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Good Laboratory Safety Practices

Buddy System

Be Safe! Dont be alone when working with hazardous materials or in dangerous work conditions. Your life can depend on it!!

Buddy System

When performing potentially hazardous/dangerous operations always: Make sure someone is in the

laboratory with you Notify someone that you are in the

lab and what time you will check with them when you complete your work.

Check-in with that person if you exceed your time estimate or if you leave.

A Clean Lab is a Happy Lab

A Cluttered Lab is a Dangerous Lab!

Keep your lab clean!

Housekeeping The Results of Poor housekeeping: Accidents

Cluttered counter tops are a good source of spills.

Poorly maintained equipment or apparatus can break spilling its contents, damage other equipment or flying debris can cause injury.

Containers and equipment on the floor are a trip and spill hazard.

Housekeeping The Results of Poor

housekeeping: Costs you money

Overstocking or reordering of chemicals due to uncontrolled or unmanaged inventory.

Replacing spilled chemicals or damaged equipment.

Housekeeping The Results of Poor housekeeping: Contaminates your research

Poorly washed containers or equipment can lead to

cross contamination. Poorly labeled storage containers can lead to the use of a wrong reagent.

Housekeeping Poor housekeeping: Causes accidents: Costs you money Contaminates your

research Sets up bad habits for

students entering a more regulated industrial setting.

Gets more attention from inspectors.

Dont Block Access to Electrical Panels, Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations

Dont block doors or Fire Extinguishers

Unattended Bunsen burner causes bench fire.

Never leave lit Bunsen burners unattended or use flammable solvents near them.

Old Equipment Can Be Dangerous

Rusty water-bath with exposed wires

Maintain your Equipment!

Improper Chemical Storage Ether was stored in

this domestic style refrigerator. Either the thermostat or the interior light was the ignition source that caused the explosion.

Flammables have to be stored in a Flammables or Explosion proof fridge.

Read labels before pouring containers

Or this turns into this.

Lack of Attention to Details

Heater/stir plate being used to stir only accidentally was also turned on as hot plate also!

Incomplete reaction placed in refrigerator BANG!

See the glass imbedded In the door?

Reaction container was placed into the refrigerator before the reaction had been completely quenched. The bottle over pressurized and exploded.

Do Not Store Consumables with Chemicals!

Proper Equipment Usage There needs to be a written Standard Operating

Procedure for all equipment. Everyone should be properly trained before

using any equipment. Improperly used or maintained equipment can

be dangerous to your health or can result in expensive damages.

Fires are common result with inappropriate equipment usage.

Centrifuges- An Example of Improper Usage and Maintenance


Mechanical failure of rotating parts (often violent).

Contact with rotating parts. Sample leaks causing aerosols, stress corrosion,

contamination. Sample imbalance causing machine movement /

walking (or stress failure of component parts). Fire or explosion. Health (contact with contaminated components /

vapors). Ergonomics/lifting

Rotor Failure

Rotor Failure

Rotor Failure

Contained Rotor Failure

Dancing Centrifuge

This can be caused by an improperly balanced rotor.

Remember Good Practices

Never work alone. Commit to good housekeeping Do not block access to doors, electrical or

emergency equipment Store chemicals and wastes properly Maintain equipment

The End


Good Laboratory Safety Practices Buddy SystemBuddy SystemA Clean Lab is a Happy LabA Cluttered Lab is a Dangerous Lab!HousekeepingHousekeepingHousekeepingHousekeepingDont Block Access to Electrical Panels, Safety Showers and Eye Wash StationsDont block doors or Fire ExtinguishersUnattended Bunsen burner causes bench fire.Old Equipment Can Be DangerousImproper Chemical StorageRead labels before pouring containersLack of Attention to DetailsIncomplete reaction placed in refrigerator BANG!Do Not Store Consumables with Chemicals! Proper Equipment UsageCentrifuges- An Example of Improper Usage and MaintenanceHazardsSlide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Remember Good PracticesThe End


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