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  1. 1. Good Food Inc.Your Healthy & ConvenienceChoiceHow to cook?
  2. 2. What We ExperiencedYoung Couples and teenagers allhave to face the fact that they lackthe experience to cook. However,they have to cook if they dont wantto starve.Lack ExperienceLack TimeEven those who are good cookscould sometimes be lazy to preparefor the meals. Buying the food theyneed from stores is exhausting.
  3. 3. Our ProductsA combination of&Online Video Service Food Delivery Service
  4. 4. Lack ExperienceOur ProductsOnline Cooking VideoLearn Anywhere, Anytime
  5. 5. Lack Time Our Products
  6. 6. Our Products Whats MoreTry Authentic FoodsMake you not only a good cook,but also a master in cookingHealthy FoodHelp design a healthy menu for youNo WasteWell-measuredingredientsprovide no leftovers
  7. 7. Enjoyable ExperienceTime SavingYou dont need to take time preparinganythingEasily ProfessionalThe only thing you need to do is to followthe video and be a professional cookEnjoy every momentWithout the difficulties, you can enjoyyour masterpiece.
  8. 8. Enjoyable ExperienceChineseChineseThaiMexicoAmericanItalianFrenchOnlineCookingVideo
  9. 9. Enjoyable ExperienceOnlineCookingVideo
  10. 10. Enjoyable Experience
  11. 11. FresherQuickerGood Food Inc.Easier
  12. 12. Daniel Jaen Team Leader Actor in the commercial Help with the PPT
  13. 13. John Dabbas Created basic website frame Actor in the commercial
  14. 14. Nabil Mouannes In charge of creating andscripting the commercial Actor in the commercial Proposed ideas in groupmeetings
  15. 15. Max Ellis In charge of setting up groupmeetings Editor of proposal andPowerPoint
  16. 16. Haocheng Guo Proposer of the Idea In Charge of Power Point Actor in Commercial Editor of Website
  17. 17. Good Food Inc.The EndPresented ByHaocheng Guo