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Ever wonder what bugs are bad and which are good, look here to find out which is which.


<ul><li> 1. By : Nicholas Shelton<br />Good - bugs<br />Bad Bug or Good Bug<br />Bad - bugs<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Part 1 - Good - Bugs<br />Bumble bee<br />Big-eyed bug<br />Stag beetles<br />Rove beetle<br />Pirate bug<br /> 3. Good - bugs<br />Assassin Bug<br />Lady beetle<br />Hover fly<br />Dragonflies/Damselflies<br />Damsel bugs<br /> 4. More Good - bugs<br />Wasps<br />Praying mantis<br />Nematodes (enlarged)<br />Bees <br />(of all types)<br /> Grasshoppers &amp; crickets<br /> 5. Even More Good - bugs<br />Green Lacewings<br />Soldier Bug<br />Ground beetles<br />Butterflies<br />Lady bug<br /> 6. Other beneficial - Creatures<br />earthworm/Red worm<br />( NOT INSECTS )<br />Toads + Frogs <br />( Earthworm )<br />(Toad)<br />Turtles<br />snakes<br />spiders<br /> 7. Part 2 Bad - Bugs<br />Cabbage worms<br />(Certain species of) ants<br />Mosquito <br />Cucumber beetle<br />White fly<br /> 8. Bad - bugs<br />Larvae, grub<br />Japanese Beetles <br />Elm LeafBeetle<br />aphid<br />Willow leaf beetle<br /> 9. More Bad - bugs<br />Flea Beetle<br />Gypsy Moth<br />Scale insects<br />Colorado Potato Beetle<br />Spider mites<br /> 10. Even More Bad - bugs<br />Leaf Miner<br /> Mealy bugs<br />Blister Beetle<br />Army worm<br />Leaf Beetle<br /> 11. Other harmful - Creatures<br />Thirps<br />Slugs (NOT SNAILS)<br />Bag worms<br />Leaf miners<br />Forest Tent Caterpillar<br /></p>