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  • 1. April 8, 2010 Tournament DayTOURNAMENT GUIDELINESTOURNAMENT FEE & PAYMENT:Per Player: Php 2,000.00 [Two Thousand Pesos Only] inclusive of Green Fee and Buffet MealNo Seniors Discount.Mode & Term (submit with Registration Form; Official Receipt will be issued):- Cash one-time, and will be accepted on-site- or Check* - must be made 10 days prior to the event* - payable to: Awana Organization Philippines, Inc.REGISTRATION & TEE-OFF: Registration Time: 6:30am 7:45am Tee-off: SHOTGUN, 8:00amSCORING FORMAT: System 36 Throughout the round, the player accrues points based on the following: Double bogey or worse - 0 point; Bogey - 1 point; Par or better - 2 points. At the end of the round, points earned are tallied. The total is subtracted from 36, and the resulting number is the golfers handicap allowance. Net score can then be computed using his System 36 handicap allowance.CLASSES/DIVISIONS: There will be four (4) classes for men, namely:Class A, Class B, Class C and Childrens Class (15 and below) Each class will have three individual winners: Champion, 1st and 2nd Runners Up Ladies Division will also have individual winners: Champion, 1st and 2nd Runners UpGIMME:If the ball is within 24 radius of the hole, Gimme putts are allowed.MULLIGANS:Mulligans are sold at Php100.00 / ball; maximum of 2 per 18 holes.OTHER ITEMS:The Player is responsible to pay directly to the Caddie.The Organizers has the right to arrange member in flight.Awarding will follow immediately after lunchRaffle Prizes will be drawn during the Awarding Program


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