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<ul><li><p>Fees are $100.00 Per Player </p><p>Registration Deadline is Sept. 1st </p><p> Please make Checks Payable to: </p><p>The Rosewood Corporation </p><p> Memo: 2017 Golf Tournament </p><p>2101 Cedar Springs Rd. Ste. 1600 </p><p>Dallas, TX 75201 </p><p>Attn: Tony Grimes For More Information Contact Tony Grimes </p><p>at 214.849.9136 or tgrimes </p><p>Player 1 __________________________________ </p><p>Email Address _____________________________ </p><p>Phone _____________________ Hcp_________ </p><p>Player 2 __________________________________ </p><p>Email Address _____________________________ </p><p>Phone _____________________ Hcp_________ </p><p>Player 3 __________________________________ </p><p>Email Address _____________________________ </p><p>Phone _____________________ Hcp_________ </p><p>Player 4 __________________________________ </p><p>Email Address _____________________________ </p><p>Phone _____________________ Hcp_________ </p><p>VOLUNTEERS My Donation is: </p><p> $60 to Volunteer includes Dinner </p><p>Name: __________________________________ </p><p>Email Address: ____________________________ </p><p>Phone: __________________________________ </p><p>THE ROSEWOOD CORPORATION </p><p>1650 West Frankford Rd. Carrollton, TX. 75007 </p><p>Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 </p><p>1:30 p.m. Shotgun Start </p><p>4 Person Scramble </p><p>$100.00 Per Player </p><p>Golf Tournament </p><p>5th Annual </p></li><li><p>The Rosewood Corporation is honored to </p><p>host this years 5th annual Charity Golf </p><p>Tournament . We are also proud to assist this </p><p>years Charity, Bryans House. </p><p>MISSION: The mission of Bryans House is to respond to the needs of children and their families by providing medically-managed child care, respite care and community-based, family-centered support services. </p><p>WHO THEY ARE: The staff, volunteers and </p><p>supporters give their time and resources to ensure </p><p>that Bryans House provides the best services </p><p>possible. Bryans House is a place of compassion and </p><p>hope, where children with special needs and children </p><p>impacted by HIV/AIDS can just be kids. We provide </p><p>an environment where children can be free of the </p><p>burdens of their illnesses or disabilities, and where </p><p>they can instead focus on the important things in </p><p>life like learning to read a book, painting a picture, </p><p>riding a bicycle, or simply having fun! </p><p>Bryans House is pleased to serve those families </p><p>living with the following medical challenges: Asthma, </p><p>Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Neurological diseases and </p><p>disorders (Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Aspergers </p><p>Syndrome, Autism, Hydrocephalus), developmental </p><p>delays and disorders (Down Syndrome, seizure </p><p>disorders, expressive language disorders, learning </p><p>disabilities), those with catheters and feeding tubes, </p><p>Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Heart Disease and Cancer </p><p>post-treatment after chemotherapy. </p><p> </p><p>1st and 2nd place team awards </p><p>Closest to the Pin His/ Hers </p><p>Longest Drive His/Hers </p><p>________________________________________________ </p><p>Team Tiger Drive </p><p>185 yards for </p><p>2nd stroke on a Par 5 </p><p>New This Year! </p><p>We are having a SILENT AUCTION </p><p>to raise even more money for </p><p>Bryans House. Please get your </p><p>auction items to Sherrie McAden </p><p>(; </p><p>214.849.9058) by September 1st. </p><p>Silent Auction items can include </p><p>homemade crafts, electronics, </p><p>jewelry, wine, craft beer, theme </p><p>baskets, gift cards, hotel stays, </p><p>sports tickets and more! Please </p><p>call Sherrie if you have questions! </p></li></ul>