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Shybusters ELI That Work!

GOOD-BYE to SHY85 Shybusters That Work!LEIL LOWNDES

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Good-Bye to Shy is dedicated to those who know the anguish of shyness that I, too, suffered for many years.

ContentsPreface1 How to Deal with People Now Until Your Shyness IsGone1 Should I Tell People Im Shy?2 How Savvy Shys Get Out of a Situation They CantFace... Yet!3 How to Battle the Blushing, Sweating, and Other ShySigns4 How to Talk to Yourself About Your Shyness5 When the Going Gets Tough2 What People Really Think of You6 Can People Tell Im Shy?7 Take Off Your Mud-Colored Glasses8 Slay the Memory Monsters9 Avoid Toxic People10 Smart Shys Dont Play Stupid Games11 The Movie Called Me12 How to Handle a Past Bummer

7/2843 Your Three-Step Game Plan13 Hooked on Hide-and-Seek14 Shave Years Off Your Suffering15 The Wacky Confidence Warm-Up4 The Seven Best Beginners ShyBusters16 Its Show Time!17 So Whos the Boss Here, Your Mind or Your Body?18 Eye Contact Made Easy19 The Clinically Proven Cure for No Eye Contact20 A Quick Smile and a Slow Jet Get You Nowhere Fast21 Snobs Dont Smile22 If at First You Dont Succeed, Swear!5 Four Rare ShyBusters That Work Wonders!23 The Masked Shy24 How Can I Help You?... Help Me25 The Out-of-Town Caper26 Dress as Your Fantasy Person6 For Big-Time Sufferers: Get a (New) Life27 Just Something to Consider

8/2847 Parties and Other Places in Hell28 Building Up to Big Bashes29 Dont Growl at the Guests30 Personality Is Catching31 Shys and Booze Dont Mix8 Fearless Conversation32 Terrified to Be Trite?33 What If I Have Nothing to Say?34 Your Enthralling Answer to a Clichd Query35 Voice Quality Counts, Too36 So, What Do I Say Next?37 Using Their Name Says a Lot About You38 Its All Sooo Predictable39 Your Turn for the Kick-Off40 The Final Conversational Gotta Do41 Some of the Best Conversationalists Never OpenTheir Mouths!42 How to Forget Being Shy9 Eight Advanced, Sure-Fire Shy Extinguishers43 A Dare a Day Drives Shyness Away

9/28444 Take a Bite Out of Shyness for Lunch45 Shop til You... Stamp Out Shyness46 Let Mans Best Friend Lend You a Paw47 Blooper Therapy48 The Confidence Stage49 Fast Audiotrack to Confidence10 Sex and the Single Shy50 The Lovin Is EasyIts the Gettin There Thats Hard51 No Lookin, No Lovin52 Relationship Rehearsals53 Computer Dating: A Shys Opportunityor Trap?54 Find People Who Share Your Passion55 Two Sexy Little ShyBusters for Almost Sures56 Enticing Attire for Shys57 Dont Mistake Sex for Love11 For Parents and Shys Who Want to Know Why (and Howto Prevent It!)58 Born Shy?59 Inherited Shyness?60 Are You a Closet Extrovert or Situational Shy?

10/28461 Bullies in Bygone Days?62 Moms and Dads Overprotection?12 Getting to Know Yourself and Love Yourself and Becom-ing a Certified Sure63 Five Minutes a Day for a Priceless Gift64 Graduation DayAppendix A: Cheryls Full LetterAppendix B: 100 Self-Knowledge QuestionsAcknowledgmentsReferencesRecommended ReadingIndex