid</p><p>revealing a project's status, they will say, "I'll get back to you,"and they usually never do. If people say they will get back toyou, always clarify. Ask them when they will get back to you,and make sure they specify the day and time. If they don't, thenpin them down to a day and time and hold them to it. If theywon't give you a day or time, tell them you'll call in a day orweek and follow up. Make sure you call and get the informationyou need.</p><p>"If" Projects depend on everyone doing his or her part. Peoplewho use if are usually playing the blame game and bettingagainst themselves. They like to set conditions, rather thanassuming a successful outcome. People who rely onconditional responses are fortifying themselves againstpotential failure. They will say, "If Bob finishes his part, then Ican do my part." They're laying the groundwork for a "no fault"excuse and for not finishing their work.</p><p>There are always alternatives, other routes and ways to get theob done. Excuse makers usually have the energy of a slug, thevision of Mr. Magoo and the spine of a jellyfish. You don't wantthem on your mountain climbing team up K-2 or Mount Everest.</p><p>"Yes, but ..." This is another excuse. You might give your teammembers suggestions or solutions and they come back to you</p><p>with "Yes, but . . ." as a response. They don't really wantanswers, help, or solutions. You need to call the "Yes, but . . ."people out on their avoidance tactic by saying something like:"You know, Jackie, every time I offer you a suggestion you say,'Yes, but . . . ,' which makes me think you don't really want tosolve this problem. That's not going to work. If you want to playthe victim, go right ahead, but I'm not going to allow you tokeep this up and I may have to report you." After a responselike that, you can be assured that the next words you hear willnot be, "Yes, but . . ."!</p><p>Entertainment: In photos</p><p>Opinions and Editorials</p><p>Your lifestyle</p><p>Business news</p><p>Astro - speak</p><p>EDITOR'S PICKSTwenty20 Cricket</p><p>Sania ties the knot</p><p>Iceland Volcano</p><p>Bollywood's hottest body</p><p>Cool summerwear</p><p>Add to My Yahoo!/RSS</p><p> More News Feeds</p><p>World News</p><p>US News</p><p>Page 2 of 4Worst Words To Say At Work - Yahoo! India News</p><p>4/30/2010</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 GOOD_READ_WorstWords to Say at Work</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Search:</p><p>"I guess ..." This is usually said in a weak, soft-spoken,shoulder-shrugging manner. It's another attempt to shirkresponsibility--a phrase is only muttered when people halfagree with you, but want to leave enough leeway to say, "Well,I didn't really know. . . . I was only guessing." If you use thisphrase, cut it out of your vocabulary.</p><p>"We'll see ..."</p><p>How many times did we hear our parents say this? We knewthey were buying time, avoiding a fight or confrontation or reallysaying no. It's better to be decisive and honest by saying, "Ineed more information. Please present your case or send methe data--both pro and con--so I can make an informeddecision." That way the interested parties will contribute to anin-depth, well-researched "verdict."</p><p>This column is an excerpt of Surviving The Toxic Workplace(McGraw-Hill, 2010) by Linnda Durr, a psychotherapist,business consultant and columnist. Follow her on Twitter</p><p>@LinndaDurreShow.</p><p>ForbesWoman Views is a series of community blog posts.Share your views in our Comments section or with theForbesWoman communities on LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter. Become a voice on ForbesWoman Views today.</p><p>Follow us on Twitter!</p><p>RECOMMEND</p><p>THIS STORY</p><p>Email Story IM Story Printable View</p><p>RECOMMEND IT: NUMBER OF VOTES ( 5 )</p><p>World News</p><p>Jeevansathi MatrimonialContact 200,000+ NRi Members Quick,</p><p>Easy &amp; Free</p><p> - Top Job Portal200000+ Jobs, over 25000 recruiters.</p><p>Apply Now for</p><p>Ww.Naukri.comImmediate Interviews, Instant Hiring.</p><p>Post Your Resume for</p><p>Ads by Yahoo!</p><p>Explore Yahoo! News on Mobile</p><p>One Search Yahoo! 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