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  • 1. Elisa Willman

2. is amicro-giving portaldesigned to helpyou fund and followthe dreams ofyoung peoplearound the world. 3. Give forYouth ProjectPage 4. What is a Microproject? A microproject is a one-time fundraising effort to helpachieve a specific activity or outcome. Microprojects can either benefit specific people or an activitywith a reasonably small amount of funding. All microprojects are connected to a parent project An average budget of $500, but can be between $250-10,000 5. Project Vs MicroprojectParent ProjectMicroproject General Specific $250 - $10,000 Any budget amount 90 days to fund No timeline Only one required Reports due every 3 monthsreport after funding Unlimited projects with reporting Up to 25 projects at atime Donation options No donation options 6. Parent Project/Microproject Examples"$500 will send Grace to school for a year. Parent: Scholarships for 100 girls in Liberia"$5,000 will provide life skills for 25 Young Women in FortWorth. Parent: Economically empower hundreds of American youth.$400 will provide Oscar with job training. Parent: Vocational training for Youth in Argentina 7. Post a Project: Login 8. Post a Project: Project Entry (PE) 9. Post a Project 10. Post a Project 11. Post a ProjectEnter1) Basic Information2) Additional Information3) People & Organization4) Photos & Documents5) Review & Submit 12. Post a Microproject 13. Post a Microproject 14. Post a MicroprojectEnter1) Basic Information2) Additional Information3) Photo & Documents4) Review & Submit 15. Eligibility for GiveforYouth 16. Next Steps1) Upload a Project2) E-mail ksammons@globalgiving.org3) Get the go ahead to post microprojects4) Post 5-10 microprojects 17. Terms & Conditions GOOD Matching will run from March 18, 2013 at 12:00:00 PST to March 27, 2013 at 11:59:59PST. There is $100,000 available in matching funds from Microsoft. Matching is applied at 100% for every $1 up to $1,000 per donor per project between March18, 2013 12:00:00 PST to March 27, 2013 11:59:59 PST or until matching funds run out. Only microprojects from vetted GOODMaker is participants are eligible. Only online donations (credit card or PayPal) are eligible for matching. Donations made by giftcard, check, or text-to-give are not eligible. We encourage you to get donations in early, because matching funds are likely to run out beforethe end of the matching period. Please note that Microsoft and GlobalGiving maintain the right to make a final decision on allmatters concerning the adjudication of Double Your Impact and reserve the right to adjust resultsaccordingly. 18. 5 GlobalGiving Matching Campaign Tips1) Reach out to your donors personally2) Build excitement on your Facebook and Twitter!3) Identify advocates4) Keep the ask clear, relatable, and unique!5) Use the sense of urgency (ex: Give now, before funds runout!) 19. Tips from a Give for Youth Superstar: Leadership InitiativeStep 1: Have a plan and set a goalStep 2: Know the rules of the event and find ways to maximizetheir impactStep 3: Build a network of supporters and use that networkStep 4: Make it as easy as possible to donate 20. Tracking and Promoting your Projects 21. Lists all yourprojects inone easyplace fordonors. Updated asyou addadditionalprojects andas previousprojects arefunded. 22. Next steps: Support Sign up for a one-on-one call with Katherine: Call Katherine: +001-202-330-4030 Email: Reference FAQ for Nonprofits: Join the Give for Youth Facebook Group: 23. Questions?


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