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Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) GMP :- Good manufacturing practices is a system to ensure the products meet food safety, quality & legal requirements.

Good Manufacturing Practices. Deals with contamination :- By people, . By food materials, . By hazards materials, . By miscellaneous materials, .

GMP Principles Manufacturing facilities should maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing area. Controlled environmental conditions in order to prevent cross contamination from hazards that may render the product unsafe for human consumption.

Personal Hygiene Personal hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health.

Hand Washing Why washing hand is important ? To avoid illness & stop spreading germs and bacteria.

When we should wash hands ?:- Before eating, cooking, serving:- After using bathroom, coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, touching body parts & money.

How long we should wash hands ?:- At least 20 to 25 sec.

Hear Nets (Head Gear) It is very important to wear hear net in the kitchen area. The reason for wearing hair net is to keep food hygienic & safe from falling hairs.


Hand Gloves Wearing hand gloves avoids spreading germs & bacteria. Wearing gloves keeps our hand odor and stain free. Hand gloves protect our hand as well as our food, if we have any cuts or wounds. Cutting Cleaning/washing serving

Face MaskFace mask is very important while cooking or serving food.It protects our food from the bacteria which comes from our mouth.

Preparation (cooking)Do not cook if unwell.Check expiry date before using the products such as, dairy, bakery etc.Wash hands before and after cooking.Use clean apron , it helps to prevent the cross contamination of bacteria from clothing to food stuff.Never use food that is fallen on the floor even if the floor looks clean.Use clean utensils/equipments for cooking.Keep the kitchen area clean

THANK YOUGood food good health.


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